Family day 2018

Today we went over to my mom’s home  to celebrate Chinese New Year albeit a few days late and it was good to see everyone.  Hehe little Georgia is so damn cute, I really love babies and she’s very sweet.  Estelle would prefer to limit her photos online so I’ll adhere to those wishes and won’t post any of the cute photos that I took but take my word for it, it was great. 😉

Brandon enjoys combing his hair and he’s pretty handsome with his hair all professional like. I’m learning to use Estelle’s Canon T5i camera, Megan wants me to take photos at her wedding later this year so while I’ll have the 70D handy, a backup camera is always good.  I didn’t compose this shot very well and the background was way too bright, I recovered quite a bit of detail in Lightroom but it could have been better…

We had an early lunch so the little one could keep her sleep schedule and by 1pm we left to go home.  Maggie and Brandon took a nap while I did some exercise and cleaning it was a pretty lazy day and since there’s work tomorrow we’ll have a quiet night.

Safe and sound!

Maggie and Brandon returned home last night but before I get to that I want to talk about my day at the range.  I don’t always post about range trips anymore and wouldn’t have talked about yesterday’s trip except Mario, Laura & I witnessed some pretty stupid actions.  Laura was doing her club level restricted class (required if one wants to move restricteds around) while Mario & I did some pistol work at the action range.

When taking out one’s gun from the case they should always orient the case so the muzzle faces down range. It’s what I always do as I don’t want to point my gun at others but the fellow next to us not only took his Beretta M9 out of the box with the muzzle facing us he was busy toying with his gun in that direction too.  Mario and I simply stopped shooting and stepped back from the firing line, there were no others to our right while this idiot did his thing.

To make things worse while I was off shooting steel, Mario witnessed this person had an accidental discharge right in front of the table and into the ground.  To me guns are toys but they’re toys that demand a lot of attention and responsibility.  If one doesn’t want to respect them they should not be playing with them.

Laura mentioned that her class was filled with people who should not be operating with guns too, pointing them in an unsafe direction, finger on the trigger when not shooting, etc.  Sigh to any Canadian out there who want to try shooting sports, it’s a heck of a lot of fun but please respect them and other as we don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Overall though I had a good day, shot the HK SFP9 relatively well and did zeroed my Aimpoint T1 micro red dot.

After dropping my companions of, I went home cleaned the house a bit then went to pick up my mom to go to the airport.  She wanted to see Maggie & Brandon return and the wait was agonizing.  LOL whenever Maggie & Brandon are away I can only think of the worst things, like plane crashes this time around.  Needless to say they arrived safely and it was really great to see them.

Not sure what we’re going to do today, Maggie is really tired since she didn’t get much sleep on the plane but Brandon seems pretty energetic so maybe I’ll take him out somewhere.  Definitely happy the family is back together again. 🙂



So today I took my mom to get cataracts surgery for her right eye.  The procedure is pretty routine and was quick but we still had to wait about 3 hours before it could get done.  The whole time I’m there I’m thinking it’s hospitals where a zombie outbreak will occur first…

I told her it’d be cooler if she got a black eye patch like a pirate. 😉  Anyway she can’t do any heavy lifting and can’t drive so she’ll be staying over at my place tonight, just as a precaution in case she has to go back to the hospital or something but she should be just fine.

Productive weekend!

This weekend I gave myself a project of cleaning out the laundry room at home and well I think it went pretty well.  My laundry room is fair sized and became a storage area so it was time to go through everything and chuck whatever was not needed.

Sigh I had already removed some things from the shelf on the left which is why it looks so bare in the first picture but as you can see yeah it’s a mess.  LOL we’re lazy and store some clean clothes on top of the machines.  It’s still pretty busy but at least it’s cleaner now and easier to organize.  Will probably have to undertake this whole process again in a few years.

While I was at it, I bought a new heavier duty shelving unit to put crap on in my man cave and used my old shelf to house our Nerf guns, I think it looks pretty darn cool. 🙂

Hmm looking at it all organized, it doesn’t feel like that much maybe I should buy some more.  The guns at the top are the ones I typically use while the ones in the middle are Brandon’s guns as are the two at the very bottom.  We’ll play some Nerf probably later tonight, the boy likes that and I got nothing to do anyway.

Oh our old el cheapo Panasonic canister vacuum that I purchased well before Maggie and I were married (for $100) finally died today.  Not a bad run I think we had it for 15 years so I got my money’s worth out of it.  I wanted to buy a Dyson but we’re saving money so instead I picked up a Hoover Air Power Canister, it works on the same principle as a Dyson but is about half the cost since it was on sale at $229.  I like that it has a powered scrubbing head, we have carpet upstairs so it’ll grab Slinky & Maggie’s hair, to clean it I have to disassemble it but it’s not too bad and let’s hope this one lasts as long too.

I feel pretty good with how my boring yet relaxing weekend went.  We generated too much garbage though it’s going to take us a few weeks to get rid of it.

A long time…

Today my father came over, I was a bit nervous as it’s been a while since we’ve talked and it was good to see him.  Maggie, Brandon and Slinky were good, we went for dim sum then came home to chat for a bit.  We have a lot to catch up on and I hope that this is a good sign of things to come.

He left around 2 or 3pm I think then we hung around the house the rest of the day.  Over the weekend Brandon and I have been playing this new Pokemon game (god I don’t even like Pokemon), I think it’s unlicensed, anyway it’s called Monster Manual and it’s pretty fun.

He’s playing on my work phone, anyway it’s mainly battling we can’t really do co-op yet but I created a guild and hope to be able to play with him somehow.  Back to work tomorrow, it was relaxing but tiring too.

Holidays with the mom’s side

Last night we met up with my mom’s side of the family to celebrate xmas and it’s always good to see them too.  We went to Sushi Legend on I think Brimley north of Sheppard so it was a quick drive for me, I picked up my mom and Lee (Emily’s son who slept over at Aunt Chrissie’s home) then went by.  Jashen’s son Emmett is a couple of months older than Georgia but man looks so much more mature!

Anyway it was a great time and I do wish I spent more time with my cousin’s and their families as they’re great people. 🙂

ROM and I’m a sucker

Yesterday we went to the ROM, it’s also an annual tradition and something that Brandon always enjoys.

Little children are so curious about the world and I do my best to help Brandon fulfill his quest for knowledge. 🙂  He’s maturing, this year we went through the typical kid exhibits and saw some history that doesn’t involve animals or dinosaurs lol.  He enjoyed the European knights, looking at the swords and armor, I get it it’s pretty damn cool.

We left just after lunch time, had pho for lunch then hung around the house for the rest of the day.  It’s too damn cold out right now (-15c on average) otherwise we’d go tobogganing again so we just had to entertain ourselves.

Today we played at home for much of the day then my mom picked him up after 2pm so he could spend the night there.

Maggie and I went for dinner and saw the new Star Wars movie, why because I’m a sucker for punishment.  I mean at least this time the story is more original (the last one was a rip off of number 4) but man are there a ton of plot holes and stuff that just doesn’t make sense.  And I’m not even talking about the bad science stuff that always drives me nuts.

Yeah I’ll see the last one but from an entertainment point of view it’s good but the lack of plot or character development is really annoying.

Xmas & Science

Yesterday we didn’t do too much, Maggie went to play badminton while Brandon and I hung around the house.  He put together the Mega Blocks TMNT Turtle Mech and in the evening went to Amanda & Ray’s house for the traditional Sun family xmas dinner.

I haven’t really talked to my father in the last 2 1/2 years but we chatted for quite a bit, he apologized and asked if we could move on and obviously I said yes.  It’s been tough during that time but we all deserve a second chance and I’m glad we can move forward.  I don’t hold grudges, so it’s a new day and I look forward to what 2018 brings for us!  We had dinner and the kids all played quite nicely together, Ethan & Emily are growing up and the latter looks more and more like her mom everyday!

Got to play with Douglas’ PS4 VR setup and that was definitely cool though I did get some motion sickness.  I wonder if you can get use to it…  Anyway we left just past 10:30pm, lol Brandon’s bedtimes during the holiday season are completely out of whack but lol it’s the holidays right.

Today we went to the Ontario Science Center, it’s our holiday tradition and Brandon has such a curious mind.

I’m so lucky, no matter what he’s always has the most fun of all the kids and Brandon had a blast.  We also saw two of the science shows which were fun as the discussions were about energy (there was some fire) and the second was all about fire.  Everyone was tired around 3pm, so we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon evening inside as it started to get really cold outside.  Tomorrow we head to the ROM so I’ll have more pictures then but fun filled day and I’m almost ready to call it a night.

Might as well enjoy…

As a Canadian I’m use to the snow and being outdoors when the white stuff is on the ground, since it wasn’t too cold we decided to go do some tobogganing in the afternoon and we all had a lot of fun.

Haha the little guy was excited about the first ride of the season and jumped on his uh racer after I brought it out of the garage.  The snow on the ground was the heavy stuff that’s good for packing (making snowmen or forts) but not necessarily good for riding on and to illustrate the point, Maggie and Brandon had a slow race.

I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time on the hill this winter, just hope that the snow is better next time out.


Today we didn’t really do too much but in the afternoon we put up our Christmas lights and Brandon was so happy. 🙂

Hehe he’s so sweet, he thinks our house is very beautiful.  Unfortunately one string of lights is not working so next week I may buy a couple of more to decorate the bushes so they look a bit more even.  Btw those blow up ornaments suck, the blower fans typically only last one season.  I was able to fix Rudolph but we have another one that’s kicked the bucket completely and yeah it was only used last winter so don’t buy them.