LOL well I guess this is bit of progress that the Republican candidate, a potential pedophile in Roy Moore lost by 1.5% in Alabama to Democratic candidate Doug Jones.

Doug Jones, a Democrat, won the special election on Tuesday to fill the United States Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, now the attorney general. Mr. Jones aimed to create a lead in the urban counties that include Birmingham and Montgomery, and across a band of largely black counties. Strong support for Roy S. Moore, the Republican, was expected in rural, mostly white parts of the state.

Source: New York Times

What is the world coming to where someone who should be shunned from society gets that close to being one a US senator…

FFS Climate Change is REAL!

God damn it why aren’t people taking climate change seriously!  We’re destroying the Earth simply because a small number of people need to make this imaginary thing called money a bit longer…

By telling the story of one polar bear, Nicklen hopes to convey a larger message about how a warming climate has deadly consequences.

Polar bears have long been unwitting mascots for the effects of climate change. As animals that live only in Arctic regions, they’re often the first to feel the impacts of warming temperatures and rising seas.

The large, half-ton bears find concentrations of seals on sea ice. During summer months, it’s not uncommon for polar bears to go months without eating while they wait for Arctic ice to solidify.

In 2002, a World Wildlife Fund report predicted that climate change could eventually lead to polar bear endangerment or extinction. Even then, the report found that polar bears were moving from ice to land earlier and staying on land longer, unhealthily extending the bears’ fasting season. By the end of summer, most bears studied by the World Wildlife Fund showed signs of starvation.

Source: National Geographic

Sigh perhaps the human species really is a cancer to the planet.

Get lost

Over the weekend I read this article on the CBC and I couldn’t help but find it so darn preachy.  Now I get it, my views are bias since I’m a gun enthusiast but frankly there are many things in the world that I don’t agree with yet I do not push my views onto others.

A child can touch a hot stove and they’ll learn that it burns, and they probably won’t do it again. But with a toy gun, there isn’t a similar outcome. Associating guns with fun is a problem, because it doesn’t challenge the tool itself as a problem. And it is a problem, because people are dying every day. If we don’t have these uncomfortable, difficult conversations about guns and what’s happening right now, and literally stop buying them, we’re complicit.

Source: CBC

I hate taking right wing talking points because I’m pretty liberal about things but if the above is the case, I hope he doesn’t let his kid play with cars or drink in front of the kid because cars and alcohol kill people at greater numbers than guns do.  I mean if the kid had some weird fetish with guns I might get it but by being so strict, guns will always have a mystique surrounding them and we all know how kids like to rebel and do stuff they’re not suppose to.  At a more primal level, we’re animals and look at how young carnivores play, mock combat so frankly it’s built into us.

If he doesn’t want his kids to play with guns fine that’s fair enough but don’t tell me what I should or should not do with my family.


So the racist crap that’s bubbling up in the US is also starting to make an appearance here too.

“Can I see a doctor, please, that’s white, that doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English?”

In proper English, that would be, “May I see a doctor, please, who’s white, who doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English,” but why quibble with racists?

The woman captured on a video that was viewed thousands of times on Tuesday, making obnoxious demands in a Mississauga clinic, also has her stereotypes mixed up. It’s the English who are supposed to have terrible teeth — what would she have done if a proper English doctor showed up, with brown teeth?

Source: The Star

If I were there I would have said something, perhaps not so nice and I think the staff and other people there handled themselves pretty well.

Stupidity upon stupidity

So by now I’m sure you’ve heard that Donald Trump has pulled the US out of the Paris climate accords and of course he would, he doesn’t give a shit about humanity or the future. I have to say I also LOL’ed when I heard VP Mike Pence say this…

“We’ve demonstrated real leadership. We’ve demonstrated real progress,” Pence said in an interview with Fox News late Thursday. “But for some reason or another, this issue of climate change has emerged as a paramount issue for the left in this country and around the world.”

Source: The Hill

Yeah dumbass we want to survive as a civilization!  Ugh the stupidity from Republican politicians knows no bounds, even if I grant that climate change is a farce which I don’t but for argument’s sake; it still makes sense to go renewable!  Once the infrastructure is in place the energy is essentially free ugh.

Oh god not again!

So now that Republicans in the US controls Congress & the Presidency, they’re pushing this insane anti science curriculum in schools again.  What an absolute disaster this will be…

State and local legislatures in the United States are experimenting with new ways to target the topics taught in science classes, and it seems to be paying dividends. Florida’s legislature approved a bill on May 5 that would enable residents to challenge what educators teach students. And two other states have already approved non-binding legislation this year urging teachers to embrace ‘academic freedom’ and present the full spectrum of views on evolution and climate change. This would give educators license to treat evolution and intelligent design as equally valid theories, or to present climate change as scientifically contentious.

Source: Scientific American

I guess nothing that comes out of the Trump administration should surprise me but what the hell…  Evolution is the gold standard of scientific theories and intelligent design is not science, it’s not testable nor can it make predictions!  Seriously the answer to everything with that “theory” is that god did it.

Climate change, meh why does anyone in the Trump administration care about that, they’ll be long dead by the time the future generations have to deal with the affects it.  I guess Trump is trying to bring back all those manufacturing jobs in the future by bringing up a generation of uneducated morons (I guess it’s not really their fault though) who don’t know how to do anything.  He loves the uneducated and for some reason they love him right back. 

I truly weep for American children and their futures.


Looks like Canadian kids are as stupid as American…

A 17-year-old boy is facing charges after he allegedly invited people to join him for a gunfight at the Scarborough Town Centre mall on Tuesday.

Toronto police say that at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, they were alerted to a social media posting “inviting people to Scarborough Town Centre to engage in gun battle.”

The post states that “burners not provided” and participants “must bring their own” guns. It offered a $10,000 cash prize for the “last person alive.”

Source: CP24

Even if this is a joke, I hope they throw the book at the boy and if not something tells me the guns wouldn’t be legal.


Ugh I can’t stand the Star Wars series (even though I do watch the movies, to complain later lol) and all the stupid comments the last two days have drove me nuts.  Stupid stories with poor imagination that’s all the Star Wars universe is.

Wow go China!

China’s success with renewable energy should be an inspiration to the world and it appears like when green energy is ready for prime time, that we’ll be buying the technology and goods from them.  As I’ve told my conservative friends many times in the past, this is why you subsidize emerging technology yes it may be expensive to implement now but it would have been better to be the leader and sell our technology than to buy someone else’s.  Sigh short term thinking that’s always their problem…

In 2016, Chinese coal consumption fell for the third consecutive year, Beijing reports, while it installed almost twice as many solar panels as it had in 2015, which was also a record-setting year. Beijing projects both trends will continue in 2017.

China’s solar installation target for 2020 is likely to be achieved in 2018, which as Greenpeace’s Energy Desk noted in January, is “a pretty impressive feat given that the target was set only a couple of months ago.”

All of these policies have helped make China a new global leader in climate action, as their own CO2 emissions have plateaued and declined since 2013.

Source: ThinkProgress

The bold emphasis is mine.  While the Western world is spewing out CO2 like there’s no tomorrow and saying China & India have to be on board or else there’s no point in trying to combat climate change, China has taken the lead and its CO2 emissions are actually declining!

President Trump scrapped Obama’s climate change plans and Canada is no better, our internationally “impressive” PM Justin Trudeau is maintaining Harper’s fossil fuel policy, great…

Why is there so much hate

I wanted to post about this earlier but was really busy the last few days with work and family matters and I’m sure you’ve heard that there was a mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City.  When I read about the event all I could think of was how can someone have so much hate in their hearts to cause them to do something like this.  Regardless of your politics this is wrong and I was happy to see everyone condemn this type of action.

I’m looking forward to the trial and seeing what this man’s ideology was, it’s reported he’s a supporter of the “alt right” movement (right wing terrorism strikes again) and after justice is rendered, I hope he rots in jail.