Get lost Redbull!

I quite enjoy watching Formula 1 racing, I think it’s the pinnacle of motor sports and all the best drivers race there but one team I can’t stand is Redbull racing.  With the best car available they won four consecutive world championships (both drivers and constructors between 2010-2013) but since F1’s moved to the new hybrid 1.6L V6 engines, they haven’t been able to compete because their engine partner Renault is behind both Ferrari & Mercedes and they’ve complained about it ever since.

When you look at all the great teams like Maclaren, Williams & Ferrari to name a few, they sometimes went through many years of frustration between championships where they struggled but Redbull has been a bunch of crybabies complaining about everything because they haven’t been able to complete the last two years.  Now they’ve extended the 2016 deadline for getting an engine, with the way they’ve publicly dressed Renault down why would anyone else want to supply them…

Red Bull’s future beyond this current season remains uncertain, with no power unit for 2016 after terminating its Renault deal a year early and with Mercedes and Ferrari refusing to supply the Milton Keynes team. Red Bull originally said an engine decision had to be made by the end of October before it decided whether or not to follow through with its numerous threats to quit, but Mateshitz has extended this now the original deadline has passed.

Source: ESPN F1

F1 will be just fine if Redbull pulls out and it shows that this team is just a bunch of sore losers.  Get over yourself, you can’t always win and it’s how one deals with adversity that shows how tough they are.


I’m not a huge fan of North American football but I usually do watch the Super Bowl and all I could think of last night was…

I usually don’t feel sympathy for the millionaire players but yeah last night I did.


Brandon’s cough did not get any better during the week so Maggie and I brought him to the walk in clinic next door this morning. While we were waiting for the doctor, this other baby girl who was ~14 months old kept walking over to Brandon and tried to kiss him and this happened at least 3 to 4 times. One of the funniest/cutest things I have ever seen, it’s too bad he was sick so we kept her away from him so he doesn’t infect her.

The doctor prescribed some antibiotics but said it may not work if he has a viral infection. Brandon just has to tough it out and get through it himself and man I tell you he’s very sad right now. In the afternoon with Maggie out, we both took a nap on the living room sofa and I have to say I rather enjoyed that. 🙂

Back in December I accepted CBC’s invitation to go see a Leafs game in their private box to see last night’s game and man I have to say it was rather cool! It’s the first time I’ve been in a private box and lol, I don’t know if I can watch a game live in regular seats anymore. Unfortunately as I was passing through security the guards informed me that my camera lens was too long (they do not allow lenses longer than 75mm for some stupid reason) and I had to give my camera to client services which really sucked because I wanted to take a lot of pictures. Ended up using my Blackberry and well I made the best out of a bad situation.

Pretty cool eh? 😀 Too bad the Leafs sucked but yeah Colin is in the big leagues now…

What an octopus!

In case you haven’t heard, there’s one being on Earth that’s running at 100% so far this World Cup. 😉 That’s a pretty remarkable feat, no I do not believe he’s psychic but his record in predicting soccer matches is pretty amazing.  He’ll make two more predictions, one for the 3rd place match and the World Cup final, I hope he gets them right.  LOL funny thing, when I told Neil (a colleague at work) that Paul picked Spain to beat Germany, he decided not to bet on Germany in that match.

Leafs don’t deserve Sundin

In professional sports there’s rarely any loyalty between players and/or the teams themselves which is why Mats Sundin is so refreshing. He’s stated right from the beginning that he wanted to retire wearing the Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and this season he’s definitely proving just that. With the local losers sitting in 28th place (out of 30), Mats refuses to wave his no trade clause for greener pastures elsewhere.

Sundin had been politely saying no – or variations thereof, minimally qualified – to trade overtures for weeks on end. Although the formal invitation to consider relocation was extended by interim general manager Cliff Fletcher only a few days ago, and Sundin’s input sought on preferred destinations, the answer that came back last night was as always stated.

Not going. Not waiving.
Source: The Star

Keep in mind that this is from a man who’s restructured his salary so the team can spend more on others, who’s paid (relatively) less than market value for his skills and someone who’s never had the luxury of playing others with similar skill levels. Mats Sundin has carried the Leafs for the last 14 years and now management is trying to push him out. It’s a shame but then again MSLE has never had any honour, for them it’s always about the money. The captain is going down with the ship and it’s a shame because he certainly deserved better.

Good night, too bad Leafs lost

Yesterday, Maggie, Charlene, Shawn and I went to a preseason game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres at the ACC (thanks mom for the tickets! :D) For those three it was the first time seeing a hockey game live and I’m sure for Shawn it was special because he bleeds blue and white but has never been to a game.

The seats were Gold’s but in different sections so we didn’t sit together. As the time got closer to face off, I could tell Maggie was getting excited. 🙂 Heh when she talks in a really high pitch tone, she’s happy. Anyway as the game progressed it was clear, even with many regulars out of the lineup, Buffalo is far superior.

The Sabres easily outplayed the Leafs in virtually every aspect and worse yet was Vesa Toskla (the new goalie) was downright lousy. Heck if you make Andrew Raycroft look good, you know you have problems. 😉 Anyway on the night I counted 3-4 soft goals and after witnessing the sad display, I don’t have much hope for the Leafs this season. 🙁

During the intermissions and at the end of the game, they were filming the movie “The Love Guru” and it was funny to see a mock hockey game. There was also a small scrum in the second period, that was entertaining too. Anyway here are a few pics that were taken.


Overall it was a fun night, too bad the Leafs were blown out 7-2. Let’s hope the boys in blue play better during the regular season. Thanks again mom for the tickets, everyone had a great time. 🙂