5% chance of us dying off?!?

Holy fuck this is serious, we need to take the threat of climate change seriously!!!

A new study evaluating models of future climate scenarios has led to the creation of the new risk categories “catastrophic” and “unknown” to characterize the range of threats posed by rapid global warming. Researchers propose that unknown risks imply existential threats to the survival of humanity.

Source: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

1 in 20 chance of catastrophic or existential threat to humanity by 2050, absolutely insane why are we not focusing all our efforts on this…  Oh ya some companies need to make some more money while they can, you can’t make money anymore after all the humans die right.

So sore but so worth it!

So this past weekend I went a two day rifle class hosted by WGT Consulting at the Lower Trent Valley Fish & Game Club and it was amazing.  Well to be fair for much of the two days I shot very poorly, not sure why but I had a hard time hitting a 6″ circle with my Daniel Defense MK18 carbine even up close at like 7 yards, the shots would go all over the place.  When more pressure was applied by the instructors or when we were timed or had our friendly end of day competitions something just clicked and then I’d shoot well.  They said when there was no pressure I had too much time to think, perhaps I did. 😉

I didn’t take any pictures or videos from the first day, we worked a lot of stoppage drills and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The instructors with military experience was saying how important it was to be able to identify and clear a stoppage in a quick manner, when the bullets are flying and your gun is down, you need to get it up ASAP. I had a lot of problems with my AR, I was using the new STAG NiB BCG in my MK18 and I guess (don’t use untested stuff in a class) I need to break it in a bit because it certainly didn’t work well with the rifle, anyway swap the old Daniel Defense BCG in its place and the gun was running perfectly. I’d still like to use the STAG BCG since nickle boron stuff is easier to clean so I’ll do that at Silverdale.

After the class on the first day I met up with Dan, Rob, Ray & Taylor for dinner where we chatted about guns in general and politics (my favorite topic lol).  Some of the guys went out we finally left the restaurant at 9:30pm but I was tired and went to the hotel to unwind and rest for the next day and I’m sure glad I did because we did more advanced stuff.  Movement, turns, etc it was a lot of fun and it all culminated with an end of day friendly competition.

Hehe I’m happy to report that I won with a score of 23/25 hits and had the fastest time too!  I guess when the pressure is on, I react well and am able to hit what I want!  The picture of me holding the multicam hat and WGT Consulting patch was the prize and it’s one that I’m proud of. 🙂

Got home yesterday just before 8PM and it was so nice to see the family, I missed them very much even though it was just a weekend.  Had a great time, can’t wait for the next one!

Thank you Cassini!

So after launching in 1997, 20 years in space and 13 years around Saturn, the Cassini mission over Saturn has come to a fiery end. Over those years the satellite has stunned us with beautiful images Saturn & the accompanying moons as well as greatly expanded our knowledge of that small local system. This is what science is about, absolutely amazing and there’s still so much for us to learn.

I encourage everyone to gaze at some of the beautiful photos on the NASA website thank the scientists & engineers that made this happen.  Keep inspiring the young to reach for the stars and I wish Juno the artificial satellite a long productive life as well!

Climate change is REAL!

Climate change is a potentially civilization ending issue that we’re not dealing with because the oil industry and its cancerous minions want to make a bit more money.  It’s wrong when people say we’re trying to save the planet, Earth and life will go on, whether we’ll be around or not though is another question.

I rather enjoyed this short documentary on the effects the Koch brothers have had on sowing doubt about climate change in the US…  The science is settled, it has been for decades but the oil industry is doing what the tobacco industry did previously to great success.

Get this shit out of here

Looks like the racist bullshit in the US is coming up here to Canada as well and LOL at the lady denying she’s a racist.  Awesome work on Jagmeet Singh for reacting the way he did, I certainly wouldn’t have been as nice if pushed like that.

The woman, Jennifer Bush, a supporter of the anti-Islamic group Rise Canada (no surprise), claimed later at an annual Ford fest (no surprise) that – surprise! — she knew Singh was not Muslim but was questioning his policies. She also claimed: “I’m not racist.”

Source: The Star

That is the definition of white privilege, imagine a black or muslim person getting that aggressive with a politician, security and cops would be all over them so fast…

Relaxing weekend

We didn’t do much this weekend, Saturday I prepped some of my gear for next weekend’s rifle class then went to play Pokemon with Brandon in the afternoon and evening.  Today was a leisurely day too, Brandon built some Pokemon lego sets (uh not lego branded) and they turned out pretty well.  I’m glad he’s old enough that he doesn’t need me to build them anymore.

He built the Gyarados in the morning and the Charizard in the afternoon.  I’m so proud of my little guy, I know all parents are proud of their kids but man Brandon’s totally awesome and I wish he’d grow up slower because I’m enjoying it too much.

I also packed my gear into a box for next week, it’s a bit more subtle than just having my plate carrier in the car.  I can’t fit my ballistic helmet into it but that’s alright, first I’m not shooting at night and won’t need it for the class anyway. Back to the grind for tomorrow, ugh next weekend can’t come fast enough lol.


Hehe was looking forward to coming home today because I knew I might be able to get a few toys.  Canada Post delivers to my house just after 5:30pm typically so I made sure I was home to receive my Gen 4 Glock 19 and Stag Arms nickel boron coated BCG.

I picked up the Glock 19 used a couple of weeks back because I like the smaller form factor and because it was a great deal with 10 magazines.  I’m also happy to report that the trigger on this thing is much nicer than on my Glock 17, not as good as the HK SFP9 but not as mushy as the bigger Glock.  Last weekend I also ordered a Stag Arms M16 profile nickel boron coated BCG and it’s sweet.  I’ll put it in the DD MK18 and keep the DD BCG as a spare if this works out, nickel boron is easier to clean and has a natural lubricity blah blah blah, it’s suppose to be better. 🙂

Thinking about going to the range again this weekend but I have a 2 day rifle class next weekend so maybe I’ll just skip it and spend some time with the family, it’s all good. 😀

Labour day weekend!

Sign the last long weekend of the summer has passed and while I enjoyed myself, frankly this summer sucked as it was went and cold.  Still we made the best of it and I’m glad to share all the happy moments with my family. 🙂  On Friday I went to the range with Andrew, it was his first time so he enjoyed himself and it as fun to get some trigger time in as well.

Saturday was a Pokemon Go day, Derek called me at 7:15 in the morning since he guess I’d be up (he was right) and asked if I wanted to go raiding with the guys who looped all night, Brandon didn’t have swimming or badminton so we figure why not and headed down early.  Met up with some of the guys then hit a bunch of raids downtown, before all was said and done I think we did 15 boss raids in like 4 hours.  I dropped Matt & Simon off so they could sleep (they went all night) then met up with the crew at 3pm to play more.

We have a really close community of players and I really enjoy the social aspect of things, after raiding I went downtown to loop so I could grind XP for Brandon.  Want to get him to level 40 (max level) and downtown is the best place to do it.

Sunday the family went to Blue Mountain, initially we wanted to hike we did walk around quite a bit but took in the activities too.

The roller coaster thing was a lot of fun but I was most proud of Brandon when we went on the Woodlot obstacle course.  Consisting of two levels (the upper one is like 15-20′ in the air), Brandon was really scared at points but with some gentle encouragement he pushed himself and completed everything. 😀  Many of the kids his age was afraid too but hey they all got through it.

After lunch we went did a paddle boat around the small pond and he enjoyed himself, Maggie didn’t want to come so she stayed at the doc.  It rained slightly on and off but nothing too bad so we didn’t bother to seek shelter.

I took a nap when we returned and at 8:45pm went down to loop again with my Pokemon friends.

One of the members of my group was close to hitting level 40 (max level) and reached that goal at 1:30am in the morning.  While Brandon didn’t level up, we did net him an extra 650-700k xp and he’s more than half way to 39 now.  Soon he’ll be the youngest level 40 player in the world and that’ll be pretty awesome.

Today we didn’t do much had lunch in China town at a restaurant that Maggie and I ate at a lot when we were younger and that was nice.  Then we dropped off something at a friend’s house and drove through an area we lived at previously so it was nice to reminisce about the past, my god where time go.

Too bad the long weekend is over, still the summer was great and tomorrow it’s a big day for Brandon, he’s going into grade 2 my little angel. 😀

CNE 2017!

We continued the tradition of going to the CNE and this year my mom came with us which was fun. 🙂 Brandon is 7 now and wasn’t as afraid of the rides so we went on a few more of them last year and I suspect next year he’ll be ok with going on more of the adult ones.  In any case we walked around, ate and shopped typical CNE stuff and it was fun. 🙂

I could blah blah blah more but figure the pictures would do a better job at illustrating things.  On and I snagged this video while Brandon and I were on one of the kid rides.

Hehe he’s so sweet and I feel so fortunate to have him. There was another cute thing, after playing bumper cars Brandon staid “Daddy I don’t know how to drive!” which was adorable. Got to the fair grounds by around 9:45am, left around 3 and it was a pretty full day of activities.  We were all pretty tired after getting home so we pretty much hung around the house and relaxed, too bad I have to go to work tomorrow lol.