Carbine Class

So today I attended a carbine class hosted by WGT Consulting and it was a lot of fun.  A few airsofters I know attended too, Duffman & Zach from GOA while Robo Murray was the assistant instructor for the course.  The Lower Trent Fish Club & Game Club is a nice range and with membership only $200, I’m thinking about joining it as well.

I’m not sure what the wooden shooting boards are officially called but it was certainly interesting to use and forced everyone to move into unconventional shooting positions!  Not something I practice so it was definitely very odd but I learnt to adjust as I went along. The day started off slow but ended with a flurry of action and it’s safe to say I was a happy participant and am looking forward to the next class!

It’s also nice the club is only 2 hours away instead of 4 like with Rock Cut lol.


Looks like Canadian kids are as stupid as American…

A 17-year-old boy is facing charges after he allegedly invited people to join him for a gunfight at the Scarborough Town Centre mall on Tuesday.

Toronto police say that at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, they were alerted to a social media posting “inviting people to Scarborough Town Centre to engage in gun battle.”

The post states that “burners not provided” and participants “must bring their own” guns. It offered a $10,000 cash prize for the “last person alive.”

Source: CP24

Even if this is a joke, I hope they throw the book at the boy and if not something tells me the guns wouldn’t be legal.

Getting ready!

This is a trend that I adopted from playing airsoft, typically a week before an event I start prepping my gear to ensure that everything is proper.  I checked out my LBT 6094B plate carrier and it’s been set up almost exactly the same for the last 5 years, the only thing I did was remove the zip ties that will be useless & glow sticks and routed the hydration tube through the other shoulder pad.  Sigh the level 4 ceramic plates are heavy and while my stamina is ok, I think my ass is going to be kicked hard.

I did reconfigure my first line belt, I’ve cut down the medical supplies and simply only a single IFAK (infantry first aid kit, just an example but mine is essentially the same).  The way I look at it, if I ever do have to deal with a gun shot wound it’d be a freak range accident and not because people are actually shooting at each other.  That allowed me to put a single pistol mag pouch on the right side (when I shoot pistol support hand) and two AR-15 mags on my left.

LOL obviously neither of the gun or mags are loaded, this was just to see how everything felt and I think it’s going to be a good one.  I think down the line I’m going to invest in a good 2 point sling, the Magpul MS3 is not bad but I think there are better slings on the market.

The weekend itself was relaxing though uneventful so there’s really nothing to write about there, I’m just excited for my class and hope the work week goes quickly. 😀


Ugh I can’t stand the Star Wars series (even though I do watch the movies, to complain later lol) and all the stupid comments the last two days have drove me nuts.  Stupid stories with poor imagination that’s all the Star Wars universe is.

Park cleanup!

Last year when we did the spring park cleanup I remember sweating because it was so hot but this year it was pretty darn cold.  With that said and knowing we’d be outdoors for a few hours I bundled Brandon up with his winter clothing and I wore quite a few warmer layers too.  We also wore waterproof clothing in case the rain came but thankfully it held off.

The L’Amoreaux North Park is the one we always clean up and man this time around it was pretty disgusting.  I don’t know how people can simply throw out their trash in the woods or fields of such a beautiful park…

The kids did a great job at cleaning up the mess left over from others and thankfully there was nothing that was dangerous for the kids to pick up.  I’m almost always the odd one out since I’m always taking the picture but in the last one, that’s the only time it’s ever ok to stand take pictures standing in front of garbage. 🙂

Low key weekend

So this weekend we didn’t do much, the Disney World trip was expensive so we hung around the house.  Saturday I took the Mini in for some maintenance, it needed a new battery so I got Active Green & Ross to take care of that and swap out my winter tires too.  All in all it cost just under $700, had I brought it to Mini I’m sure that work would have been double.

In the afternoon we only went to Brandon’s badminton class because Maggie and I were feeling lazy.  In the evening I went Pokemon raiding and this time around we had 14 players, 5 of which are level 40 (max level)!  

Unfortunately we only had 10 in a gym when I took this screenshot, lol next time around I’ll be sure to get one with everyone because that’s pretty cool. 🙂

Sunday Maggie did her usual badminton thing while Brandon and I ran some errands.  Didn’t do much in the afternoon, Maggie took B to the park while I cleaned some things at the house and swapped the Mini’s engine air filters, that’s easy so I can do it. 

A relaxing weekend which is exactly what the doctor ordered.