Yesterday’s lunch

So yesterday I worked from home and when I’m by myself I just dig through the fridge and put together something quick for me to eat.  Maggie made Brandon spaghetti for lunch and left some meat sauce so I put an Asian spin on it, cooked some instant noodles and viola lunch.

It actually tasted quite good, as Mario told me later I saved a whole 3 minutes by going with instant noodles instead of real pasta. 😉

Thank you Canada

Mid April and we get an ice storm roll through the city…

The picture of the Toyota was this morning when we were going to work, wonderful. Needless to say we stayed home most of the weekend, I like doing that anyway as I’m pretty lazy. 😉


All fluff

A lot of my liberal or left leaning friends think I’m nuts for not liking our PM Justin Trudeau and this is a prime example of why…

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley declared Sunday they would spend taxpayer dollars and flex their respective legislative muscle to ensure the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline is built over the objections of British Columbia.

Source: The Star

For someone who reaped a lot of praise for saying the right things about the environment, his actions have been the opposite.  Trudeau’s kept up Harper’s energy policy to a tee, promoting fossil fuels even though the future is renewable and it’s very disappointing.

Everyone loves firefighters!

Today after work we dropped by the local fire hall, I’m trying to arrange to have my Beavers come for a visit and the staff was super friendly.  One man asked me to come to his office while he got me the information and a female firefighter took Brandon around the hall and showed him the trucks. He was pretty darn happy, all kids love firefighters & firetrucks and it was pretty cool they were so welcoming.

Hehe before we left they we took a couple of pics, those fire engines are damn cool, I can’t wait to come back with the Beavers they’re going to love it! 😀

Another toy?!?

So about a month ago I traded my Gen 4 Glock 19 for a Sig Sauer P226 and woo it finally arrived today!

The base gun is a P226 chambered in 22LR but the previous owner also had a complete retail 9mm upper and with the Sig it’s as easy as swapping the slide, barrel and recoil spring.  The gun comes with two 22LR 10 round magazines and 3 9mm 10 round mags.  It’s also got tritium night sights and is in near mint condition, the previous owner definitely didn’t fire this thing much.  Oh I really appreciate the smaller profile E2 grips, I have small hands and this fits me much better than the standard grips.

Initially I was suppose to go to Silverdale with Laura & Mario on Saturday but I bailed because I’m going to take a pistol class next week so I’l try this gun then (maybe if I have time), if not maybe in early May.  I’ve never been a big P226 fan but now that I have one I have to admit it’s pretty well built.  I guess time will tell if I keep this thing or not but it’s always fun to fondle high quality firearms. 😀

The answer is banning

So I read this 2017 article and thought it was absolutely ridiculous.

Dr Crichton said he would like to see such knives introduced in all schools and colleges and added: “Why do we need these potentially deadly weapons in the home? I think if one of our celebrity chefs were to popularise it, it might be a solution in itself.

Source: Express UK

Right because forget about finding correlation of attacks to societal issues, let’s just ban the object.  Oh while we’re at it, let’s ban screw drivers, pencils, or just pointy sticks because that’ll solve the problem.  The funny thing is when I showed some of my liberal friends this, they (rightfully) ridiculed the thought of banning kitchen knives as idiotic and that we should focus on punishing the attackers instead.  I told them that was my argument with guns and got a lot of blank stares in return. 😉

Science Center sleep over!

Picked up a toy Saturday morning but I’ll get into that later, this weekend was the Ontario Science Center scouting sleep over and of course Brandon was attending. 🙂  There were 32 kids, 14 Beavers & 18 Cubs along with 5 leaders so we had our hands full but the kids had a great time.  I particularly enjoyed the IMAX movie Amazing Amazon, about Henry Bates adventures during the 1850s, the dedication and amount of work and sacrifice in the name of science is amazing.

After the movie we played for many hours with the kids, picked up our sleeping bags and headed to the Human Experience section to sleep for the night.  By 11pm, most of the Beavers were tired and when lights went off at 12, we got an unpleasant surprise, the lights directly above us went to about 30% and was still pretty darn bright.  Typically that doesn’t bother me but for some reason it did last night, that and I was awaken 4 times to take the kids to the bathroom so needless to say I’m pretty tired.

The lights automatically come on at 6:45 AM, most of the kids were tired but they did a great job at policing the area and tidying up before going to play more.  We had a quick breakfast and went to the original staging area for 8:50, parents were to pick up the kids at 9.  Unfortunately for some reason or another, one of the parents who’s always late came at like 9:45 but that’s how things go, Brandon and I headed home and relaxed the rest of the day.

I did unfurl both sleeping bags and mats to vacuum, they were full of sand and grit since we were sleeping on the carpet floor so everything is now nice and tidy for next time.  We played a bit at home while Maggie worked on some accounting stuff and I just put the boy to sleep.  While managing so many kids can be aggravating at times, it’s also super rewarding and I’m so happy to be able to spend time with my boy like this.  I know in a few years he’ll be too cool for me, so I’m going to enjoy this while I can. 🙂

Aren’t they pretty?

So like a good redneck on my day off (every long weekend I get an extra day), I spent some time cleaning my rifles specifically my AR15s.  It’s been a while since I’ve given them a thorough scrubbing and the DD MK18 was obviously the dirtiest but it’s minty fresh now.  While I had the various rifles broken down I spent some time on the bolt carrier groups of each and argh I have a chip on my NEA bolt.

From top to bottom, the Stag NiB BCG, the Daniel Defense BCG and the NEA.  I hate that brand, NEA is junk and I purchased this thing before I knew any better but with my experiences and Brayden’s who’s had to send his rifle back a few times, I’ll never buy their stuff again.  Anyway as the picture on the right shows, the chip is small but I’ve seen quite a few NEA bolts break at the cam pin so I’m not taking any chances and will get it replaced.  The DD on the other hand has the most mileage on it and is in great condition, when I get the replacement NEA back I’ll sell it and buy something else.

This is terrifying!

Holy shit, this is insane!

Over the last week or so, local television news anchors across the the country have joined together to paradoxically warn viewers about the “troubling trend of irresponsible, one-sided news stories plaguing our country.” The identical, seemingly earnest editorial messages paid lip service to the importance of fact-checking and unbiased reporting, but they also complained about “false news” and “fake stories.” If that seems to echo the rhetoric of President Trump, it’s probably because the statement was written by one of his allies.

The anchors were forced to read the so-called journalistic responsibility messages word for word by their employer, the conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, the largest owner of television stations in the country. The features were one of Sinclair’s now infamous “must-run” segments, consisting of conservative commentary that every Sinclair-owned station is required to air.

Source: NYMag

Check out the clips in the article, yes one side is definitely trying to undermine its own republic and that’s the Republican party.  The Democratic side sucks too but the Republicans have definitely gone off the deep end and do not serve the people’s interest at all.