Today we didn’t really do too much but in the afternoon we put up our Christmas lights and Brandon was so happy. 🙂

Hehe he’s so sweet, he thinks our house is very beautiful.  Unfortunately one string of lights is not working so next week I may buy a couple of more to decorate the bushes so they look a bit more even.  Btw those blow up ornaments suck, the blower fans typically only last one season.  I was able to fix Rudolph but we have another one that’s kicked the bucket completely and yeah it was only used last winter so don’t buy them.

Rise from the ashes

So on Thursday I ordered some level 2 kevlar plates for my PACA concealable vest, it’s something I’ve been using for airsoft for a while and I figure why not outfit it with some real armour. Anyway it came from the UK and the seller sent it via FedEx Express so I got it the next day, lol how’s that for service?!?  Unfortunately the armour is sized medium and my vest is a small ugh, so being impatient I ordered a medium in ranger green off ebay.

I was pretty bummed out that Lebaron closed down, I always enjoyed going to the store on Woodbine just South of Hwy 7, anyway a new store has opened in its place called Soley Outdoors, Stephen told me it was open so I popped by to take a look.  As I walked in, the shelves were pretty bare but the gun wall was fully stocked woo!  They didn’t just have hunting rifles, they had a whole assortment of handguns & sporting rifles too, Lebaron use to only stock hunting stuff so this was a nice surprise.

Prices were pretty good, I’ve been thinking about getting a Marlin 1895 in 45/70 and they had one in stock for $858, not bad considering this lever action rifle typically goes for $1k.  It felt great in the hands but we’re going away in Dec for a few days so money is tight, let alone the stupid Mini needing another $600 in maintenance this week…

I don’t know if I’m allowed to snap pictures so I took a quick one of a Springfield M1A in an EBR body kit and a HK MR762 rifle, both of which are very high end guns.  I can’t wait for this store to have the showroom set up, it’s going to be quite a sight!

I skipped Brandon’s badminton class (Maggie took him) and I replaced the medic pouch on my battle belt with one that can be torn off. With my previous setup, I’d need to take off my belt to treat someone (not like anyone would be shooting at me while I did it but still) so this makes things much easier. Since it’s larger too, I was able to put two complete US military IFAKs (individual first aid kit) along with two tourniquets.  Hmm that reminds me, I need to renew my first aid certificate in early 2018 and I wish I could take some sort of tactical first aid where I learnt how to properly deal with gun shot wounds.

Went to Brandon’s swimming class and that’s always pretty funny since he isn’t very good yet (but getting better) and of course I love to watch him skate.

Anyway Saturday turned out to be pretty good and I’m looking forward to a relatively quiet Sunday. 🙂

Expensive weekend

I really should have put on our winter tires sooner but I’ve been lazy…  Anyway after the first snow touched down on Thursday, well it was time to put them on and the Toyota was due for a new set.  We purchased a new set of Michelin X-Ice III tires, not sure how long we’ll keep the Matrix for but I figure if I sell the car, I’ll probably get a Prius and can bring them over to the new car. 🙂

My old steel rims look worse then they really are, there’s surface rust but it’s nothing bad still the tires cost close to $700 plus I got rust proofing done on the Toyota & Mini which also swapped tires this weekend and finally renewed my stickers so when the weekend’s done we probably spent close to $1,200.  Sigh all in the name of safety right.

No story to the middle picture, Slinky just likes to roll on his back to greet us and I thought it was really cute since he’s so fluffy!

As for the S&W 686 revolver, I had a chance to tear it down because it was acting a bit weird and on a hunch it was the main spring tension.  There’s a small screw in the grip that adjusts it and it was very loose so the hammer wasn’t hitting the firing pin hard enough to set off the primers once ever 5 shots. Anyway it’s nice and tight again so we should be good, too bad I can’t use it at the next rifle class next Saturday.

All in all a good weekend, just wrapping up some work that I brought home with me, it’s my busy season so if I expect my guys to work on their personal time I better as well too.

Halloween 2017

For Halloween this year Brandon dressed up as a ninja and overall the night was pretty good.  We met up with some friends and their kids to go trick or treating and it was a big success they all had a great time and the parents did as well.

There weren’t that many kids out last night for some reason and not that many came to our door either.  Oh well more snacks for me I guess. 🙂

Another really relaxing day!

I told Maggie I didn’t want to do anything this weekend and she obliged which is awesome. This morning I went with Brandon to Canadian Tire to pick up a few odds and ends for the cars, then went to Walmart to buy some chips to give away for Halloween.  After dropping the stuff off at home, we went to Tenda to pick up some 357 magnum ammo, Laura needed some so I split 500 rounds with her.

Also bought two boxes of CCI 38 special, it’s the same price as the full powered stuff but I wanted to try some out and see how much lighter in recoil it is.  I know when I bring Maggie out, she won’t like the full powered 357 load but she might be ok with the 38 special and I’ll try some of that next week.

In the afternoon we did some cleaning and I watched Lewis Hamilton win his 4th F1 world championship, it was an odd race but he’s an excellent driver and definitely deserved it.  Not sure what is going to happen in the evening but I feel absolutely great and well will deal with whatever comes along.

Back to the grind

Our weekends recently have been packed with activities and I told Maggie that this weekend I wanted to do nothing but relax at home, or at least as much as we can.  In the morning Maggie went to play a badminton competition and did fairly well, while she was out I went to Home Depot with Brandon to buy a bolt to I go from a traditional shotgun stock with my Mossberg 590A1 to an ATI stock.  Generally I don’t like ATI stuff but it’s the exact stock I had on my old Mossberg 500 SPX and I found that super comfy to shoot with so I’m hoping that I like it on the 590A1 too.

I also swapped the buffer tube on the CSA vz58 with a mil spec model and put a Magpul CTR stock on the back of it, I know it’s minor but the old LE stock wobbled and that bothered me.  The CTR stock locks up much tighter and for the most part, the wobble is gone. 😀

Heh I’m not ashamed of taking pictures on my basement floor anymore, gone is that super ugly orange shag carpeting.

Later in the afternoon I skipped Brandon’s badminton class but went to his swimming and skating classes.  In swimming, you can really tell the little guy gets tired of swimming laps and struggles to keep up with the older kids but that’s ok, he’s kicking a lot of ass.  I always enjoy watching Brandon skate and it was the first class of the season for him so he was a bit rusty.

He’s making some pretty good progress, was a bit wobbly but then again he didn’t skate for a few months.  In the evening I was downstairs in my man cave and Slinky slept a bit on my lap, it’s cold in the house and I guess he likes the warmth from my body.  Anyway that’s a quick wrap up of my Saturday, I feel pretty damn good and will be picking up some ammo tomorrow from Tenda so it should be a pretty good day too. 😀

Lots of birthdays!

So this weekend we celebrated a lot of birthdays and both girls were actually born on Sept 20th! Saturday we went to Megan’s house to celebrate her xx birthday and it was fun. We arrived a bit later than usual, working around Georgia’s sleeping schedule but when she arrived she was the star of the show. Sorry Brandon I love you son but Georgia at just over 1 years old is cuter. Respecting Estelle’s wishes I’m not going to post anymore pictures of her on my blog so yeah I’ll just be a tease and say she was very sweet.

After we left I went to drop off the Mini to my friend’s shop, over the last few days it started to smell and when he looked at the car he noticed that the coolant container was cracked and leaking coolant so that explains the problem. Still it’s another ~$400 that I didn’t want to spend but it has to be fixed.

Today we went to celebrate Savannah’s 7th birthday and man she’s so mature compared to the other kids her age. Her and Brandon are good friends and it’s very cute to watch them play together.

We went to a play center and all the kids had a good time which was awesome to see, lol as long as they’re together they can have fun but the venue was nice.

After the party we didn’t do much hung around the house and relaxed, I did the “pokemon loop” both Friday & Saturday night to grind for xp for Brandon’s account so I was pretty tired and that was ok with me.  I played with my new guns for a bit (yes I put a s there, more later) and well I’m ready for the upcoming work week. 🙂

Relaxing weekend

We didn’t do much this weekend, Saturday I prepped some of my gear for next weekend’s rifle class then went to play Pokemon with Brandon in the afternoon and evening.  Today was a leisurely day too, Brandon built some Pokemon lego sets (uh not lego branded) and they turned out pretty well.  I’m glad he’s old enough that he doesn’t need me to build them anymore.

He built the Gyarados in the morning and the Charizard in the afternoon.  I’m so proud of my little guy, I know all parents are proud of their kids but man Brandon’s totally awesome and I wish he’d grow up slower because I’m enjoying it too much.

I also packed my gear into a box for next week, it’s a bit more subtle than just having my plate carrier in the car.  I can’t fit my ballistic helmet into it but that’s alright, first I’m not shooting at night and won’t need it for the class anyway. Back to the grind for tomorrow, ugh next weekend can’t come fast enough lol.

Labour day weekend!

Sign the last long weekend of the summer has passed and while I enjoyed myself, frankly this summer sucked as it was went and cold.  Still we made the best of it and I’m glad to share all the happy moments with my family. 🙂  On Friday I went to the range with Andrew, it was his first time so he enjoyed himself and it as fun to get some trigger time in as well.

Saturday was a Pokemon Go day, Derek called me at 7:15 in the morning since he guess I’d be up (he was right) and asked if I wanted to go raiding with the guys who looped all night, Brandon didn’t have swimming or badminton so we figure why not and headed down early.  Met up with some of the guys then hit a bunch of raids downtown, before all was said and done I think we did 15 boss raids in like 4 hours.  I dropped Matt & Simon off so they could sleep (they went all night) then met up with the crew at 3pm to play more.

We have a really close community of players and I really enjoy the social aspect of things, after raiding I went downtown to loop so I could grind XP for Brandon.  Want to get him to level 40 (max level) and downtown is the best place to do it.

Sunday the family went to Blue Mountain, initially we wanted to hike we did walk around quite a bit but took in the activities too.

The roller coaster thing was a lot of fun but I was most proud of Brandon when we went on the Woodlot obstacle course.  Consisting of two levels (the upper one is like 15-20′ in the air), Brandon was really scared at points but with some gentle encouragement he pushed himself and completed everything. 😀  Many of the kids his age was afraid too but hey they all got through it.

After lunch we went did a paddle boat around the small pond and he enjoyed himself, Maggie didn’t want to come so she stayed at the doc.  It rained slightly on and off but nothing too bad so we didn’t bother to seek shelter.

I took a nap when we returned and at 8:45pm went down to loop again with my Pokemon friends.

One of the members of my group was close to hitting level 40 (max level) and reached that goal at 1:30am in the morning.  While Brandon didn’t level up, we did net him an extra 650-700k xp and he’s more than half way to 39 now.  Soon he’ll be the youngest level 40 player in the world and that’ll be pretty awesome.

Today we didn’t do much had lunch in China town at a restaurant that Maggie and I ate at a lot when we were younger and that was nice.  Then we dropped off something at a friend’s house and drove through an area we lived at previously so it was nice to reminisce about the past, my god where time go.

Too bad the long weekend is over, still the summer was great and tomorrow it’s a big day for Brandon, he’s going into grade 2 my little angel. 😀

CNE 2017!

We continued the tradition of going to the CNE and this year my mom came with us which was fun. 🙂 Brandon is 7 now and wasn’t as afraid of the rides so we went on a few more of them last year and I suspect next year he’ll be ok with going on more of the adult ones.  In any case we walked around, ate and shopped typical CNE stuff and it was fun. 🙂

I could blah blah blah more but figure the pictures would do a better job at illustrating things.  On and I snagged this video while Brandon and I were on one of the kid rides.

Hehe he’s so sweet and I feel so fortunate to have him. There was another cute thing, after playing bumper cars Brandon staid “Daddy I don’t know how to drive!” which was adorable. Got to the fair grounds by around 9:45am, left around 3 and it was a pretty full day of activities.  We were all pretty tired after getting home so we pretty much hung around the house and relaxed, too bad I have to go to work tomorrow lol.