Low key weekend

So this weekend we didn’t do much, the Disney World trip was expensive so we hung around the house.  Saturday I took the Mini in for some maintenance, it needed a new battery so I got Active Green & Ross to take care of that and swap out my winter tires too.  All in all it cost just under $700, had I brought it to Mini I’m sure that work would have been double.

In the afternoon we only went to Brandon’s badminton class because Maggie and I were feeling lazy.  In the evening I went Pokemon raiding and this time around we had 14 players, 5 of which are level 40 (max level)!  

Unfortunately we only had 10 in a gym when I took this screenshot, lol next time around I’ll be sure to get one with everyone because that’s pretty cool. πŸ™‚

Sunday Maggie did her usual badminton thing while Brandon and I ran some errands.  Didn’t do much in the afternoon, Maggie took B to the park while I cleaned some things at the house and swapped the Mini’s engine air filters, that’s easy so I can do it. 

A relaxing weekend which is exactly what the doctor ordered. 

Disney World 2017

So over the Easter weekend, our family went to Orlando to go to Disney World and we didn’t have enough time!  After having gone there I’d say one really needs a full week in order to see everything, I guess fortunately in our case Brandon is young and we really only did the kid stuff.  Our plane on Friday afternoon was delayed so we didn’t reach Orlando till around 9:30pm, a shame because we had some local sight seeing planned (packed schedule) but meh that’s alright.  Saturday morning we went to Disney’s Animal Kingdom and it was fun.  While there were obviously a ton of animals in the park, I was a bit disappointed at all the fake animals used to showcase certain rides.  

Hehe the cutest thing was when we went on the A Bug’s Life show, there’s a point where the bad bug takes over and it’s loud with a lot of flashing lights.  Brandon as so startled he curled up in a ball with his knees at his chest and his hands over his eyes and I thought it was so cute.  Hehe my little chicken but to be fair a lot of the children in the cinema were shocked and crying. We walked around the whole day going on rides and playing in general and Brandon had a wonderful time.

During the Lion King show, they were looking for some volunteer children and lol we made Brandon go out, to which he had a lot of fun leading the other kids in the activities.  We left the park around 4:30pm, Brandon and Maggie were pretty tired from walking all day (we walked over 20k steps) and for dinner we ate at one of the touristy restaurants close to our hotel.  We had an awesome table right next to a river.  Later we walked through the Disney Springs shopping area and I thought the Lego picture was pretty darn cool. πŸ˜‰

Sunday we went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and I certainly had more fun there because there were a lot more rides and “adult things” to do.  

We went on a few roller coasters and Brandon loved it when I pretended to be scared.  I took less pictures this day because some of the rides had poor lighting.  Hehe during the haunted house ride, Brandon again was very scared and both Maggie and I had to reassure him that nothing would happen, that he’d be safe with us.  Brandon also really enjoyed driving around the track chasing Maggie, later he remarked to me that he now knows he’ll be a good driver haha. It was hotter this day and Maggie & B were tired so again we called it a day at around 4pm.

On Monday we went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, this time during the Hollywood Classics ride, there’s a part where a gang fight erupts between rival robots and this time Brandon went to hide where people’s feet were.  The lady sitting next to Maggie laughed at how cute Brandon was. πŸ˜‰

Now that Disney owns the Star Wars franchise there were a lot of characters from the movies walking around and the ride was pretty good I’ll admit.  My favorite show was the Indiana Jones one, it was a huge production with large moving sets and they did quite a few bits (modified) from the Raiders of the Lost Ark movie, lol Brandon thought it was so funny to see the female lead also beat up the bad guys.  

Hollywood Studio is much smaller so in the early afternoon we went back to the hotel so he could play in the pool.  In the evening we met up with aunt Agnes & uncle Paul for dinner and it was great.  They’re both so much fun and it was great to have some quality time with them.  LOL in the garage uncle Paul gave Brandon a ride to our car in his Porsche, Brandon says we should get one too. πŸ˜‰

We left Orlando on Tuesday and since we had a connecting flight, we didn’t get home till about 8:30pm which sucked and the work day after sucked a lot too but the vacation was well worth it and I’m glad Maggie made me go lol.  Brandon had a wonderful time and I hope he remembers at least a little bit when he’s older. 

Back safe and sound!

So we returned from Orlando late last night and I’m happy to report that we’re safe and sound.  The trip to Disney World was amazing and I really owe Maggie a thank you for always pushing for us to go away as a family more.  I took a ton of pictures and will edit some tonight, I’ll get them up shortly as I know a lot of friends and family members are asking. πŸ™‚

Off to Orlando!

I know i haven’t posted much in the last little while, life’s been busy but whatever today the family is going to Orlando!  We’re going to take Brandon to Disneyworld and it’s going to be fun.  Will post some pictures later. πŸ™‚

Busy weekend!

The fun actually started on Friday night and we took Frank & Megan to the BBQ skewer place, we initially wanted to go to the spicy food restaurant but it closed up shop, both locations! πŸ™ Anyway they liked the skewers and we had a great time. 

Saturday for us can be called “Brandon’s day” and we did the usual routine of badminton, swimming & skating. I’m happy to report that he did well in all 3 activities and I rather enjoy watching him get better at things.

Oh ya ain the morning Brandon and I went to Canadian Tire to pick up a few things and he enjoys sitting on the riding mowers. πŸ™‚  He’s really doing well at skating and can glide now, I’m glad he’s enjoying it because it’s an important thing to know for a Canadian lol.

In the evening I went on a Pokemon Go Raid with my fellow local Valor players and it was fun.  Haha I guess you can say “management” declared war on the Instinct team and we raided only their gyms.

Today was relatively low key, in the morning Brandon and I did some yard work while Maggie played badminton and then in the afternoon we had a play date with some of his school friends at the local park. 

Brandon’s so full of energy and with his friends around always has a smile on his face.  The kids played for about an hour and a half then the parents called it quits, the temperature was decent but it was very windy and some of them were cold.  When I see how much fun he’s having, I wish we had a second child but now frankly I think that ship has sailed…  But in any case the little guy had lots of fun and that’s all that matters.

The rest of the afternoon we did some other chores and relaxed because tomorrow is the start of a new workweek.  Some exciting news for later in the week but I’ll post about that then. πŸ˜‰

Awesome find

Thanks to Mario I’ve been on a bit of an Arc’teryx binge recently and I was able to score a used soft shell LEAF jacket for $120.

The jacket is in excellent condition and I don’t really care if it’s old, haha it’s an Arc’teryx after all…  It’ll go great with my coyote tan LBT 6094 vest when I’m at the range, don’t plan on wearing this thing day to day though as I don’t want to look tacticool but am very happy with snagging this thing. πŸ˜€

Small party for Maggie

So it was Maggie’s birthday on Tuesday but seeing as how that was a weekday we decided to have a family gathering on Sunday at Megan’s place instead and it was great! Her home is really coming along, haha I feel shame now that I see how nice her house is in the short period of time she’s lived there, I really should get off my fat ass and fix up my place too but in any case here are some pictures from the lunch.

Hehe even though it was Maggie’s birthday little G was the star of hte show and it was nice to see her happy and playful.  She can crawl a bit now and seemed to enjoy Megan’s dogs.  Brandon was also very gentle with her which is great and I hope they’re friends when they grow older.  πŸ™‚ 

We hung around Megan’s place till 3 then went home, Maggie took Brandon to the park while I did some yard work in the front yard. Took down the xmas lights as well as uh put the weed killer black fabric to cover a relatively large area that where I’d like to kill everything in sight.  Ugh weeds really suck and I have a bad case of the thistles so desperate times require desperate measures.  Other than that we relaxed and just what I need sigh I have to work 5 days a week again and this week is going to be tough since the previous 4 weeks have been 4 days per.

I know you feel real bad for me…

Good day!

So today is the last Friday of the month I took off and I spent it with some good friends.  After dropping Brandon off at school, I went to pick up Mario from the subway station and we hung around here for a bit.  Slinky was cute and playful and after a little bit we went to Tenda to see some goodies.  I bought 500 rounds of 22LR CCI Mini Mags and two metal ammo cans, I prefer them for storage over the plastic containers.  

For lunch we met with Stephen at Asian Legend, it was fun and we chatted about old times for about an hour and a half.  For some reason much of the food had those Chinese mushrooms (yuck) so that kind of spoiled things for me but at least the company was good. I dropped Mario off in the early afternoon went to the post office close to home and picked up woo the Kimber 1911 Stainless II!

The gun is in great condition though there is the “1911 idiot scratch” on it but for $650 shipped with 5 magazines (1 Kimber 7 rounder, 1 Kimber 8 rounder & 3 10 round Chip McCormick power mags) I’m not going to complain!  I took off the cheap lousy rubber grips, slapped on the GHOSTS grips I got from Bernie ages ago and added a bit of abrasive adhesive to the front grip area.

I’ve had a couple of 1911s in the past (including a Kimber Custom II) so I know I’ll shoot this thing well and I can’t wait to go to the range. πŸ˜€

Happy birthday Maggie!

Today is Maggie’s birthday woo and I want to wish my awesome wife a very happy one.

Hehe Brandon drew that for Maggie and I think it’s pretty sweet though Maggie is so much bigger than the rest of us, it looks like she gained 100 lbs lol.  Seeing how it’s a Tuesday, we went out for dinner but won’t be doing anything much since we both have to work tomorrow.  We’ll have some fun on the weekend and I can’t wait. πŸ˜€