Airsoft originated in Japan where firearms are severely restricted. It’s a game where people essentially run around shooting each other with small spherical plastic BBs. Airsoft and Paintball are often compared to one another however the games are quite different. Airsoft tend to mimic real life combat situations and thus require similar tactics. Airsoft gear is also more realistic, for instance the weapons (pistols, assault rifles, grenade launchers, mines, LMGs) are 1:1 copies of their real steel counterparts and the apparel worn is taken from the police and military world. From camouflage to tactical vests, Airsoft strives to give its players a sense of realism.

While highly popular in Asia and Europe, Airsoft has not taken off in North America yet although the winds of change are starting to blow. The game is based on the honour system and when hit, gamers call themselves out. The Airsoft community is small and close knit; cheaters will quickly alienate themselves and be excluded from future events.

I have been in Airsoft for about 9 years now and look forward to every game. There is nothing that matches the excitement from a well planned Airsoft match. Whether patrolling, preparing defenses for an enemy assault or conducting a night time attack, Airsoft is about as realistic as it gets for civilians.


My current tan\brown DA loadout minus face protection

Below is what my airsoft arsenal consists of right now and don’t they look like fun? 😀 It’s like being a kid all over and playing soldier but now instead of playing by yourself, you get to play with a bunch of like minded people.

Here’s a quick rundown on my current collection:

Systema MK18 Mod 1 PTW MAX
King Arms M1A1
TM 1911 MEU
TM Glock 18C
TM Sig Sauer P226
Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenades

Team GHOSTS uses three main BDUs Multicam (primary), ACU and NATO Woodland. We use Multicam in all environments (urban, desert, field, summer, winter and fall), ACU is used when playing an urban style or winter game, while Woodland will be employed when playing in a field scenario.

Additionally I also have a set of CADPAT TW (Temperate Woodland Canadian digital pattern), PCU and an American WWII style BDU.


My wife and I are low capacity magazine users, hi capacity mags are ok for newbies but low caps make the game more realistic and isn’t that what airsoft is striving for?

If you’d like to learn more about Airsoft check out this awesome Wiki entry and as always there is always a wealth of information available on Google. 🙂


To the Canadian airsofters out there, don’t let the crowd on Airsoft Canada scare you off or intimidate you. There are a lot of “online tough guys” who like nothing better than to flame the hell out of new prospective players, funny since in person (at least the ones I’ve met and I’ve played in Ontario and Quebec) they are a bunch of pansies. I’m not an jerk online, but if you’re under my command or are stiring up crap on the field you’ll hear me speak my mind. 😉

It is possible to import your own airsoft gun from other countries (woo, finally!) however please don’t ask how as I won’t tell you. Not because I want to hoard knowledge but rather, I don’t know who you are and whether you’re a responsible individual.