Nerf night!

So moving forward Monday will also be a no TV night so we played Nerf in the basement and the little guy had a lot of fun. 🙂

So it seems Brandon is more of a spray and pray type player. 😉  He’s so easy to make happy and lol yes even if no one is shooting at him, when we play with Nerf guns anywhere, he’s got to have his safety glasses on.

Lazy Sunday

So today was a pretty lazy day for me.  Maggie and Brandon went to my mom’s place for a baby shower for Estelle so I had a lot of time to myself, I used it to clean and play with my camera more and it was great! When they returned Brandon and I had a Nerf gun battle in the backyard (he wears safety glasses), haha trying to teach my boy gun safety (like finger off the trigger, be careful what you point the muzzle to, etc) at an early age and have a little fun while we’re at it. 😉


Here are the Nerf guns we bought in the last two weeks, yes I get obsessive…  Not pictured are the various magazines and Nerf darts, my favorite gun is the Rampage on the top left corner so I got two, that way Brandon and I can both use one at the same time.  The majority are spring powered, we have two electric powered rifles on the right but they’re not as powerful and the range is pretty poor but they definitely look pretty cool.

Maggie thinks I’m childish but whatever Brandon and I have our fun so I’m happy.

After dinner we took Brandon to the schoolyard playground and he burnt off some energy before going to bed…

There was a hardball baseball in the middle of the playground and Brandon started to play with it.  While I was taking photos of B, Maggie read one of her tax books on the grass and the last picture Brandon took. 🙂

A very relaxing weekend but I’m still bummed out I have to work tomorrow, damn where is that lottery win?!?