I’d like to take the time to welcome you to ColinSun.com and if you haven’t guessed my name is Colin Sun. This site is dedicated to the life of a 36 year old married geek and I’ll be mainly talking about people and events that surround my life.

Yours truly, Maggie and little Brandon…

Um let’s see what’s interesting about me… Well aside from my love affair airsoft, I also enjoy cars and auto racing (especially F1) and of course videogames! 😀 As the days go by, I’m also becoming more of an environmental extremest!!! I also like to rant about everything but I’m sure you’ll read enough about that if you check out the main page.

In general I will post whatever is on my mind and if you’ve got a rant or rave about what I’ve said, feel free to contact me via email at colin @ colinsun.com (remove the spaces in between), Skype at Colin_Sun @ Hotmail.com (again remove the spaces) or comment directly on the blog.

ColinSun.com is a work in progress so check back regularly… Or not, whatever floats your boat.