This morning Brandon and I went to Riverdale park to get Charmanders and it was pretty successful. In an hour and a half, we got 6 and if we didn’t need to leave I would have hung around a bit more as I only need 3 more to have enough candy to evolve my Charmaleon into a Charizard.  Yes I’m a nerd but I get to walk around and enjoy the nice weather with my boy. 😀

After lunch we were suppose to hit the Beavers park cleanup but Maggie was really late coming home and we didn’t have enough time to go (we could only be there for a short period of time because Brandon had swimming). On the way back we battled some gyms and I captured a total of 15, too bad the daily bonus maxes out at 10.

I’m addicted to the game, it’s repetitive yes but I’m close to completing my pokedex and battling is fun.

When we got home, I did some yard work and sprayed some frost spray onto my front basement windows as I want to remove blinds down there but still want privacy.  I didn’t do the backyard windows, not sure if I will or not as I like being able to see back there but the old blinds just look absolutely terrible lol.

Sigh I didn’t win the lottery so back to work tomorrow woo, at least I had a good relaxing weekend. 🙂

Congrats Megan & Frank!!!

Friday night I went with Megan & Frank to see a house near Warden & Sheppard that just popped up on the market and I’m happy to announce that they purchased it. 😀  It’s an estate sale and like my house the interior of their home is old but Frank is very handy and I’m sure will have everything fixed up in no time.  They even have a swimming pool, haha I can definitely see us spending a lot of time there as the years go by.

They’ve been looking for a home for a while now and I couldn’t be happier that they’re within walking distance of my place, details are still incoming but when I have more i’ll post them.

Year’s worth of energy

My rooftop solar panels was one of the best things I’ve done and since the new year till today, I’ve generated enough power to cover what my home used last year in electricity. 😀  We already use less than the average Canadian house, last year our energy usage was 4.84MW and look at where I’m at. 😀


I’m really happy that I’m helping to lower my carbon footprint by producing clean energy, I still have two gasoline vehicles but that’ll change soon and other than going to the range, we try and conserve as much as we can.


So tonight was the first night of Beavers for the 2016-2017 year and I’m already exhausted lol.  We’re starting with a lot more kids than last year, I think we have 14 right now and I expect a few more to trickle in within the next few meetings.  It was beautiful weather so we spent the whole evening outside playing games and boy do they have a ton of energy!  This old man had a hard time keeping up when we were playing tag and other games, I really need to exercise and build my stamina. 😉

Uh oh

LOL I forgot I was meeting the global lead of my department and dressed pretty casually to go to work.  Good thing the guy was cool, of course Maggie yelled at me when I told her and she always tells me that I should dress better considering my position.  My usual rebuttal is that I didn’t get where I by dressing nicely haha.

Go Maggie!

Today Maggie ran a 5k this morning and I’m proud of her.  I know 5k isn’t hard but it was her first race and she did great, she completed it in ~35 minutes. 🙂  Maggie is in great shape so I’m sure if she trained for it, she could do really well but in any case she was happy and that’s all that matters.

While she was running, Brandon and I took over some of the gyms in North York, we did that for about 30 minutes and got to the finish line early but didn’t see her cross it unfortunately.  Maggie ran with a coworker and I think it’s something she’ll do again in the future.

For lunch we went to Estelle’s place because it’s Megan’s birthday on Tuesday and we wanted to celebrate early.  Hehe and it’s a good opportunity to see the cutie Georgia.


Argh I forgot to bring my SLR but I’m happy to report that she’s growing nicely and really starting to puff out.  Hehe after Brandon I’ve become a total softie and love the baby fat, I can’t wait till she gets more pudgy!

We left around mid afternoon and didn’t do much after that, the weather sucked as it rained all day so we just stayed at home and hung around.

Sorry about the lack of updates, nothing exciting is going on in my life but I’ll try and be more tardy with things moving forward. 🙂

Badminton time

So today Brandon restarted badminton classes and it was nice to see he didn’t degrade that much during his time off.  Keke his coach was away in July and with us going to Italy in August he hadn’t played in two months but today he did pretty well.  We also moved clubs, the coach went to a new place in Scarborough so we decided to join him because he’s very patient and good with B.

Hehe I couldn’t help but snap some pictures of him and yeah I’m pretty darn proud of my boy, go Brandon!

Relaxing weekend

This was a pretty leisurely weekend and exactly what the doctor ordered for me since my stomach was still recovering from the illness that hit me in the middle of the week.  This morning with Maggie going to play badminton, Brandon and I went with Jessie and Logan to hunt for some pokemon and the kids had a good time.  We got a dratini on the way downtown then hit Riverdale park to get some Charmanders.

It’s a nest (I want a damn Charizard!) and within I’d say 30 minutes I think we caught 4 of them which ain’t bad though I still need catch another 20 to get enough stuff to evolve my Charmeleon.  It was kind of cold today (under 20C) and since Logan was wearing shorts we didn’t stay too long.  On the way back we spotted a Blastoise, we already have a really strong one but Logan doesn’t so he was happy to score that one. 🙂

We met Maggie for Pho then I dropped Jessie and Logan off.  In the early afternoon, my bonus was ready to be claimed so Brandon and I drove around and took over 10 gyms so I could get the max daily bonus.


Yes I’m addicted to this game and it gives me a lot of pleasure to share it with Brandon. 😀

After that, we came home I did some chores then took the little guy to the park after dinner.  A very relaxing weekend and I’m feeling great for the upcoming work week.

My boy…

I know I’ve said it many times but man I’m so proud of my little guy, he’s so freaking amazing.  When I picked him up from day care, he was busy working on this bead thing (not sure what the name is) and I absolutely love all of his creations.

Brandon is in grade 1 now, my god where does the time go…

Yesterday I also left work early because I have a stomach ailment and look who’s keeping me company. 🙂


So cute, yeah my basement is messy but whatever.

Labour day weekend

On Sunday Maggie, Brandon and I went to the CNE as is our tradition I guess we’ve gone every year and it’s something the whole family enjoys.  As the little guy gets older he’s getting a bit braver and braver and actually tried some of the “scarier” or adult rides this year…  Haha on the Niagra Falls ride, Brandon did tell me he was scared and on the big drop he was right behind me haha I have to say it makes me feel good that I’m his protector. 😉

We walked around the CNE for a bit and we always have a great time.  It was extra busy due to the air show and when the planes first started flying, Brandon was startled and covered his ears.

The weather was in the low to mid 20s which meant it was perfect for walking around in the sun, no sweating.  Hehe Maggie wasn’t happy I let Brandon play with the fireman who was spraying the kids with water, he got soaked from head to toe but with all the walking, he was bone dry by the time we left.

Today we went to the beach in the morning and I swear Brandon must have been a fish in his previous life because he absolutely loves the water.

Again the weather was great and we played for about an hour and a half before going for lunch.  In the afternoon we met Sophie and her family at the park so the kids could play, they talked a lot about Pokemon and Brandon loves showing the other kids our lineup.  At level 28 we’re pretty strong and have caught 137 so far in our pokedex.

The rest of the afternoon/evening we relaxed at home and it’s exactly what I needed, so tired from the weekend activities.  Tomorrow Brandon is going into grade 1, I can’t believe how quickly time has gone and he’s a very big boy now. 🙂