Another 10.5″?

Thursday I agreed to purchase a Norinco 10.5″ AR15 upper for $300 which was a good price and I like the form factor because it’s nice and small.  Anyway this morning I went to pick it up and immediately knew it was not a Norc.  The barrel is stamped High Standard and the upper has a square on the right side which indicates it was forged by Brass Forging though I’m not sure who finished it.  The finish on everything is much better than on my actual Norinco 14.5″ AR15 so I’m pretty stoked that I got an American made 10.5″ AR15 complete upper for the price I did, probably saved easy $200 on this thing!

It didn’t come with a charging handle or BCG but I have extra handles and slapped my spare Daniel Defense BCG into it.  I also took all the “CQBR” stuff off the 10.5″ PSA 7.62×39 upper and slapped it on this thing, seems more appropriate lol.  Too bad I didn’t have it yesterday, I guess I’ll just have to go to the range again and give this thing a thorough work out. 😀

Day off means range time!

So I took today off and went to Silverdale to have some fun.  As I get out of my car to look for a RO to see if I can use the competition range I realize that I didn’t wear or bring my boots, darn it!  Sigh it’s ok, I went to the action range and had a good time with my pistols.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken taken a target home but I was pretty happy with the above.  That was a 20 shot grouping from 10 meters with the HK SFP9 and while it might not be a big deal for others, it’s good for me and nice that I’m improving.

Laura and her father went to Silverdale too but they were shooting at the longer distance ranges with their rifles so other than talking briefly we didn’t shoot much together.  Another member at the action range with me let me shoot his Ruger 44 magnum revolver and that thing is a beast!  The grip was a bit too large for my hands, it had polished wood so I didn’t handle the recoil well but man, you want to talk about power try hitting a plate with that thing, crazy.

Left the range around 12, got home around 2, picked up Brandon then went out to eat dinner when Maggie came home.  A nice day, too bad it’s over already but at least I still have two days to look forward to.

Rise from the ashes

So on Thursday I ordered some level 2 kevlar plates for my PACA concealable vest, it’s something I’ve been using for airsoft for a while and I figure why not outfit it with some real armour. Anyway it came from the UK and the seller sent it via FedEx Express so I got it the next day, lol how’s that for service?!?  Unfortunately the armour is sized medium and my vest is a small ugh, so being impatient I ordered a medium in ranger green off ebay.

I was pretty bummed out that Lebaron closed down, I always enjoyed going to the store on Woodbine just South of Hwy 7, anyway a new store has opened in its place called Soley Outdoors, Stephen told me it was open so I popped by to take a look.  As I walked in, the shelves were pretty bare but the gun wall was fully stocked woo!  They didn’t just have hunting rifles, they had a whole assortment of handguns & sporting rifles too, Lebaron use to only stock hunting stuff so this was a nice surprise.

Prices were pretty good, I’ve been thinking about getting a Marlin 1895 in 45/70 and they had one in stock for $858, not bad considering this lever action rifle typically goes for $1k.  It felt great in the hands but we’re going away in Dec for a few days so money is tight, let alone the stupid Mini needing another $600 in maintenance this week…

I don’t know if I’m allowed to snap pictures so I took a quick one of a Springfield M1A in an EBR body kit and a HK MR762 rifle, both of which are very high end guns.  I can’t wait for this store to have the showroom set up, it’s going to be quite a sight!

I skipped Brandon’s badminton class (Maggie took him) and I replaced the medic pouch on my battle belt with one that can be torn off. With my previous setup, I’d need to take off my belt to treat someone (not like anyone would be shooting at me while I did it but still) so this makes things much easier. Since it’s larger too, I was able to put two complete US military IFAKs (individual first aid kit) along with two tourniquets.  Hmm that reminds me, I need to renew my first aid certificate in early 2018 and I wish I could take some sort of tactical first aid where I learnt how to properly deal with gun shot wounds.

Went to Brandon’s swimming class and that’s always pretty funny since he isn’t very good yet (but getting better) and of course I love to watch him skate.

Anyway Saturday turned out to be pretty good and I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet Sunday. 🙂

38th birthday weekend!

So on Friday I turned 38 years old and man time really flies when you’re older.  I feel fortunate to be where I am in life and am very content with everything, Maggie says I’m too easy to be content but I don’t see that as a problem. 😉  We didn’t really do anything other than go out to eat on Friday, Saturday I went to the last rifle class of the year hosted by WGT Consulting and it was great.

As I parked the car and gathered my gear, I decided to shoot the class with my support hand (left handed).  I’m a decent shot right handed and wanted the added challenge and boy was it hard!  Not everything with my Daniel Defense MK18 is ambidextrous and I quickly learnt that I really need to install ambi controls as that’d really help out next time.

It was a skills builder course we we practiced a lot of the less sexy yet important drills like mag changes, how to deal with stoppages and basic marksmanship proficiency which is exactly what I needed shooting as a lefty.  I’m no where near as good shooting support as with my strong side but it opened my eyes at how difficult things can be and I now know what I need to change to get better.  It’s fun to do what’s hard rather than always doing what I already know.

I was pretty fortunate too since there was no rain (a bit of misting at times but nothing heavy) during the class, the forecast said there’d be 30-40mm of rain Saturday and it came as I was driving home.  That frankly was pretty scary, the rain came down hard and it was also foggy out so to be safe I drove behind a tractor trailer for much of way back.  I just couldn’t see and would prefer to take longer getting home than die lol.

After ~500 rounds the MK18 was pretty darn dirty but thanks to the nickle boron coating on my STAG BCG everything came off pretty easily.  In the last picture it shows the two speed loaders that the family got for me, I really love it and while the revolver is a super impractical weapon this makes reloading it a bit faster.

Today we didn’t do too much other than go to my mom’s place to celebrate my birthday and it was fun.  Hehe little Georgia was a bit sick but she’s so damn cute and I love baby talk.  Other than chilling we didn’t do much and that’s exactly what I love doing, while I’m sore from the class it was a pretty great weekend overall. 🙂

New tool uh gun case. ;-)

I’m not very handy but I absolutely love walking around Princess Auto, it’s such a cool store with so many neat things.  Anyway today I picked up a 44″ long tool box and frankly it’s perfect for my guns. Like a Pelican case but 1/3 the price, frankly I couldn’t go wrong and am pretty darn happy right now.

I got to get the sticker off the box but man it’s perfect isn’t it!  Even after I put the trigger locks on the guns, they’ll fit with no problems, mmm I can’t wait for Sunday as I’m going to the range and will bring the Daniel Defense MK18, HK SFP9 & Glock 17 in this thing.

Fun day!

Mario and I went to Silverdale today to try out some new toys, myself it was the first time I got to shoot the Glock 19, S&W 686 revolver & Beretta M92FS while Mario played mainly with his S&W M&P Sport 2 AR15 rifle. The Gen 4 Glock 19 trigger is much better than with my Gen 4 Glock 17 though it’s pretty darn heavy.  I think I’ll lighten the trigger a couple of lbs to make it easier to shoot. Still I was doing pretty well and happy with how I did with that thing.  The Beretta while comfortable as heck to shoot, I shot poorly.  All me, I just need to get use to the platform.

The star of the show though was definitely the S&W 686 6″ revolver, man with factory American Eagle 357 magnum loads that thing has quite a bit of punch!  It has noticeably more recoil than 9mm or 45 and the trigger on the thing is amazing.  In single action, it’s a hair trigger and a bit light for my tastes, shooting double action is possible too though just long.

It was a ton of fun and I absolutely love the thing, definitely my prettiest gun.  For a budget rifle, the S&W M&P Sport 2 is a heck of a value and with its 16″ barrel quite easy to shoot.  He’s going to keep the gun stockish for now till he figures out what he is going to do and man it’s such a steal at $650.  A good day all around, I was talking to a friend about my range trip and he asked if it was appropriate considering what happened in the US…

Sigh different countries, different gun cultures and while it’s certainly a tragedy what happened I don’t know if there’s anything I really can say about it.  I’ve already said many times in the past that I do not like the system that they have down in the US and would not like for it to come to Canada.

In any case we had a great time and I can’t wait to go back!

Hand cannon!

Hehe so today I came home and was super excited to see the mail lady because a new toy was awaiting me. 😀

A couple of weeks ago I purchased a 6″ S&W 686-6 revolver in 357 magnum and it’s freaking sweet. I chose the 6″ model because it gets the most power out of the 357 magnum cartridge and well it’s a cool looking gun.  I have no experience with revolvers but playing with this one at home, the trigger my god in single stage is feather light & crisp (so I better be careful) and even the double stage pull is very smooth. Probably going to the range next Friday and I can’t wait to test it out.

So sore but so worth it!

So this past weekend I went a two day rifle class hosted by WGT Consulting at the Lower Trent Valley Fish & Game Club and it was amazing.  Well to be fair for much of the two days I shot very poorly, not sure why but I had a hard time hitting a 6″ circle with my Daniel Defense MK18 carbine even up close at like 7 yards, the shots would go all over the place.  When more pressure was applied by the instructors or when we were timed or had our friendly end of day competitions something just clicked and then I’d shoot well.  They said when there was no pressure I had too much time to think, perhaps I did. 😉

I didn’t take any pictures or videos from the first day, we worked a lot of stoppage drills and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  The instructors with military experience was saying how important it was to be able to identify and clear a stoppage in a quick manner, when the bullets are flying and your gun is down, you need to get it up ASAP. I had a lot of problems with my AR, I was using the new STAG NiB BCG in my MK18 and I guess (don’t use untested stuff in a class) I need to break it in a bit because it certainly didn’t work well with the rifle, anyway swap the old Daniel Defense BCG in its place and the gun was running perfectly. I’d still like to use the STAG BCG since nickle boron stuff is easier to clean so I’ll do that at Silverdale.

After the class on the first day I met up with Dan, Rob, Ray & Taylor for dinner where we chatted about guns in general and politics (my favorite topic lol).  Some of the guys went out we finally left the restaurant at 9:30pm but I was tired and went to the hotel to unwind and rest for the next day and I’m sure glad I did because we did more advanced stuff.  Movement, turns, etc it was a lot of fun and it all culminated with an end of day friendly competition.

Hehe I’m happy to report that I won with a score of 23/25 hits and had the fastest time too!  I guess when the pressure is on, I react well and am able to hit what I want!  The picture of me holding the multicam hat and WGT Consulting patch was the prize and it’s one that I’m proud of. 🙂

Got home yesterday just before 8PM and it was so nice to see the family, I missed them very much even though it was just a weekend.  Had a great time, can’t wait for the next one!


Hehe was looking forward to coming home today because I knew I might be able to get a few toys.  Canada Post delivers to my house just after 5:30pm typically so I made sure I was home to receive my Gen 4 Glock 19 and Stag Arms nickel boron coated BCG.

I picked up the Glock 19 used a couple of weeks back because I like the smaller form factor and because it was a great deal with 10 magazines.  I’m also happy to report that the trigger on this thing is much nicer than on my Glock 17, not as good as the HK SFP9 but not as mushy as the bigger Glock.  Last weekend I also ordered a Stag Arms M16 profile nickel boron coated BCG and it’s sweet.  I’ll put it in the DD MK18 and keep the DD BCG as a spare if this works out, nickel boron is easier to clean and has a natural lubricity blah blah blah, it’s suppose to be better. 🙂

Thinking about going to the range again this weekend but I have a 2 day rifle class next weekend so maybe I’ll just skip it and spend some time with the family, it’s all good. 😀

New plates!

So today I picked up a new set of Polyethelene level 3 plates!

I already have a set of ceramic level 4 plates but these are much lighter and durable so when I’m running and gunning with these things on it’ll be easier. 😀