Science Center sleep over!

Picked up a toy Saturday morning but I’ll get into that later, this weekend was the Ontario Science Center scouting sleep over and of course Brandon was attending. 🙂  There were 32 kids, 14 Beavers & 18 Cubs along with 5 leaders so we had our hands full but the kids had a great time.  I particularly enjoyed the IMAX movie Amazing Amazon, about Henry Bates adventures during the 1850s, the dedication and amount of work and sacrifice in the name of science is amazing.

After the movie we played for many hours with the kids, picked up our sleeping bags and headed to the Human Experience section to sleep for the night.  By 11pm, most of the Beavers were tired and when lights went off at 12, we got an unpleasant surprise, the lights directly above us went to about 30% and was still pretty darn bright.  Typically that doesn’t bother me but for some reason it did last night, that and I was awaken 4 times to take the kids to the bathroom so needless to say I’m pretty tired.

The lights automatically come on at 6:45 AM, most of the kids were tired but they did a great job at policing the area and tidying up before going to play more.  We had a quick breakfast and went to the original staging area for 8:50, parents were to pick up the kids at 9.  Unfortunately for some reason or another, one of the parents who’s always late came at like 9:45 but that’s how things go, Brandon and I headed home and relaxed the rest of the day.

I did unfurl both sleeping bags and mats to vacuum, they were full of sand and grit since we were sleeping on the carpet floor so everything is now nice and tidy for next time.  We played a bit at home while Maggie worked on some accounting stuff and I just put the boy to sleep.  While managing so many kids can be aggravating at times, it’s also super rewarding and I’m so happy to be able to spend time with my boy like this.  I know in a few years he’ll be too cool for me, so I’m going to enjoy this while I can. 🙂

Busy Easter weekend!

On Good Friday, I had initially planned on going to Silverdale but seeing as how I still haven’t received my TriggerTech AR15 trigger yet I bailed, just wasn’t feeling it so I lounged around the house and relaxed while Maggie and Brandon went to play badminton.  In the afternoon we went to the Eaton Center so Maggie could do some shopping and it was rather weird, I hadn’t been in a mall in years (I don’t like shopping) so I wasn’t use to it being so busy and cramped, still Maggie had a good time so that was good.  At around 630pm, we left the mall and headed to the Skydome to watch the Blue Jays play the Yankees.  None of us are really baseball fans but I didn’t know what to get Maggie for her birthday so I figure we’d do something different.

Second game of the season so it was pretty busy, we sat in the 100s (row 15) and had a a great view though Brandon might have had difficulties as the viewing angle was relatively flat and there were some big people in front of us.  The little guy also didn’t understand the game he was bored later on lol.  The home team lost but we still had a lot of fun.

Saturday as an annual tradition we went to Downeys farm just north of Brampton for Easter Egg hunting.  Yes there are places that do similar things that are closer but we’ve gone to this place for some time now and it’s one that the little guy loves.

We met up with Michelle & her daughter there and the kids got along pretty well.  The ground was pretty frozen though there were some muddy parts, didn’t bother Brandon one bit as he was dressed properly for the weather and conditions.  In the afternoon we went to Estelle’s home to have a belated birthday gathering for Maggie, I had to bring down my battery booster as someone broke into their car and the battery was dead (bach hatch was left open and the lights must have ran the battery down), a few odds and ends were stolen but nothing too serious and the car started up just fine after a boost.  I left it at Estelle & Imran’s house in case they have some difficulties again, the battery is pretty old so it could have problems at any moment.

Estelle made tacos and it was very tasty!  Little Georgia is very sweet and a few times asked me to hold her so I happily obliged, she’s much lighter than my boy who also still likes to be held.  We left around 8, I dropped my mom off then went home and just messed around the rest of the evening.

Today nothing much is planned, the family is rather tired from the previous day’s activities so I suspect we’ll just hang out at home which is just fine by me, I love being lazy and doing nothing. 😉

Stupid DST

I think I complain about it every year and I’ll do it again now, I freaking hate day lights savings time!  Perhaps it still serves a purpose to someone but I hate it…

Anyway this weekend was rather relaxing, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Brandon did his activities yesterday and we hung around the house today.  Aleksandra came over, I’ve known her for years but it was the first time she been by because she needed Maggie to help her with her taxes and it was nice to catch up. 🙂

Brandon drew and painted Charizard, he loves Pokemon and I think he did a rather good job.

The black lines on the left are the flames, unfortunately we didn’t have any red so he made due and I think it looked pretty good.  On the right I really like his sketch before colouring, ahh my little Picasso!

I also worked on my belt kit, I did quite a few gun classes last year and I’ve adjusted my belt to better suit my body mechanics and movement.

Right now it’s set up for a rifle class where I’ll also be wearing a plate carrier, but if I’m just working with my handgun I’d replace the double short Esstac Kywis rifle mag pouches and the Gerber AR multi tool, with additional pistol mag pouches.  The big black pouch near the middle holds my first aid trauma gear though I really want to replace it with something else.  It’s not removable so I need to take my whole belt off to access it, it’ll work for now but ideally I’d have something that I can tear off or remove so I can get to it faster.

Have my eye on the Blue Force Gear micro trauma kit, it’s expensive but it should hold two chest seals, some combat gauze, gloves and my tourniquet.  I’d like to carry a second tourniquet somehow, I guess I’ll figure that out later lol.

Sigh back to the grind tomorrow too bad I didn’t win the lottery. 😉

Family day 2018

Today we went over to my mom’s home  to celebrate Chinese New Year albeit a few days late and it was good to see everyone.  Hehe little Georgia is so damn cute, I really love babies and she’s very sweet.  Estelle would prefer to limit her photos online so I’ll adhere to those wishes and won’t post any of the cute photos that I took but take my word for it, it was great. 😉

Brandon enjoys combing his hair and he’s pretty handsome with his hair all professional like. I’m learning to use Estelle’s Canon T5i camera, Megan wants me to take photos at her wedding later this year so while I’ll have the 70D handy, a backup camera is always good.  I didn’t compose this shot very well and the background was way too bright, I recovered quite a bit of detail in Lightroom but it could have been better…

We had an early lunch so the little one could keep her sleep schedule and by 1pm we left to go home.  Maggie and Brandon took a nap while I did some exercise and cleaning it was a pretty lazy day and since there’s work tomorrow we’ll have a quiet night.

Safe and sound!

Maggie and Brandon returned home last night but before I get to that I want to talk about my day at the range.  I don’t always post about range trips anymore and wouldn’t have talked about yesterday’s trip except Mario, Laura & I witnessed some pretty stupid actions.  Laura was doing her club level restricted class (required if one wants to move restricteds around) while Mario & I did some pistol work at the action range.

When taking out one’s gun from the case they should always orient the case so the muzzle faces down range. It’s what I always do as I don’t want to point my gun at others but the fellow next to us not only took his Beretta M9 out of the box with the muzzle facing us he was busy toying with his gun in that direction too.  Mario and I simply stopped shooting and stepped back from the firing line, there were no others to our right while this idiot did his thing.

To make things worse while I was off shooting steel, Mario witnessed this person had an accidental discharge right in front of the table and into the ground.  To me guns are toys but they’re toys that demand a lot of attention and responsibility.  If one doesn’t want to respect them they should not be playing with them.

Laura mentioned that her class was filled with people who should not be operating with guns too, pointing them in an unsafe direction, finger on the trigger when not shooting, etc.  Sigh to any Canadian out there who want to try shooting sports, it’s a heck of a lot of fun but please respect them and other as we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Overall though I had a good day, shot the HK SFP9 relatively well and did zeroed my Aimpoint T1 micro red dot.

After dropping my companions of, I went home cleaned the house a bit then went to pick up my mom to go to the airport.  She wanted to see Maggie & Brandon return and the wait was agonizing.  LOL whenever Maggie & Brandon are away I can only think of the worst things, like plane crashes this time around.  Needless to say they arrived safely and it was really great to see them.

Not sure what we’re going to do today, Maggie is really tired since she didn’t get much sleep on the plane but Brandon seems pretty energetic so maybe I’ll take him out somewhere.  Definitely happy the family is back together again. 🙂



So today I took my mom to get cataracts surgery for her right eye.  The procedure is pretty routine and was quick but we still had to wait about 3 hours before it could get done.  The whole time I’m there I’m thinking it’s hospitals where a zombie outbreak will occur first…

I told her it’d be cooler if she got a black eye patch like a pirate. 😉  Anyway she can’t do any heavy lifting and can’t drive so she’ll be staying over at my place tonight, just as a precaution in case she has to go back to the hospital or something but she should be just fine.

Productive weekend!

This weekend I gave myself a project of cleaning out the laundry room at home and well I think it went pretty well.  My laundry room is fair sized and became a storage area so it was time to go through everything and chuck whatever was not needed.

Sigh I had already removed some things from the shelf on the left which is why it looks so bare in the first picture but as you can see yeah it’s a mess.  LOL we’re lazy and store some clean clothes on top of the machines.  It’s still pretty busy but at least it’s cleaner now and easier to organize.  Will probably have to undertake this whole process again in a few years.

While I was at it, I bought a new heavier duty shelving unit to put crap on in my man cave and used my old shelf to house our Nerf guns, I think it looks pretty darn cool. 🙂

Hmm looking at it all organized, it doesn’t feel like that much maybe I should buy some more.  The guns at the top are the ones I typically use while the ones in the middle are Brandon’s guns as are the two at the very bottom.  We’ll play some Nerf probably later tonight, the boy likes that and I got nothing to do anyway.

Oh our old el cheapo Panasonic canister vacuum that I purchased well before Maggie and I were married (for $100) finally died today.  Not a bad run I think we had it for 15 years so I got my money’s worth out of it.  I wanted to buy a Dyson but we’re saving money so instead I picked up a Hoover Air Power Canister, it works on the same principle as a Dyson but is about half the cost since it was on sale at $229.  I like that it has a powered scrubbing head, we have carpet upstairs so it’ll grab Slinky & Maggie’s hair, to clean it I have to disassemble it but it’s not too bad and let’s hope this one lasts as long too.

I feel pretty good with how my boring yet relaxing weekend went.  We generated too much garbage though it’s going to take us a few weeks to get rid of it.

A long time…

Today my father came over, I was a bit nervous as it’s been a while since we’ve talked and it was good to see him.  Maggie, Brandon and Slinky were good, we went for dim sum then came home to chat for a bit.  We have a lot to catch up on and I hope that this is a good sign of things to come.

He left around 2 or 3pm I think then we hung around the house the rest of the day.  Over the weekend Brandon and I have been playing this new Pokemon game (god I don’t even like Pokemon), I think it’s unlicensed, anyway it’s called Monster Manual and it’s pretty fun.

He’s playing on my work phone, anyway it’s mainly battling we can’t really do co-op yet but I created a guild and hope to be able to play with him somehow.  Back to work tomorrow, it was relaxing but tiring too.

Holidays with the mom’s side

Last night we met up with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate xmas and it’s always good to see them too.  We went to Sushi Legend on I think Brimley north of Sheppard so it was a quick drive for me, I picked up my mom and Lee (Emily’s son who slept over at Aunt Chrissie’s home) then went by.  Jashen’s son Emmett is a couple of months older than Georgia but man looks so much more mature!

Anyway it was a great time and I do wish I spent more time with my cousin’s and their families as they’re great people. 🙂