38th birthday weekend!

So on Friday I turned 38 years old and man time really flies when you’re older.  I feel fortunate to be where I am in life and am very content with everything, Maggie says I’m too easy to be content but I don’t see that as a problem. 😉  We didn’t really do anything other than go out to eat on Friday, Saturday I went to the last rifle class of the year hosted by WGT Consulting and it was great.

As I parked the car and gathered my gear, I decided to shoot the class with my support hand (left handed).  I’m a decent shot right handed and wanted the added challenge and boy was it hard!  Not everything with my Daniel Defense MK18 is ambidextrous and I quickly learnt that I really need to install ambi controls as that’d really help out next time.

It was a skills builder course we we practiced a lot of the less sexy yet important drills like mag changes, how to deal with stoppages and basic marksmanship proficiency which is exactly what I needed shooting as a lefty.  I’m no where near as good shooting support as with my strong side but it opened my eyes at how difficult things can be and I now know what I need to change to get better.  It’s fun to do what’s hard rather than always doing what I already know.

I was pretty fortunate too since there was no rain (a bit of misting at times but nothing heavy) during the class, the forecast said there’d be 30-40mm of rain Saturday and it came as I was driving home.  That frankly was pretty scary, the rain came down hard and it was also foggy out so to be safe I drove behind a tractor trailer for much of way back.  I just couldn’t see and would prefer to take longer getting home than die lol.

After ~500 rounds the MK18 was pretty darn dirty but thanks to the nickle boron coating on my STAG BCG everything came off pretty easily.  In the last picture it shows the two speed loaders that the family got for me, I really love it and while the revolver is a super impractical weapon this makes reloading it a bit faster.

Today we didn’t do too much other than go to my mom’s place to celebrate my birthday and it was fun.  Hehe little Georgia was a bit sick but she’s so damn cute and I love baby talk.  Other than chilling we didn’t do much and that’s exactly what I love doing, while I’m sore from the class it was a pretty great weekend overall. 🙂

Tax cuts don’t spur economic growth!!!

How can the US electorate not see that the Republican party is completely bought and working for the rich and corporations?!?  Is it because they pay lip service to social values or are white?

The poor would be hardest hit, with those making between $20,000 and $30,000 seeing their tax bills rise starting in 2021. By 2027, they would see a 25.4 percent increase in their tax bill.

Source: The Hill

The Joint Committee on Taxation is a non partisan body and their findings are nuts.  How come the poor are always told to make due with less but politicians fall over themselves to give the rich more?  There has been class warfare since the 80s but it’s the rich that’s been committing it against everyone else, both parties are bad economically but one is completely brazen in its service to its donors and they want their tax cuts badly.

Get lost

Over the weekend I read this article on the CBC and I couldn’t help but find it so darn preachy.  Now I get it, my views are bias since I’m a gun enthusiast but frankly there are many things in the world that I don’t agree with yet I do not push my views onto others.

A child can touch a hot stove and they’ll learn that it burns, and they probably won’t do it again. But with a toy gun, there isn’t a similar outcome. Associating guns with fun is a problem, because it doesn’t challenge the tool itself as a problem. And it is a problem, because people are dying every day. If we don’t have these uncomfortable, difficult conversations about guns and what’s happening right now, and literally stop buying them, we’re complicit.

Source: CBC

I hate taking right wing talking points because I’m pretty liberal about things but if the above is the case, I hope he doesn’t let his kid play with cars or drink in front of the kid because cars and alcohol kill people at greater numbers than guns do.  I mean if the kid had some weird fetish with guns I might get it but by being so strict, guns will always have a mystique surrounding them and we all know how kids like to rebel and do stuff they’re not suppose to.  At a more primal level, we’re animals and look at how young carnivores play, mock combat so frankly it’s built into us.

If he doesn’t want his kids to play with guns fine that’s fair enough but don’t tell me what I should or should not do with my family.

Expensive weekend

I really should have put on our winter tires sooner but I’ve been lazy…  Anyway after the first snow touched down on Thursday, well it was time to put them on and the Toyota was due for a new set.  We purchased a new set of Michelin X-Ice III tires, not sure how long we’ll keep the Matrix for but I figure if I sell the car, I’ll probably get a Prius and can bring them over to the new car. 🙂

My old steel rims look worse then they really are, there’s surface rust but it’s nothing bad still the tires cost close to $700 plus I got rust proofing done on the Toyota & Mini which also swapped tires this weekend and finally renewed my stickers so when the weekend’s done we probably spent close to $1,200.  Sigh all in the name of safety right.

No story to the middle picture, Slinky just likes to roll on his back to greet us and I thought it was really cute since he’s so fluffy!

As for the S&W 686 revolver, I had a chance to tear it down because it was acting a bit weird and on a hunch it was the main spring tension.  There’s a small screw in the grip that adjusts it and it was very loose so the hammer wasn’t hitting the firing pin hard enough to set off the primers once ever 5 shots. Anyway it’s nice and tight again so we should be good, too bad I can’t use it at the next rifle class next Saturday.

All in all a good weekend, just wrapping up some work that I brought home with me, it’s my busy season so if I expect my guys to work on their personal time I better as well too.

Goodbye Simba

So my dad told me today that Simba passed away. 🙁  I don’t know remember when they got him but it must be at least 12-15 years ago and he’s been a pretty great companion. A very beautiful, fun and affectionate cat and he’s going to be missed very much.

Sigh he was a good cat and the time he spent with Brandon allowed us to get a cat of our own.  Slinky is very much like Simba, very frisky and fun and he was a great companion and I’m thankful he was in our lives.

This one’s ok

There are many policies of the NDP that I do not agree with but this one I do.

Canadian health-care experts, including B.C.’s provincial health officer, have urged the federal government to strongly consider borrowing from Portugal’s approach to drug policy, including decriminalizing personal possession of illicit drugs.

Source: The Star

The war on drugs has been a colossal failure and frankly I think all drugs should be legal.  In any case if you look at Portugal, the world should use that country’s success as a template on how to move forward.  I’d also like to say, I don’t use any drugs, I have no interest in using drugs but I think people should be able to do whatever the hell they want to do as long as it doesn’t affect someone else.

Nerf night!

So moving forward Monday will also be a no TV night so we played Nerf in the basement and the little guy had a lot of fun. 🙂

So it seems Brandon is more of a spray and pray type player. 😉  He’s so easy to make happy and lol yes even if no one is shooting at him, when we play with Nerf guns anywhere, he’s got to have his safety glasses on.

New tool uh gun case. ;-)

I’m not very handy but I absolutely love walking around Princess Auto, it’s such a cool store with so many neat things.  Anyway today I picked up a 44″ long tool box and frankly it’s perfect for my guns. Like a Pelican case but 1/3 the price, frankly I couldn’t go wrong and am pretty darn happy right now.

I got to get the sticker off the box but man it’s perfect isn’t it!  Even after I put the trigger locks on the guns, they’ll fit with no problems, mmm I can’t wait for Sunday as I’m going to the range and will bring the Daniel Defense MK18, HK SFP9 & Glock 17 in this thing.

Halloween 2017

For Halloween this year Brandon dressed up as a ninja and overall the night was pretty good.  We met up with some friends and their kids to go trick or treating and it was a big success they all had a great time and the parents did as well.

There weren’t that many kids out last night for some reason and not that many came to our door either.  Oh well more snacks for me I guess. 🙂

Another really relaxing day!

I told Maggie I didn’t want to do anything this weekend and she obliged which is awesome. This morning I went with Brandon to Canadian Tire to pick up a few odds and ends for the cars, then went to Walmart to buy some chips to give away for Halloween.  After dropping the stuff off at home, we went to Tenda to pick up some 357 magnum ammo, Laura needed some so I split 500 rounds with her.

Also bought two boxes of CCI 38 special, it’s the same price as the full powered stuff but I wanted to try some out and see how much lighter in recoil it is.  I know when I bring Maggie out, she won’t like the full powered 357 load but she might be ok with the 38 special and I’ll try some of that next week.

In the afternoon we did some cleaning and I watched Lewis Hamilton win his 4th F1 world championship, it was an odd race but he’s an excellent driver and definitely deserved it.  Not sure what is going to happen in the evening but I feel absolutely great and well will deal with whatever comes along.