The most retarded “movie” of all time

So the film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed is available on DVD and after hearing so much negative press I just had to check it out. This mock documentary talks about scientific “intolerance” in the US and around the world towards the theory (and calling it a theory is a stretch) of Intelligent Design. Simply put, the gist of ID’s argument is that some things in life are too complex to have evolved by natural selection and thus had a guiding hand by an intelligent designer.

There are many things I do not understand about the film, like why it continually for 1 1/2 hours compared evolution to communism and implied that evolution led directly to the actions of the Nazis. It then doles out “scientists” (who are clearly creationists) which suggest that evolution is scientifically controversial and that there is debate about evolution’s scientific integrity. It’s not, the theory of evolution is the gold standard for all scientific theories and a testament to evolution is that the latest technologies we have available like genetics is proving Darwin right, 200 odd years later.

One of my favorite parts was the onslaught of so called scientists who were too afraid to reveal their identities yet back the belief that ID is a viable theory. Sorry but if you’re afraid of backing your points of view up then they’re invalid. I can use a Fox tactic and suggest that “some people say” that god is imaginary or locked in my closet. What a coincidence it must be that the textbook ID’ers continually push, Of Pandas and People was outed as a creationist junk and a ploy to slip ID into science classes in America. Btw I particularly like the picture on the right here. 😉

The comparison between modern cellular life and the primitive organisms which populated our planet billions of years ago is misleading at best and out right deceiving when you think about it. It has taken the history of our planet to shape the living cell as it is today and many of its features are not present in earlier cellular life.

One theme which this film continually pushes is that there is no academic freedom when it comes to Intelligent Design. Sorry to burst your bubble boys but when it comes to science class in high schools, there is no academic freedom for any of the subjects. Also they seem to forget that academic discoveries in the field of Science occur at higher levels of schooling.

At the end of the Expelled, the creationist agenda could not be hidden any longer and they openly suggest that “god” is the answer everyone is searching for so there you go, god did it case closed! What you believe is up to you, I particularly do not like organized religion but meh to each their own. What irks me is that creationists continually push their slim point of view onto others and want it taught in science class. How would they feel if atheists continually petitioned for evolution to be taught at Sunday school?

My favorite creationist argument is that science does not explain the meaning of life and while that may be a sentimental favorite, it’s also one of the most irrelevant. Simply put it doesn’t matter what the meaning of life is and there may be no answer. Another thing to keep in mind one of science’s greatest attributes is falseability. One test with unexpected results can completely rule out a scientific theory, evolution is continually proven right time after time and with technologies that Darwin could not comprehend. How can you test ID or the notion that god is the answer? You can’t, thus it’s not science.

If you do happen to come across this movie, don’t fall for the religious propaganda. It’s not a scientific theory, it hasn’t been peer reviewed which is a necessity for any good science. What a complete waste of time I want that hour and half back the movie was as bad as everyone said it is.

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  1. I just saw this…. movie and I have to say I might have lost about the half of my mental capability. This thing is so outrageously stupid that it makes me wish that natural selection was applied in the “documentary” world

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