Lost my luggage!

So we flew American Airlines to Rome and while the service and plane was great they… lost my luggage.  Technically for some reason it took a detour to London and should be on it way here.  Pretty passed about it as we don’t have changer of clothes with us so we ended up buying some new clothes.

Rome is absolutely beautiful, I love the city and history behind it.  Here are some unedited pics I pulled off the Canon 70D.

Low resolution photos I pulled off the Canon 70Ds WiFi feature.  Unedited but still illustrates how beautiful the city is.  Will call the airlines tomorrow to find out what the hell is going on.

August family birthday edition

So today we went to Imran & Estelle’s place to celebrate the August birthdays (minus my dad) and lol we all wanted to see Georgia because it’s been a while. 😉  Estelle said she was bad last night and looked tired, sigh that’ll happen with newborns and I assured her it’ll get better as the baby gets older.  We played around with the new one for a bit, haha I remember when Brandon was that size till she got fussy then Estelle took her for a quick feeding.

Afterwards we had lunch, talked for a bit then it was present time.

My mom has been complaining that her tablet is too small and difficult for her “old” eyes so we all pitched in and got her a larger Samsung Galaxy Tab E. 🙂  The girls bought Brandon some Lego and Megan and I will split a massage for Estelle and got Imran some special bread that he enjoys. 🙂

We chatted and hung around till about 3 then I took my mom and Megan home.  The rest of the day we’ll hang around the house, we’re going to Italy tomorrow so gotta rest up for our exciting upcoming journey. 😀

Chuck e Cheese!

So today we hosted a birthday party for Brandon at Chuck e Cheese and lol to say the kids had a good time is an understatement.  As the star of the show, all the kids wanted to play with him and he didn’t disappoint!

Brandon scored a ton of tickets today, lol we didn’t cash them out for anything I’m saving them for him to get something really good. 😉  I took some video as well, the Canon 70D is great for that but unfortunately I forgot to plug in the mic so I didn’t capture a lot of audio argh…  Oh well lesson learnt for next time, when I did get audio it turned out pretty well.  I’ll edit what I can and post them tomorrow or something.

After the party we hung around the house and got ready for our trip on Monday. 🙂  Not excited yet but I’m sure I’ll have trouble sleeping tomorrow night.

Happy birthday to my angel

Man I can’t believe Brandon is already 6 years old, my where does the time go… Anyway yeah Brandon is a very big boy today turning 6 and will be entering Grade 1 in Sept. 🙂

Maggie and I picked up up a Lego Ninjago set, he’s super excited to build it but it’ll have to wait till Friday…  Anyway after dinner we took him to the park to play, it’s pretty hot so he got to play with the water which is what he loves. My boy, he’s absolutely wonderful and Maggie and I count our lucky stars we got such a great kid in Brandon, we love you!

An awesome time!

So over the weekend Brayden, Brian and I went to a One Shot Tactical pistol course, it was for beginners and truth be told I thought it was a bit easy but still I picked up a few good points and had an excellent time.  I like that the instructors spent a lot of time with the individual students asking people to try things over and over so they can get a good read and give suggestions, then follow up with some good 1 on 1 time to get things working.

I didn’t sleep well the night before, I guess it was the anticipation of the upcoming fun but the adrenaline kept me going and very surprisingly I shot the best of the whole group!  I found that surprising since I’m not that great with my pistol but everything I was told to shoot I could hit fairly easily whether it was standing or on the move. 🙂  Poor Brayden the rear sight on his Glock 34 was loose and moving around, his groupings were great but his shots were pretty off and had to adjust a lot on the fly.  Brian was using his Rock Island Armory 1911 in 9mm and put a Trijicon RMR on top, lol it’s like cheating with that thing but haha I still beat him with the irons on my HK SFP9. 😀

The drill for the first video was to score 5 hits on the assigned number, doesn’t mater how many times you need to fire, you need to hit it 5 times and I was able to go 5/5 for a class best 4.58 seconds. Some students needed over 20 rounds to hit that 2″ circle and I’m quite surprised how well I did. A bit later we were shooting at multiple targets, we’re ~12-15 yards away from the small steel plates and I did alright with those too.

Unfortunately I didn’t record with my Contour the fire and movement stuff but I did pretty well there too. I have some cell phone video that I’ll upload tomorrow or later in the week as well.

The class ended mid afternoon around 3:30 pm, we said our goodbyes and then went back to the hotel, Bray & Brian took a nap, I went to take a shower then drove around North Bay to take over the Pokegyms lol. Of the players I spoke to most were in the mid teens levels with a few in the low 20s but no one had any good Pokemon so I was able to take 4 gyms over easily. 🙂 Of course due to the way the game’s structured, even though I’m at a higher level with strong pokemon it’s pretty easy for others to beat me.

Anyway we headed back to the range at 8 pm to do some low light work so we all donned our plate carriers with armour and ran with rifles. In the picture where you see the huge muzzle flashes, I was taking pictures and the guys were doing number drills (I called out a number and they had to shoot it) at close range. Hehe Brian took a very cool NV video of me shooting at targets with the DD MK18 & HK SFP9.

After taking pictures we buckled down and practiced fire & movement drills, fire from cover and support hand firing. It was so much fun too but the mosquitoes were out in force, I wore shorts and got eaten alive!!! At 10:30 pm it started to rain so we called it a night, headed back into town and hit a McD’s to get some victory ice cream, a great way to end an awesome day.

I slept ok at the hotel and set the alarm for 7am so I could get home nice and early and rolled into the driveway just before 10:30am. I was pretty darn tired most of the day but still took B swimming (almost nodded off a few times) and after dinner took him to the park to play.

What an awesome weekend, I got sunburnt, eaten by bugs, shot my guns well and spent some time with good friends…

So sweet!!!

Last night before I went to bed, I did my usual rounds and I saw that Brandon got the birthday ribbon we gave him to wear for his 4th birthday!


I asked him this morning if he saved it, he said yes and that it’s been in one of the toy boxes all this time.  LOL having a kid has made me soft but I thought that was the sweetest thing, man Brandon’s such an awesome son. 🙂

Prepping some toys…

On Friday I’m going to make the long trek up to North Bay as Brayden, Brian and I will be doing a pistol class at Rock Cut Shooting Club.  Too bad more of the guys (or gals) couldn’t make it but I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun, after the class is over we plan on staying and doing some night shooting with the night vision and rifles. 😀

So with that said…


I took the opportunity to get some of my toys ready for Saturday. I’ll be running the HK SFP9 as my primary pistol but will bring my Glock 17 there as well as a backup, they fit in the same holster so woo swapping side arms will be easy.  I was debating on bringing the 7.62×39 AR15 but decided against it, I’m already bringing my vest & armor and don’t want to bring too many unnecessary things.  Haha I’m sure I’ll make due with these toys and keep myself entertained while I’m up there.

A weekend of pictures

So this weekend in addition to playing Pokemon lol we also went out a lot as a family and I took a ton of pictures with the Canon 70D.  I’m still a bit annoyed at the relatively high noise in the pictures but I doubt most people would notice and to be fair the 70D is a pretty great camera to use. Anyway instead of blah blah blahing, here are the pics that I took.

Estelle’s all worried because little Georgia has a bad case of baby acne but a lot of babies get it and I told her that it’s nothing to worry about.  Brandon had it too and is no worse for wear now, I’m sure G will be just fine shortly. 🙂  I really enjoy visiting Estelle, Imran and Georgia, the little one reminds me of when Brandon was tiny and it’s a great feeling to have another baby in the Sun family.

We took Brandon to the local park and another in Richmond Hill the day after so he could play elsewhere and lol it’s great that he’s always the kid having the most laughs…  I can’t tell you how great it is to have a happy boy, it’s such a joy to be with him as his positive attitude is infectious.

Anyway my 4 day long weekend is almost over and back to the grind tomorrow, at least it’s a short week.


In the morning Maggie took Brandon to meet some of her friends so I stayed home and played with the Canon 70D camera.  It’s slightly smaller and lighter than my old 7D and I find with the 24-105 F4L lens on it the camera is a bit front heavy. One feature I’m very happy about is that both cameras use the same LP-E6 battery so that’s one less thing I need to buy though the battery grip I have for the 7D won’t work with the 70D due to the slight differences in body size.

When Maggie and Brandon returned we decided to visit Korea town so Brandon could play at the Christie park, Maggie could collect pokemon while we go down and so I could play with the camera.  I think it’s safe to say everyone had a good time. 😉

The Canon 70D has a new sensor and I find the dynamic range a bit better than the 7D and I could recover the shadows a bit better.  One bad thing I noticed though was that at ISO 100, I still saw a lot of noise, even when there was plenty of light.  With my old camera at ISO 100, there wasn’t any noticeable noise, of course I’m pixel peeping but still it’s annoying that it’s present when it wasn’t there with the old camera.

There’s a nice park with a more advanced playground compared to what Brandon’s use to so he was very happy to run around, after a bit of playing he wanted to run in the splash pad.  We didn’t have a change of clothes but it was sunny & warm so we figure why not.  I knew we’d be going for a walk later and he could dry off then.

We walked along Bloor to a bakery shop about mid way between Bathurst & Spadina so Maggie could get some buns and on the way back we went into Honest Ed’s and it has to be like 30 years since I was last inside, my god what a dump.  They have some really ugly & tacky items like those gold coloured elephants, a coffin and even a Multicam blazer!  The last thing was so funny and I kind of regret not buying it, it’d be a great gag thing to wear whether to the range or if I ever play airsoft again.

On the way back we attacked one of the pokemon gyms, Brandon likes to battle so I figure i’d let him take care of it.  We took it over at around 3:45 pm and as of right now we still hold control of it which is surprising.  Finally before heading to the car, Maggie took the opportunity to hit up a Korean grocery store to pick up some odds and ends that are not really available in our area.

In the evening I took B to the local park so he could play a bit more, after about 45 minutes we went home and relaxed the rest of the day.  I like these lazy weekends. 😀