Now this is cool!

Today Telsa announced all its cars produced moving forward will have the hardware to be fully autonomous!

Build upon Enhanced Autopilot and order Full Self-Driving Capability on your Tesla. This doubles the number of active cameras from four to eight, enabling full self-driving in almost all circumstances, at what we believe will be a probability of safety at least twice as good as the average human driver. The system is designed to be able to conduct short and long distance trips with no action required by the person in the driver’s seat. For Superchargers that have automatic charge connection enabled, you will not even need to plug in your vehicle.

All you will need to do is get in and tell your car where to go. If you don’t say anything, the car will look at your calendar and take you there as the assumed destination or just home if nothing is on the calendar. Your Tesla will figure out the optimal route, navigate urban streets (even without lane markings), manage complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts, and handle densely packed freeways with cars moving at high speed. When you arrive at your destination, simply step out at the entrance and your car will enter park seek mode, automatically search for a spot and park itself. A tap on your phone summons it back to you.

Source: Tesla

Maggie and I have talked briefly about maybe buying a used Model S but this is a feature I’m going to want so I guess I’ll just stick with the Model 3 we have on preorder.  Hopefully they won’t be delayed too long, we’ll see Q4 18.

Apple day!

This weekend, pretty much all the Scouting groups in Toronto are doing their annual Apple weekend fund raiser, where the kids go out and ask for donations in return for an apple and Brandon was super excited to get out. 🙂

We stood in front of a Starbucks and Brandon had a pretty good haul, we had to refill the basket three times.  At first he was quite timid but after some good success soliciting donations, he opened up.  Hehe of course it helps that he looks so damn cute in his little Beavers uniform, a lot of people stopped to chat but he was a bit afraid even though I was right there.  A bit later, one of the Cubs joined us and it was nice to talk to his mom, another adult lol.

We were out for about 2 1/2 hours and for doing such a great job I got him some McD’s for lunch.  Not the healthiest option but I think the last time we had some was maybe 3 weeks ago.

After lunch we played around the house for a bit then went out to battle some gyms in Pokemon Go.


Brandon was using Maggie’s account and we were battling together, it’s something we both enjoy and as I’ve said a million times, I’m glad I can share it with him.  We took over I think 5 gyms, leveled up 3 but it’s pretty competitive still, we lost a few and I don’t expect to hold onto much by tomorrow morning but meh that’s alright and part of the fun.

We went out for dinner and it looks like it’s shaping up to be a quiet night.  I might go out with some of the local Pokemon Go guys that I know to do further gym battles (yes I’m a nerd) but I’m still sitting at home so I don’t know if anything will materialize.

Long overdue update

Things are well on my side, I’ve just been very lazy recently and haven’t felt like updating the blog.  The Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend was relaxing and relatively uneventful.  Friday I took Brandon to the dentist then we relaxed at home which was nice, I love spending time with my boy.

Saturday we were suppose to visit little Georgia but B had a cough and I didn’t want him to risk giving it to her so we cancelled, sigh I miss the little girl she’s getting really chubby and cute.  Saturday night I met up with some other Pokemon players (I told you I’m addicted) to take over some gyms and it was great.

There were 8 of us but myself (using Maggie’s account) and another guy were using two accounts so we had 10 pokemon fighting at a given time and it was great!  Took level 10 gyms down in less than 10 minutes, if I were doing it solo it’d take me over an hour!  I also got enough candy to evolve a venusaur so now my pokedex is complete, minus the regional ones and the special ones that are not available yet.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, I helped Brandon build some Lego sets and the 2nd presidential debate was very entertaining.  Trump said a lot of stupid things but Hillary was pretty much on the defensive all night.  Considering he didn’t say anything too stupid I chalk it up for as a win for him.

Today I went to the range with a friend and it was fun to shoot again.  Last time I was out must have been a month and a half ago, man I love shooting 7.62×39 so cheap and so much fun. 😀

Sigh I didn’t win the lottery so back to work tomorrow but that’s alright, I like my job. 🙂

Damn you!

Sigh I’m pretty mad right now…  Yesterday we went to Le Baron’s out of business sale and while I was looking at camping, winter & ammo, Brandon grabbed some fishing stuff.  I thought it was silly but he said he wanted me to buy it because grandpa promised to take him fishing and he wanted to have something to take with him when they went.  Brandon is such a sweet kid and my dad is a fucking asshole, he was always selfish and growing up I had no choice but to deal with it.

When his infidelities came to light, I put my personal feelings aside and tried to be as supportive as I could.  When I met Monita, it was difficult but I tried to be welcoming and opened my doors to his new life. Well we know how that turned out, his life revolves only around himself and that’s it.  I don’t mind him not having time for me but I think it’s wrong that he has no time for my son.

I thought I was over him but it appears not if something so small and innocent can set me off.  It’s been over a year since our argument and the anger of him rejecting Brandon still burns hot, it’s not something I understand either because my boy is so sweet.

We’re in big trouble

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, raw capitalism as it’s practised in the US and much of the Western world doesn’t work and will lead us to ruin…  This story bothers me very much, while I probably won’t live long enough to truly see the consequences of climate change, I really worry about Brandon and his generation. 🙁

For years now, scientists have been predicting that we’d hit the 400 ppm threshold and eventually tip over. Back in 2013, the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii – described as the world’s “gold standard” carbon dioxide observatory – hit the 400 ppm mark, and gradually, all other observing stations followed suit.

In May 2016, the world collectively passed the 400 ppm threshold, with the South Pole Observatory in Antarctica being the last to clear 400 ppm.

Source: Science Alert

As a society we have a really poor track record of planning for the next few years, let alone 50.  Government intervention is required on a global scale and we really need to rein in corporations and businesses.  They’ve shown that they don’t “police themselves” and it’s naive to think they would as companies are designed to make money, everything else be damned.


This morning Brandon and I went to Riverdale park to get Charmanders and it was pretty successful. In an hour and a half, we got 6 and if we didn’t need to leave I would have hung around a bit more as I only need 3 more to have enough candy to evolve my Charmaleon into a Charizard.  Yes I’m a nerd but I get to walk around and enjoy the nice weather with my boy. 😀

After lunch we were suppose to hit the Beavers park cleanup but Maggie was really late coming home and we didn’t have enough time to go (we could only be there for a short period of time because Brandon had swimming). On the way back we battled some gyms and I captured a total of 15, too bad the daily bonus maxes out at 10.

I’m addicted to the game, it’s repetitive yes but I’m close to completing my pokedex and battling is fun.

When we got home, I did some yard work and sprayed some frost spray onto my front basement windows as I want to remove blinds down there but still want privacy.  I didn’t do the backyard windows, not sure if I will or not as I like being able to see back there but the old blinds just look absolutely terrible lol.

Sigh I didn’t win the lottery so back to work tomorrow woo, at least I had a good relaxing weekend. 🙂

Congrats Megan & Frank!!!

Friday night I went with Megan & Frank to see a house near Warden & Sheppard that just popped up on the market and I’m happy to announce that they purchased it. 😀  It’s an estate sale and like my house the interior of their home is old but Frank is very handy and I’m sure will have everything fixed up in no time.  They even have a swimming pool, haha I can definitely see us spending a lot of time there as the years go by.

They’ve been looking for a home for a while now and I couldn’t be happier that they’re within walking distance of my place, details are still incoming but when I have more i’ll post them.

Year’s worth of energy

My rooftop solar panels was one of the best things I’ve done and since the new year till today, I’ve generated enough power to cover what my home used last year in electricity. 😀  We already use less than the average Canadian house, last year our energy usage was 4.84MW and look at where I’m at. 😀


I’m really happy that I’m helping to lower my carbon footprint by producing clean energy, I still have two gasoline vehicles but that’ll change soon and other than going to the range, we try and conserve as much as we can.


So tonight was the first night of Beavers for the 2016-2017 year and I’m already exhausted lol.  We’re starting with a lot more kids than last year, I think we have 14 right now and I expect a few more to trickle in within the next few meetings.  It was beautiful weather so we spent the whole evening outside playing games and boy do they have a ton of energy!  This old man had a hard time keeping up when we were playing tag and other games, I really need to exercise and build my stamina. 😉