Simon will have his funeral on Saturday, I can’t bring Brandon there so I’m going to get my mom to look after him.  Someone set up a GoFundMe page to help with costs and I hope they reach whatever goal they can, we donated and I hope they get to the goal they’re trying to hit as I know funerals can be very expensive.


Breaks my heart, I feel so bad for the mother.

Brandon’s birthday weekend!

So Brandon’s birthday might have been on Thursday but we did the celebrations over the weekend and it was great.

On Saturday we held a birthday party with his friends at SkyZone. The kids had a great time and all of them were sweating buckets jumping and running around all over the place.  I was proud of Brandon, he got to the end of the unstable ladder game only to fall when he hit the last rung lol.  All in all the kids had a great time though I wouldn’t recommend the place because of the poor communication from the facility.

In the afternoon, Maggie had to go to Blue Mountain for some CPA thing and will be gone a week, no big deal Brandon and I will have a lot of fun. 😉  After she left we went Pokemon raiding and as usual Brandon had fun and uh yeah I’m doing it for him right.

Today we had a small gathering at my mom’s condo and my sisters got Brandon the last two lions for his Voltron robot.  He’s really into the Netflix reboot and I have to say the cartoon is actually pretty good.  I don’t remember watching the original but this one has a lot of character development and frankly is quite adult oriented.  The Voltron lions are quite expensive at $60 ea but they’re very solid and do not feel cheap like a lot of Brandon’s other toys.  It’s also quite large and has a decent amount of mass, I don’t get the feeling he’ll break it if he drops it.

In the afternoon I took B to the splash pad where he ran around for about an hour and a half with some school friends then we came home and relaxed the rest of the day.  I mowed my front lawn (do the back tomorrow, lazy), edited some pictures put Brandon to sleep and I’m just relaxing a bit before going to bed myself.  A great weekend, I got to spend a lot of time with the boy and that’s exactly what I love doing most.


August is a busy birthday month and we kicked it off on Saturday celebrating my mom’s 65th birthday! She’s officially a senior and seems to be most looking forward to the discounted public transit rates lol.  Anyway we had a bit of a surprise party for her where we invited members of her family over and she had a great time even though she told us not to do it again. 😉  Many thanks to Megan for hosting and it was a wonderful time.

Hehe mom looks so happy when playing with Georgia and I’m glad Brandon is gentle with her.

Sunday as per usual tradition in my family we went to African Lion Safari and Brandon loved it

The little guy loves water so we played at the water park area for a good hour and a half to two hours.  We skipped the shows as we’ve seen them many times but Brandon wanted to ride on the elephant and he’s no longer scared. 🙂

Oh and finally today is my sister Estelle’s birthday and I hope she has a great one!


So I know I’ve been pretty inactive the last little while and I’ll talk about my weekend soon enough but I wanted to post something that’s been on my mind for the last week…  Last Tuesday I learnt that one of the kids from Brandon’s school was killed in a murder suicide and it affected me more than I thought it would.  Brandon & I know the little boy and my heart breaks at the thought of his passing.  While B and Simon were not close, we played with him all the time at the park, saw him around school and at the end of the day he’d always walk with his mom by our house.

From the looks of it, he was a good kid and I simply don’t understand how a father could do such a thing.  I still get sad when I think about the fear Simon must have had at the end, to be betrayed by someone he loved and trusted…  I haven’t told Brandon about Simon, I don’t know how to approach it with him and it’s not something he’ll understand either.

I didn’t understand children before I had my own but now that I do, I see how they are the most precious resource we have.  I will miss Simon and everyday I give Brandon a big hug and kiss to ensure he knows that he’s loved.

New plates!

So today I picked up a new set of Polyethelene level 3 plates!

I already have a set of ceramic level 4 plates but these are much lighter and durable so when I’m running and gunning with these things on it’ll be easier. 😀

Happy birthday Georgia!

Man I can’t believe Georgia a year old already, anyway on Saturday we had a birthday party for her at Megan’s house and it was great!  We got to use her pool and Brandon absolutely loved it, he wanted to jump in right away and he impressed everyone with his strong swimming skills.  Other than lunch, a brief break after eating and when we sang Georgia happy birthday, he was in the water. Estelle invited Imran’s brother, his wife & young daughter and it was fun to to see two babies. 🙂

I’m very proud of Brandon, the babies were scared of the water and he was so helpful getting things for everyone else and he played very gently around the little girls.  As usual I’m behind the camera but that’s ok I prefer to be the one taking the pictures and I think they turned out really well.  We hung around Megan’s place from 11:30 till just after 4, then I took Brandon to play some Pokemon and called it a day.

Today we didn’t do too much, there’s a leak in my basement so I moved everything into Slinky’s room till we find out the issue.  We’ll probably end up renovating the basement now, something I was meaning to do anyway.

A fun weekend, too bad it’s almost over lol.

Canada day weekend

On July 1st, Canadians from across the country celebrated the 150 anniversary of our country’s birth and I have to say while it’s not perfect, Canada is a pretty darn good place to live.  As usual I had an extra day off so I met up with one of my Pokemon Go friends and we hit up a bunch of raids in the city.  LOL we made our way downtown and I was within 100′ of my office at the last raid.  Saturday was a family day, after Brandon’s badminton class we went to see Despicable Me 3 and the little guy enjoyed it.  It was definitely more kid friendly than Cars 3 from a few weeks back and Brandon wasn’t bored in the middle of it.

Sunday one of my Pokemon teammates was going home to Victoria after being in TO for the last 2 months to be with her daughter and new grandson, so the guys and I in our group set up a big raid to send her off in style and that was fun.  Brandon tagged along (Maggie stayed home lol) and got to meet many of the members that I play with, his account is not too shabby at level 33 either and enjoyed all of it.  We raided till just after 9pm then I dropped him off and continued to gym with my friends till 11pm.

Today was another family day and we went downtown to see the big rubber duck that the federal government spent $200k to borrow for some reason, what it has to do with Canada or our Canada Day celebrations I don’t know but Brandon wanted to see it.

The duck was uh big sure and I really don’t get modern art.  I thought the fire department boat was really cool, man it can pump out a lot of water!  Anyway we walked around harbourfront for a while then had lunch in China town and went home.  Did a few errands in the afternoon but that’s about it.

Sigh my long weekend is almost over but it was a good one and I call a great country like Canada home.


So the racist crap that’s bubbling up in the US is also starting to make an appearance here too.

“Can I see a doctor, please, that’s white, that doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English?”

In proper English, that would be, “May I see a doctor, please, who’s white, who doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English,” but why quibble with racists?

The woman captured on a video that was viewed thousands of times on Tuesday, making obnoxious demands in a Mississauga clinic, also has her stereotypes mixed up. It’s the English who are supposed to have terrible teeth — what would she have done if a proper English doctor showed up, with brown teeth?

Source: The Star

If I were there I would have said something, perhaps not so nice and I think the staff and other people there handled themselves pretty well.

Happy father’s day to me

So today is father’s day and while I reflect on my life and my family all the time, it really helps me focus on what’s important in life, my family and I couldn’t be happier.  In the morning we went to Canadian Tire to pick up a new bike for Brandon, he outgrew his old one so he was super stoked to get something bigger.

Definitely more mature than his old ride though he doesn’t know how to ride a bike properly yet lol so he’ll fall a few times but that’s ok.  I was also productive today and cleaned the bathroom, there was a lot of mold building up on the caulking so I removed it and resealed the tub and it looks a lot better!

In the afternoon we went to Fairview for lunch and to see Cars 3.  I enjoyed it more than the second though it was a bit too mature for Brandon and he seemed bored.  After the boy and I met up with my pokemon friends to do the “mega loop” to grind, I don’t need it anymore but he still needs as much experience as he can get and was there for an hour.

LOL they started at 12 and went till about 8pm, another teammate of mine said she was there for 5 hours and got 500k xp which is pretty awesome. A low key weekend which is exactly what I like, next weekend will be busy with the Beavers camp, ugh I don’t know how I’ll survive it but I’m sure Brandon will have fun.