C clamp is for competition

When I was playing airsoft, I never got why players would use the C clamp grip on their rifles other than because it was the “cool” thing to do and now that I shoot real guns (though I admit I’m very much a newb), I see its appeal as even more limited. The C clamp grip came about in the competition world where people are shooting at static targets without the need to worry about cover or concealment and shooting a fairly limited number of rounds. Yes it does seem to aid in recoil control and help shooters with target transitions but keep in mind that competitors only shoot a small around in a short period of time.

In the real world, the C clamp position with the support arm is extremely unnatural and uncomfortable which leads to fatigue and in a hostile situation, frankly I wouldn’t want to use it because it cuts out a lot of your peripheral vision! That and now I’ve learnt that after only a short amount of shooting (say 60-80 rounds) the front rail or hand guard gets too hot to hold!

I guess I’m not part of the cool crowd but yeah the C clamp has its uses but it’s just stupid in airsoft and pretty useless in the real world… Not that I plan on getting into a firefight with anyone but if I did the fad grip would be a liability.

Pew, pew & bang, bang

So the last few days we’ve been busy with various things, nothing too much to report on other than I went to play airsoft with Stephen & Jason yesterday at Mach 1.  It was fun, the reffing was much better this time around and the games moved very swiftly.  At the beginning there were maybe 15 players and that topped out at around 25 mid to late afternoon Sunday and I had absolutely no problems.  Here’s a quick video of the first game we played, first team to put the tire in the car wins.  I was late for briefing so I didn’t know what the tire looked like, as the video indicates.

The second video is from Jason’s point of view for one of the hostage rescue games we were playing.  Pretty ridiculous especially after being hit with a 40mm, that doesn’t feel like a riccochet at all…  Anyway despite that we all had a good time and we played a solid 5 hours or so but called it early as we wanted to get back to our families and I had to pack for to go to the range.

Today I went to Silverdale in the morning with Laura and her father, they went to the 50 yard range to shoot their 22LR rifles and I went to the action range to practice more with the Glock 17.  It was nice, there was no one else around me for the first two hours so I could do whatever I wanted, I practiced shooting my steel plate a lot and am now up to around 7/10 which ain’t bad for a beginner.  I shot the CSA vz-58 a bit as well as the AR-15, haha I love the action range because there I can do double taps and faster shooting. 😉

We left the range around 11AM and I got home by 1, after I cleaned my guns and picked up Brandon early from day care.  He won’t be going in tomorrow either as I’m going to be taking him to Ripley’s Aquarium, yeah we went there last year but he enjoys looking at animals and he’s my son so I wanted to do something special with him.  Too bad Maggie can’t go so it’s going to be just him and I but we’ll have a good time none the less.


On Friday I went to Toronto Airsoft to pick up a CYMA MP5K (CM.041K), I was worried that the KA Tanker M4 that I have was too heavy for her so I bought another MP5K lol…  Yes I have a plastic one but when I saw that the full metal CYMA was only $170, I really couldn’t pass on that.

The kit comes with a short mid cap magazine, 9.6V 1200mAh battery and a European battery charger.  I have to say I was very surprised how heavy the CYMA MP5K is and I think this may be too heavy for Maggie too!  I chronied it and it was shooting an impressive 350 fps with 0.2g BBs and with the 9.6V battery the trigger is pretty snappy.  I was able to insert my 11.1V lipo stick battery into the top of the MP5K and lol with that thing the trigger is super quick, PTWish!

Anyway that’s all i’m going to post about the gun for now, maybe later I’ll do a review on it. 😉

New indoor airsoft facility!

Mach 1 Airsoft opened up an indoor CQB facility of their own just west of highway 401 & 400 in an industrial area of town and yesterday afternoon Stephen, Mario, Jason and I paid the place a visit.  Jason went on its grand opening two weeks ago and it was the first time for the other three of us.  The field is much larger than Ultimate Airsoft, probably twice the size and it feels more like urban combat than strictly CQB.  Don’t get me wrong I enjoy UA as well but this is a refreshing change and the fields are different enough that I think they can both survive.

Anyway it’s been a while since I’ve gone to play airsoft and it was nice to see some familiar faces. 🙂  The games were well run, Evan the ref is a player and he knows what airsofters like so I certainly had a good time.  My favorite part of the day was when I was rushing the 2nd floor of the upper structure, my PTW went down and someone else on my team and I rushed the players on the top floor, that was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately my partner was shot but I was able to clear out the rest of the defenders with my TM Glock 18C which wasn’t too bad, in fact as I turned the corner (blasting away), I actually saw my opponent cowering lol…  I guess he wasn’t use to seeing someone do a suicide rush but it worked out for me and I knew if I waited, the other side would have been reinforced and we would have lost the initiative.

Mario had some papers he had to write and since Stephen was his ride, they left after about 3 hours.  A shame as I always enjoy having those two around but that’s how it goes and Jason and I still had a lot of fun.  A bit later I was able to talk Evan into doing a low light game and lol I busted out the PVS-14, I swapped the lower on my PTW so I could use the PEQ box and that was fun.  Many of the players there have not seen technology like that so after the game I let the guys who were interested look through the tube and to see the IR dot from my laser.

I didn’t play much airsoft in 2014, I think I was a bit busier shooting my real guns but it felt good to get back into the action and I really did miss airsoft quite a bit.  After telling Maggie about my tales, she’s interested in playing again (first time in like 5 years) and I think the Mach 1 field will be a great place for her second coming. 😉  I considered taking her to Ultimate Airsoft but that place (it’s fun I enjoy it) is a bit tighter and I’m afraid she’ll get all shot up.  I was there for like 6 hours and didn’t receive any bad shots while I was playing.

Argh I forgot to take a group picture, oh well next time. 🙂

Woo new comms!

While I love the Motorola XTS 3000 I’ve been running, it’s a bit big and heavy so I decided to pull the trigger on a slightly smaller Motorola XTS 2500. The XTS 2500 has much better hardware (though for my uses it doesn’t matter) and is smaller though not as small as I thought it’d be. Oh well whatever, I purchased the radio for an excellent price and will soon be giving it to Brian to reprogram.


The Motorola XTS 2500 came with an extra long antenna, I swapped that out with a stubby one that I had laying around and a 2400mAh lithium ion battery. No charger was included but I already have a Motorola Impres charger so I’ll be able to charge the battery properly; if I decide to keep the XTS 3000 I’ll pick up another charger as they’re not super expensive. The radio itself is near mint condition and I’m very happy with the deal that I got. 😀

Op: Bronze Trident

Yesterday Henry, Joe, Jeremy and I attended Operation Bronze Trident at PRZ and it was certainly an interesting game… Initially there were three teams, tan, green and PMCs which was the side we were on however we really acted like a regular fighting force instead of adding a different element to the game. Anyway the game was a complete slaughter for the other teams, in fact later on game control combined both tan and green into one side to take us on and we still wiped the floor with them.

To be fair the game wasn’t very balanced, the other combined team had one gen 3 NV unit however while our team had the technological advantage it wasn’t the largest contributing factor. For me what I observed to be the biggest issue for the other side was the lack of centralized leadership and communication between their units. There was absolutely no coordination in their attacks and any resistance we did meet was quickly neutralized because their units would not get reinforced and the combined tan/green team was very spread out. Henry and I kept a relatively tight rope on the PMC group and everyone on our team was a team player which made things easy to manage.

GC came to talk to us about the situation, we volunteered to play low tech and not use night vision but the other team wanted to play this silly attack and defend in the two story structure where we were defending… I knew it’d be a slaughter but the tan/green team wanted that so we obliged and it turned out the way I thought it would. I’d like to stress that we had a small unit of maybe 6 players we stuck together that did not have night vision and that group did a ton of damage to the enemy as they know how to play together.

Anyway the game was called off at around 1:30AM, to be fair I feel the opposing team psyched itself out going into things and with low morale I’m not surprised the game ended ahead of time. I knew it’d happen but not quite that early… The PMC group packed up and we went to the local Dennys for a celebratory breakfast and that was fun, I got home around 6AM slept for much of the day and got to spend time with the family so I’m happy how things turned out.


I had a great time and it’s good to shoot with a bunch of switched on guys so I got my money’s worth.


On a side note Nick passed me an EOTech 552 that I’ll put on the FCC 416, now all I need is a real flashlight on it and I’ll be set with that thing, maybe I’ll use it a bit more moving forward. 😀

Upgrade kind of…

So today I received a WE Gen 4 Glock lower and installed the guts from my TM Glock 18C into it.


The TM Glock 18C is on the top right while my real Gen 4 Glock 17 is on the lower left and as you can see the grip is cosmetically very similar or at least much more so than the generation 3 grip. Wanted something as close to the real thing as hopefully that means I’ll handle the airsoft gun like my real one.

It’s not perfect though, it’s suppose to be a copy of the TM design but a few things are out of spec. For instance I don’t have the rear hammer assembly pin in place or the serial number safety (uh only present with the airsoft version), the latter is not a big deal but the former is very important. The gun fires alright but I can’t afford to shoot it much without the hammer assembly pin or else I’ll destroy the grip. I’ll figure something out there, maybe put something else in that position that’ll work…

Anyway I’m pretty happy with it and am looking forward to playing soon. 🙂

Nightfall 3

So over the weekend the guys and I hit Force Recon’s Nightfall 3 game at Picton and it was alright. For me this game felt more like a large skirmish than a mil sim but then again I’m sure managing a game where there’s almost 400 players is difficult. Overall green command was poor and ineffective, definitely not how I would have run a company sized group of people and I felt really bad for Henry our platoon leader… Still I spent a lot of time with my friends, the weather was great and I got a lot of exercise so I shouldn’t complain too much.

Here are a bunch of pictures that Eddy took. 🙂


There may be more pictures posted later, if they are I’ll update this post. Jeremy’s rifle went down later in the game so I lent him my M4 PTW that I had as a backup and he in turn lent it to Mike who tripped and fell on it. 🙁 I was a bit annoyed but it happens and I know it was an accident… At least by coincidence I have a a spare lower receiver receiver I picked up recently because it was cheap.


Due to laws in Japan, the metal Systema uses for the body is soft and prone to damage though more so with the upper than the lower. It’s alright though I used the time last night to swap in the other lower receiver…


Woo yeah I put my Elcan & PEQ box on it because I want to give this thing more love… Have used my MK18 Mod 1 for much of the last two years so I’ll try this for the next few ops. 😉

Anyway Nightfall 3 was ok, hopefully it’ll have a more exciting formula next year.


Over the weekend the team and I hit up Nick’s game at Picton and man was it a cold one! The temperature hovered around the freezing mark, that wasn’t bad what really sucked was that the buildings were really cold (like freezer) and there was a strong wind. It’s a good thing I packed extra heavy because Eric didn’t pack enough so I gave him my Condor soft shell and it really helped.

The game itself was fun, I think we lost overall but that’s how it goes you can’t win them all. Henry was in command, for his first time out I thought he did alright though I would have been more aggressive with things. The highlight of the game for me was when Jeremy and I were leading a squad preparing to hit the 3 story and saw a large group of camo team players huddled near but not in the safe zone so we attacked and was able to capture their leader. 🙂


Haha the guy was a good sport. 🙂 The day portion of the game was difficult but the night the other team was on the defense and we mopped up there, even our non NOD guys had no problems dealing with the camo team then, too bad there weren’t more missions at the time.

Oh on another note, I’m so glad I wear a helmet now as three times I slipped on the ice (one time jumping of a window) and the Ops-core saved my head from being cracked open! My back is a bit sore but meh I chose to play. 😉

Good times and a nice way to start the outdoor season.


This year Brian held the TAC14 convention at Ultimate Airsoft instead of TTAC3 and it was a big hit. Not only was there a ton of more space it allowed the team tables to reappear which is something I love. 🙂 Unfortunately since I was infected with pink eye, I couldn’t make it but the guys put on a good show.


Hehe and Q brought out his new toy… 😉


Yes it’s definitely very cool and we’ll take it out for the upcoming Nightfall 3 game in June. 🙂 Eddy was impressed, lol he made a small claymore RC car a couple of years back so he can appreciate the level of difficulty…

Hopefully I’ll be good to go for next year as it looked like I missed a lot of fun.