Family day 2018

Today we went over to my mom’s home  to celebrate Chinese New Year albeit a few days late and it was good to see everyone.  Hehe little Georgia is so damn cute, I really love babies and she’s very sweet.  Estelle would prefer to limit her photos online so I’ll adhere to those wishes and won’t post any of the cute photos that I took but take my word for it, it was great. 😉

Brandon enjoys combing his hair and he’s pretty handsome with his hair all professional like. I’m learning to use Estelle’s Canon T5i camera, Megan wants me to take photos at her wedding later this year so while I’ll have the 70D handy, a backup camera is always good.  I didn’t compose this shot very well and the background was way too bright, I recovered quite a bit of detail in Lightroom but it could have been better…

We had an early lunch so the little one could keep her sleep schedule and by 1pm we left to go home.  Maggie and Brandon took a nap while I did some exercise and cleaning it was a pretty lazy day and since there’s work tomorrow we’ll have a quiet night.

Safe and sound!

Maggie and Brandon returned home last night but before I get to that I want to talk about my day at the range.  I don’t always post about range trips anymore and wouldn’t have talked about yesterday’s trip except Mario, Laura & I witnessed some pretty stupid actions.  Laura was doing her club level restricted class (required if one wants to move restricteds around) while Mario & I did some pistol work at the action range.

When taking out one’s gun from the case they should always orient the case so the muzzle faces down range. It’s what I always do as I don’t want to point my gun at others but the fellow next to us not only took his Beretta M9 out of the box with the muzzle facing us he was busy toying with his gun in that direction too.  Mario and I simply stopped shooting and stepped back from the firing line, there were no others to our right while this idiot did his thing.

To make things worse while I was off shooting steel, Mario witnessed this person had an accidental discharge right in front of the table and into the ground.  To me guns are toys but they’re toys that demand a lot of attention and responsibility.  If one doesn’t want to respect them they should not be playing with them.

Laura mentioned that her class was filled with people who should not be operating with guns too, pointing them in an unsafe direction, finger on the trigger when not shooting, etc.  Sigh to any Canadian out there who want to try shooting sports, it’s a heck of a lot of fun but please respect them and other as we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Overall though I had a good day, shot the HK SFP9 relatively well and did zeroed my Aimpoint T1 micro red dot.

After dropping my companions of, I went home cleaned the house a bit then went to pick up my mom to go to the airport.  She wanted to see Maggie & Brandon return and the wait was agonizing.  LOL whenever Maggie & Brandon are away I can only think of the worst things, like plane crashes this time around.  Needless to say they arrived safely and it was really great to see them.

Not sure what we’re going to do today, Maggie is really tired since she didn’t get much sleep on the plane but Brandon seems pretty energetic so maybe I’ll take him out somewhere.  Definitely happy the family is back together again. 🙂


Yay coming home tomorrow!

Colin is happy, Maggie and Brandon will be returning from China tomorrow evening and I can’t wait!  The day’s going to go quick, I’m going to Silverdale with Laura & Mario and will have some fun before the family comes back, picked up an Aimpoint T1 micro for my DD MK18 and a Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 so some new toys to play with.

Argh why make it partisan…

While I empathize with the plight of the indigenous people in Canada, I absolutely hate how our PM has made the Colten Boushie case partisan.

In response to NDP demands for “concrete steps” to address the issue, Trudeau agreed that the overrepresentation of Indigenous persons in Canada’s prisons and their underrepresentation on juries and in jury-selection pools is a significant problem and said his government would address it.

Source: The Star

I think we can all agree that the treatment of native Canadians in society is terrible but there’s no easy answer to societal problems holding them as a community back. Giving them extra rights in court just means that we have a tiered justice system that works harder for one group than the other.  As a visible minority, I get it’s easy to yell racism but if I were on the jury I’d vote not guilty too the facts of the case showed that the kid was up to no good.

I guess that’s the conservative in me coming out but I believe that when I’m on my property or in my home that I should be able to use any amount of force necessary to repel an intruder.

A lawyer friend told me they’ll probably get Gerard Stanley on firearms charges though because he used a restricted weapon in a manner that’s not allowed.

Go away snow

Ugh so much snow the last few days, there must be over 30cm on my lawn.  Sigh I had some stuff planned for this weekend but it looks like I won’t do any of it due to bad weather, that’s ok though better to be safe than sorry and the driving conditions are atrocious. With that said today was my St. Johns Ambulance first aid renewal class and yay I passed.

It wasn’t hard frankly and I’m happy to report that I retained much of what I was taught last time around which is good since the instructor had a pretty heavy Newfoundland accent and I couldn’t understand him when he spoke fast.  To celebrate I shoveled my driveway when I returned home, initially I wanted to shovel once before I left but I was lazy which only added to the “fun” when I returned.

I have a young family, Brandon is super energetic and this is a good skill to have just in case. 🙂

They’re gone :(

Sigh Maggie and Brandon just left for the airport…  I absolutely hate it when they go anywhere without me, I miss them so much and unfortunately I can’t go because of the Olympics, things at work are going to be very busy and it’s all hands on deck.

Now I’ll just worry for the next 10 days till they come back.

A nice walk

This morning we scheduled a hike for the Beavers, it was at the Rouge Beach park with a guide from Parks Canada.  LOL they’re little kids so it was more of a walk in the park instead of a hike but in any case it was fun.

It was around -10C in the morning and thankfully the kids were dressed appropriately.  A couple of the parents were a bit cold but meh they’re adult sand can fend for themselves.  There were more people doing the guided walk than our group and it was fun to listen to Larry talk about how animals hibernate or deal with the winter weather.

Notably missing is Brandon, he came down with a bad cold (maybe the flu, not sure) Thursday night so I worked from home on Friday and well he wasn’t well enough to come with me in the morning so he stayed home with Maggie.

We walked around for about an hour and a half then the event was over and everyone left, thankfully the parents all participated so I didn’t have to stick around.

Hehe he looks like a little angel when he’s asleep…  Anyway we didn’t do much in the afternoon, Brandon slept on the sofa for much of it then played some games before going to bed early.  I cleaned my basement a bit and right now I’m looking for 1-4×24 optics.  Why I don’t know I feel like putting something on the Norinco AR-15 as I don’t like irons, I probably wouldn’t shoot that gun much but still wouldn’t mind some nice glass.  Well in any case i’m “just looking” right, doesn’t mean I’m going to buy. 😉

Wealth inequality is terrible

I love debating political and economic policy and supply side or trickle down economics simply doesn’t work.  Lower taxes on the rich and corporations don’t generate jobs, demand for products and services do.  Don’t believe me?  How about listen to Nick Hanauer, he’s a billionaire venture capitalist.

I’ve complained about this for a long time and I hate how supply side economics has become the economic orthodoxy because it simply doesn’t work.  The Western world has tried this for the last 30 years, since Reagan (and his stupid policies affected the rest of us too) but what I hear from the right is if we just cut taxes enough, then everyone will do better but it’s bullshit.

It’s done nothing but to increase the gap between the rich and the poor and concentrated an immense amount of wealth in the hands of very few to the determent of the rest of us. Anyone who works a full time job should get a living wage, this wouldn’t benefit Maggie or I as we do pretty well already but it’s not about me, it’s about creating more consumers who are the drivers of economies.

I wish people would pay closer attention to the economic policies of political parties because frankly that’s what affects everyone the most.

A step in the right direction

The federal Liberal party caucus has discussed decriminalization of all drugs and I think it’s a great idea.  Portugal did it in 2001 and it’s been a huge success and if I were in charge I’d go one step further and legalize all drugs. I know a lot of people who feel strongly against it so I’ll list out my points on why it’s what I’d do.

  • There will always be a demand, keeping drugs illegal just empowers gangs and organized crime.
  • It gives users legal recourse against dealers and suppliers of drugs. If it’s bad, they can be sue and get proper restitution.  Right now if a dealer or supplier rips someone off, typically the only response is violence.
  • It allows drugs to be regulated, no more horror stories of drugs being cut with dangerous chemicals.  One will know exactly what they’re taking instead of right now where no one knows for sure.
  • The war on drugs has been a colossal failure, costing thousands of lives & money trying to enforce it.
  • It’s a government revenue bonanza, Colorado is an example and in a day where governments are struggling to finance their operations, taxation on drugs could bring in a large amount of money.

I could go on, but I see this as a very positive step…

The war on drugs may move to a new battlefield in Canada, if Liberal MPs get their way: the 2019 federal election campaign.

They’re pushing the Trudeau government to go much further than legalizing recreational marijuana. In a priority resolution they hope will be adopted at the Liberals’ policy convention in April for inclusion in the next election platform, the national caucus is calling on the government to eliminate criminal penalties for simple possession and consumption of all illicit drugs.

Source: The Globe & Mail

While I may be mistaken, it seems the older generations take a much harder line on drug use, mine (I’m a gen X’er) are a bit more liberal on that and millennials even more so.  At this point I think we can agree that after 30 years the war on drugs hasn’t worked, perhaps it’s time for governments to try something else.  For the record I’m not a drug user, I don’t drink or smoke (cigarettes or marijuana) so it doesn’t affect me in any way but when I see the human toll on what we’ve done so far, I think it’s time to move on.