Surprise Brandon!

This weekend was fairly low key though we did have a surprise for Brandon on Saturday night.  The day started like usual which means we did nothing in the morning lol.  For lunch we went out to a Cantonese restaurant which I quite like (though Maggie doesn’t, tough for her lol) and after the mean she went to buy some groceries.  I hate that stuff so I took Brandon to the library to borrow some books…

Brandon is into sharks these days so we got two books on them, we were done faster than Maggie so we waited in the car.  Hehe I was a bit gassy for some reason and farted a few times in the car, poor kid that’s why he’s holding his nose lol.

Badminton class was shifted from Monday to Saturday so we went to that and Brandon played pretty well.  There are a couple of other 6 year olds in his class and well they all played about the same which is good.  We skipped swimming and skating this week because we had something special planned.

B still likes the show Paw Patrol and I saw there was a live show coming to Toronto a few weeks back so I got tickets and yeah we surprised him with it. 🙂

While the pictures don’t show it (because I took them early), the place was completely sold out!  Brandon loved it, he sang and danced with the other kids in the isles though frankly I don’t think it was worth it.  The show was only an hour and even our seats cost just north of $180 for the 3 of us.  Oh well the little guy had fun and I guess that’s all that mattered.

Today we didn’t do much either and met up with Jason, Savannah & Caleb again to do some pokemon hunting.  This time we went to a park at McCowan & Steeles as it was a Cyndaquil nest and we wanted to get a bunch.  In between hunting, we played at the large park there and I chased the kids around and we called it a day around 11:30am.  On the way back I asked the boy what he wanted for lunch, he suggested pho (he loves it) so we had that then relaxed the rest of the day at home.

I had some chores that I could have done but I didn’t sleep well last night and was lazy so yeah I didn’t do any of them. It’s alright none were super urgent and I can get to them sometime next week…  I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow but I’m not ready to retire yet and I didn’t win the lottery so I don’t have much of a choice. 

Go Brandon!

Yesterday we had the annual Beaver Buggy race and thanks to science Brandon smoked all the other Beavers and even beat the cubs!

That was the winning vehicle and while most of the Beavers placed the wooden beaver in the middle, I told Brandon to shift it to the rear.  Along with the additional weights that are put on the car to help it down the track, this meant that even though the cars were all starting in the same position Brandon’s had more available potential energy.  In addition, I installed the wheels so they were canted to one side that meant they were not making as much contact with the track and thus had less rolling resistance and friction to deal with.

In fact this combination was not only the fastest of all the Beavers, we even beat all the Cubs and their customized cars!

Sigh the 3rd picture was taken without the flash because my Yongnuo YN568EXII overheated due to constant use but as you can see B’s buggie crossing the finish line first. 🙂  The bottom 3 pictures were the runs through the various heats and Brandon had an accumulative time of 13.478 seconds with a top speed of 250.91 km/h.  The second heat was the next group of Beavers and the third the Cubs, note the top time was 13.488 which is 0.01 slower than our buggy!

Brandon handled winning gracefully and wasn’t boasting about it, it’s important to be a graceful winner and lol we used science to get us there. 🙂

Busy weekend

So I guess I’ll start with yesterday Maggie as usual went to play badminton, I needed something to do with Brandon so we went to the zoo.  Picked up a family pass so we’ll be going there more often this year…  Anyway the weather was beautiful, Brandon likes animals and lol we wanted to hunt for some new gen 2 pokemon. 😉

With the weather great, the zoo was really busy and I’m glad we went through first thing in the morning.  Hehe I tried some artsy stuff with keeping Brandon in focus and Brandon out of focus but my Canon 24-105 F4L lens with hits high FStop rating doesn’t isolate the subject as well as more expensive lenses…  We ate lunch at the zoo then headed home around 1:30pm.

We didn’t do anything else in the afternoon, I was a bit dehydrated so I took a nap while Maggie was doing some work and Brandon played with his toys.  In the evening we went to a family gathering on my mom’s side that aunt Dora set up and it was fun.  Aunt Agnes & uncle Paul were here from the US and it was nice to see them.  Emmett & Georgia were super cute and lol it makes miss when Brandon was that size…  Oh well my boy is so much more fun and interesting now, I told both parents to enjoy ever moment, they change so fast and it’s a very wild ride. 🙂

Today I met up with Jason, Savannah & Caleb to do some pokemon hunting at Sunnybrook park and it was fun.  Francois was someone that Jason knew online and he brought his kids along too, haha with us all sharing pokemon the kids had a great time.

The weather wasn’t quite as nice as yesterday but still above freezing and we were dressed for the weather so no problems all around.  We caught ~25 Chikorita pokemon each, B & I will have to go back to catch a few more since we’re a bit away from the 3rd generation evolution and that’s alright with us. 🙂

We returned home around 11:30 to pick up Maggie and to go for lunch, afterwards Maggie and B went to get a haircut so I cleaned the house a bit and we just relaxed the rest of the day.

Sigh my 4 day weekend is over already, back to the grind tomorrow but at least it’s a short week.  


It’s only the middle of February and today it reached a high of 13C, could an early spring be in store for us?  I don’t care either way as I don’t mind the cold or winter but there are more things to do when it’s nicer. 🙂  To celebrate the warmth we went to the Family Day Fun Fest at Downsview park, I think this is the 3rd year in a row and Brandon had a great time.  Every year I buy tickets online only to find the online line to be longer than the cash one, if we go next year I’m just going to show up.

Man does the Yongnuo flash extend my range!  A few of the pictures are over exposed and even processing the files in Lightroom (I shoot in RAW) could only help so much.  Whatever I’m still learning. 😉

For lunch we went to the Pho restaurant close to our old townhouse at Bathurst & Steeles, we had a lot of good times in that area and it was nice to drive around there again.  One of Brandon’s friends gave him some fish (woo) last week and we went to the fish pet store to buy some supplies.  I dropped the family off then went to Sail to pick up a pair of Salomon winter boots.  LOL I know I said earlier it was warm today but they were super cheap for a quality pair of boots and I can always use them next year. 😉

Brandon and I binged watched some of the new season of Dragons: Race to the Edge.  Like the How to train your dragon movies, I like how the main character is always trying to steer things away from a fight (though it never works out).  Now I’m just going to relax and get my camera batteries ready for tomorrow when I take B to the zoo. 🙂

Go Arnold!

Another thing that’s wrong about the American political system, gerrymandering

“Gerrymandering has created an absurd reality where politicians now pick their voters, instead of the voters picking their politicians,” the Republican and “Terminator” star says in a video released Tuesday on media startup ATTN.

Source: The Hill

How Americans are ok with this is beyond me.

2017 Beaver Winteree

Today was the Beaver Winteree and I’m not sure if we could have picked a day with worse weather.  It was snowing heavily all day and frankly there were a few times when I thought I’d bail, I probably would have had I not been a leader but just a parent who’s child was participating.

LOL I don’t usually use my phone while driving but had to take a picture of the driving conditions.  That was at Highway 7 & Warden and the drive to the Woodland trails camp site was lousy.  Manageable if you go slow but yeah there were a few times i wanted to turn home.

Obviously I didn’t and well the kids had a great time. 😀

I took pictures of the other kids too but seeing as how this is my blog, I really only care about posting pictures of Brandon. 😉  This year’s event was Pokemon themed and we played a variety of games.  Our group hosted a tobogganing/memory challenge where the kids go down the hill and try and remember the pokemon pictured.  Not sure about the other groups but our guys were busy sliding down the hill and didn’t really pay attention.

There was a scavenger hunt for pokeballs, searching for pokemon in the forest and a few other games.  On a side note, I know the Canon 70D has a bit of weather proofing (have to use an L lens though) and even though the camera was pretty wet from the falling snow, I had absolutely no problems!

The drive back was much better and we got home by around 4:30pm.  I shoveled the driveway for a second time when I returned then we relaxed the rest of the evening.  Being a Beavers leader sometimes drives me nuts when the kids misbehave but it’s the most rewarding thing I do and I’m so happy I can share it with my boy. 🙂

It gets worse!

51% of Trump voters believe the Bowling Green massacre justifies the Trump travel ban? WHAT?!?

After Kellyanne Conway falsely said on three separate occasions that people died in a terror attack in Bowling Green, Kentucky, liberals and opponents of the new administration mocked her gaffe by pledging to never forget the event that never happened.

But, for supporters of President Donald Trump, the nonviolence that occurred on that non-tragic day has shaped their worldview. According to the latest national poll from Public Policy Polling, 51 percent of Trump voters say the so-called Bowling Green massacre showed why the president’s immigration policy is needed.
Source: Salon
My god are Trump supports so detached from reality, no such massacre happened. Political bias and ideology is one thing but this is frankly terrifying that so many people in the US are uninformed about the issues that affect their country.


With how much publicity health care in the US is getting, how can 35% of Americans still not know that Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act is the same thing?!?

The figure comes from a new poll by Morning Consult that found 35 percent of Americans do not know ObamaCare is another label — made popular by the GOP — used to describe the Affordable Care Act, enacted under former President Barack Obama in 2010.

Source: The Hill

How can such a large group of Americans be so uninformed about politics…  I guess it’s the reason why Republicans keep winning even though their policies are often counter to what is best for the regular person.

When there’s the will

This is absolutely amazing, if Canada was smart the government would promote more investment in green energy and leave the crap in Alberta in the ground.

On December 1st, the machine produced 215,999.1 kWh over a 24 hour period, a new record for a commercially-available offshore wind turbine. Given the success of this test, the company is hoping to increase the energy production of its customer’s fleets, but with fewer turbines and at a lower cost. The new machine is part a broader push to get more bang for the buck out of offshore turbines in general.

Source: Gizmodo

Good for Denmark, Europe & China will lead the way in renewables and the rest of the world will adopt their technology. Sigh we could be the leaders in this field if there were the political will.

Ugh damn it!

While the overall weekend was enjoyable there was one really lousy incident but I’ll get to that a bit later.  Saturday morning we went to Sail‘s location in Oshawa to pick up some winter items, I wanted to get a new winter coat and Maggie wanted to buy Brandon a new set of snow pants.  Initially I was thinking about getting an Arc’teryx jacket, I know they make good stuff and Mario’s been going on and on about the brand but as fate would have it, I bought a The North Face winter jacket instead.  They make good stuff too and it’ll be perfect next week when we do our annual Beavers winteree.

In the afternoon I was inspecting some of my AR15 magazines and noticed that one of the rivets that stops me from loading more than 5 rounds into a magazine was damaged.

Great thank you government of Canada for such stupid laws, that $0.02 piece of junk keeps things legal because criminals would never take the 5 seconds it needs to knock that thing out.  Anyway I removed it and had a prohibited device for a few minutes before replacing it with another.  I’m all for licensing and I even buy insurance (optional) but I think the magazine laws are stupid. All it does is keep law abiding gun owners like me from having fun while not addressing the criminal element at all but this is suppose to be a weekend update, not a gun owner rant.

We didn’t do much the rest of the day Brandon went swimming but skating was cancelled, I didn’t know about it so we were surprised when we saw two hockey games going on.  I dropped Brandon off then went to get a haircut, when I returned I parked the Mini in the garage and as I’m getting out, I see this Cadillac run into the back of Maggie’s Toyota which is legally parked in front of my house ugh!

My driveway is only wide enough for a single car, so if we want to get the other car in the garage it’s a bit of a pain.  Sigh, I think the woman was going to run as I saw the wheel turn but I was down the driveway yelling so she stopped and got out of the car.  She was apologetic about it, apparently her baby was crying so she was distracted, at least it was at low speeds.

The accident occurred around 7:15pm Saturday night, the car was pretty dirty so I told the lady to go home, that I’d get it washed in the morning and give her an update.  The rear of the car is slightly out of alignment with the lights, there’s scuff/scratches on the bumper and there are also two punctures in the plastic.  I told her in the morning that i’ll bring it to Toyota for inspection and to get a quote and she agreed to fix it so it won’t affect her insurance.

The Toyota Matrix has been good to us but man it’s been very unlucky the last few years. 🙁

Today we didn’t do much, about the most exciting thing was going to aunt Dora’s office to top off our RRSPs, it’s not the most sexy thing to do but a necessity and I need to save more for my retirement (lol who doesn’t).

In the evening Brandon and I shot some pop cans with the Nerf guns, he’s a bit older now so I’m teaching him how to aim and handle it properly, hehe next up in a few years is airsoft then who knows maybe some real guns. 😉  I can hear my mom’s disapproval sigh already but I figure I have guns in the house (albeit locked up) and want him to learn how to handle them safely.

Nothing else much the rest of the night go to work tomorrow and it’s going to be a long day full of meetings, great.