Shooting sports is a controversial hobby in Canada and I often get questions like “why do you need a gun?”, “why do you have to play with guns?” or “couldn’t you spend your money elsewhere?” from friends and relatives and my usual responses are… “We live in a society of wants, in Canada no one really needs anything and this is something I want to play with”, “I like guns” and “because I can”. 🙂 I can empathize though when people don’t understand a subject, they often look at it with a populist mindset and general opinion is that guns are bad.

While I’m at it I also believe that we as people should be allowed to do whatever the heck we want to, as long as we’re not hurting someone else but that’s a discussion for another time.


The way I look at it though is I have no criminal record, I’m properly licensed, I’m mentally stable with a good career and loving family and as a PAL/RPAL holder the RCMP runs a background check on me everyday. With those checks in place why can’t I enjoy what I want to do? Frankly I feel Canadian society is too coddled, anything that’s remotely dangerous or doesn’t fall under societal norms are simply banned because that solves the problem (the war on drugs has been a monumental success right). There are countries in progressive Europe that have a higher per capita level of gun ownership and the level of violent crime is lower than Canada (um ok gun deaths).  Lastly it’s interesting to see that there have been more homicides due to stabbings rather than shootings in the last 5 years in Canada…

While I’m a proponent of slightly laxer gun laws in Canada, I don’t think an American type system of gun rights/laws will work up here.  Our societies are close but there are many stark differences and without a second amendment, gun ownership will always be a privilege one that I will do what I can to protect.

Anyway enough of the apologetics, I don’t currently compete in any shooting disciplines but it’s something I’m interested in trying in the future when I’m a better shooter. As a novice I’m trying to get the fundamentals down first but that hasn’t stopped me from buying toys and my current collection consists of.

Mosin Nagant 1940 91/30
Norinco CQ-A
Daniel Defense MK18
Aero Precision CQBR
CSA vz.58 Sporter CL
Russian 1953 Tula SKS
Mossberg 590A1
Norinco JW-83 Backpacker
Ruger 10/22 Carbine
S&W 686-6 6″ Revolver
Glock 17 Gen 4
Sig Sauer P226
Beretta M92FS
S&W M&P22

Note, the bullets/shells loaded into the magazines are just for photos and the mags in the guns are unloaded.

I’m still very much a newbie to shooting and try to go at least once a month to Silverdale to practice (also a member of Rockcut) and I’m quite pleased with how I’m progressing. Maggie also enjoys shooting paper & steel and I’m hoping that she gets her license in the future so we can take others with us to enjoy this hobby.

To all other gun owners (and prospective ones) out there stay safe and have fun!