So this type of thing drives me absolutely nuts!  Remember how Hillary Clinton’s private email server was a big deal during the election because she “endangered” Americans?  Well it seems that 42% of Republicans think it’s ok for Trump to have one.

-42% of Trump voters think he should be allowed to have a private email server to just 39% who think he shouldn’t be allowed to. Maybe cyber security wasn’t such a big issue in last year’s election after all.

Source: Public Policy Polling

WHAT THE FUCK?  Seriously I’m at a loss for words at this hypocrisy.

7 thoughts on “WHAT?!?

  1. Alternate facts strike again!

  2. Well the poll is supported by data, if you know otherwise please post otherwise your claim can be dismissed since there’s no evidence.

  3. It’s only week 2 and I’m sick of this guy already.

  4. Does it matter any longer what the voters think? President Trump will be in office for four more years unless he is impeached. Democracy is not a perfect system but it is the system we live by.

    Either way surveys are useless. Was it not the same type of survey that predicted that Clinton would win?

    God Bless America … because no one else will

  5. Hi Smiley.

    I agree I think most Americans took Trump for granted, well they should have been paying closer attention during the election. I don’t think the survey is completely useless, can still be good indicator at people’s thoughts and while the polling company is left, it is also legitimate.

  6. Unfortunately the people who protest are the Anti-Trump group so therefore it is difficult to gauge how strong his “silent” support continue’s to be. Once we start seeing some approval rating data on his Presidency then we will see how voters might feel.

    God Bless America … because no one else will

  7. I agree with you completely here, I do feel Trump has filled his cabinet with deplorables but am waiting to see how he is as a president before I condemn anything though his initial moves aren’t that good.

    It’s going to be an interesting 4 years!

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