I had to lol when I read this article on The Hill, Hillary Clinton’s latest avenue of attack is saying Bernie abandoned the pro choice movement…

Hillary Clinton in a fiery campaign speech on the eve of the New York primary said she is “appalled” at Bernie Sanders, accusing her Democratic presidential rival of abandoning abortion rights advocates.

In her most pointed strike against Sanders on the issue, the Democratic front-runner linked the Vermont senator to Donald Trump.

“When Trump said what he said about punishing women [for having abortions], I was appalled,” Clinton told the crowd of Democratic supporters on Monday afternoon in Manhattan.

“That is a core issue and when my opponent in this primary said it was a distraction, that he wanted to talk about the real issues, I was appalled again.”

Source: The Hill

For the record Bernie has a 100% voting record on aborition rights according to Planned Parenthood, someone is getting desperate!

Such a liar

So I watched the CNN Democratic debate last night and it really bugs me that Hillary Clinton is such a big liar.   It should be obvious to anyone who follows politics that her views shift based on the political winds, like the fight for a $15 minimum wage, she said last night she was for it and campaigned with Governor Cuomo when it was approved in the state of New York but in earlier debates she said $15 was too high and that they should aim for $12.  It also drives me nuts how she’ll hides behind President Obama but then blames him when it suits her purposes.

Also implementing a no fly zone in Syria won’t stop the killing, there’s no good solution to that mess but I don’t think you can depose President Assad, leave a huge power vacuum and fight Islamic extremism at the same time.  She takes right wing positions about “free stuff” on health care or post secondary education; everyone asks Bernie how he’s going to pay for that but no one complains about the cost of perpetual war because that must be free.

Experience is important but her judgement sucks.  Contrast her to Bernie who been on the right side of history with his (almost prophetic) predictions the outcome of the Iraq war, free trade agreementsthe banking industryincome inequality and let’s not forget that he was for LGBT rights and civil rights well before it was “cool”.

Bernie did well last night but due to the arcane party nomination rules (for both parties), I suspect Bernie will lose New York next Tuesday but geez he’s what the 99.9% of people need in America.

Gordon Gekko chooses Bernie

I saw this back in early March but didn’t have time to post it but the man Oliver Stone based Gordon Gekko on in the Wall Street movies thinks Bernie Sanders should be president.

“Well, I think it’s quite simple,” he began. “If you look at something called ‘velocity of money’—you guys know what that is, I presume—that means how much gets spent and turns around. When you have the top one percent getting money, they spend five, 10 percent of what they earn. When you have the lower end of the economy getting money, they spend 100, or 110 percent of what they earn. As you’ve had a transfer of wealth to the top, and a transfer of income to the top, you have a shrinking consumer base, basically, and you have a shrinking velocity of money. Bernie is the only person out there who I think is talking at all about both fiscal stimulation and banking rules that will get the banks to begin to generate lending again as opposed to speculation. So from an economic point of view, it’s straightforward.”

Source: Salon

There’s a video clip at the end of the story and lol I’ve been saying it to friends for a long time.  Give the poor and middle class a tax break, they spend a much larger percentage of their money on life than the rich.  It’s so easy but the charlatan Reagan made the world go crazy.  Let’s get back to rational economic policy!

How is this ok?!?

While my political views swing left and I identify myself as a liberal minded person, I’m very unhappy with the provincial Liberal party and specifically Kathleen Wynne.  So much so that I will can’t vote for her or any member of the Liberal party next provincial election.  Anyway she got flak for scheduling private fundraisers and seems like she’s had a change of heart.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her cabinet ministers are cancelling all “private fundraisers” with high rollers and urging their political rivals to do the same.

Wynne told the legislature on Tuesday that members of the governing party would no longer attend the unpublicized events which raise money for the Ontario Liberal Party.

“We have to lead by example and that’s why I’ve made the decision to immediately cancel upcoming private fundraisers that I attend. I’ve also asked the same of my ministers,” the premier said.

Wynne was referring to the invitation-only fundraisers that are rarely advertised and are not public events such as last Wednesday’s Heritage Dinner, which raised $2.5 million for the Liberals, or the Progressive Conservative’s $1,500-a-plate Toronto Leaders’ Dinner on May 18.

Source: The Star

How the hell was this OK to begin with?  I focus a lot on the corruption and ridiculousness of US politics but it looks like things reek up here too.  We really need to publicly finance all elections, once a party reaches a certain critical mass outside fundraising should be illegal because this is absolutely ridiculous…  Citizens of Ontario and Canada we must be vigilant because we can easily lose our government if we don’t hold politicians to account, the ridiculous tax & trade policies already show that we’re losing grip and that the rich and corporations are taking over.


So… Now what

So this morning I awoke to find out that there was a terrorist attack in Brussels Belgium…

Islamic State claimed responsibility for suicide bomb attacks on Brussels airport and a rush-hour metro train in the Belgian capital on Tuesday which killed at least 30 people, with police hunting a suspect who fled the air terminal.

Source: Reuters

While it’s terrible and very sad, the typical right wing talking heads are already slamming Syrian refugees, Europe’s response to those refugees and even president Obama before any information comes out.  Why do they jump to conclusions before all the information is available, I mean whenever there’s a mass shooting the same people say how not to politicize the events but when there’s a terrorist attack (and isn’t a mass shooting a terrorist attack too…) then politics is front and center.

Like with Paris back in Nov, people are blaming the Syrian refugees and the perpetrators may indeed be them but I doubt it.  The Paris attacks were done by European nationals who had a legal right to move in and around the EU and I have a feeling the Brussels bombers will be too but time will tell.

ISIS claimed responsibility but I mean they claim responsibility for everything whether they did it, inspired it or didn’t have anything to do with it.  We can’t kill our way out of this problem, you can argue that there may be violence in Islam but I think before we blame the religion, we should take a good look at the history of Western intervention in the middle east.  Frankly I think that’s a huge factor but what do I know, I’m just a regular civilian who looks at history and tries to understand the motives of these attackers.  Perhaps it’s just easier to be intellectually lazy and blame Islam, yeah that’s the in thing now isn’t it.

Absolutely pathetic…

So last night’s Republican debate was a complete food fight and yes, this really did happen…


In fact if you want to read the article it’s right here.  At least Fox was tough on the candidates, the other networks wouldn’t dare ask the tough questions and if you like insults and name calling then this reality TV show is for you.  What a joke, go Bernie he has an excellent path to the Democratic nomination still and he’s the only one of the bunch that is honest.

Hillary is fake!

I’m a lefty, I agree with the majority of the opinions from The Young Turks and they put together this clip that really shows that Hillary Clinton is no friend to minorities…

Any liberal or progressive person that votes for Hillary over Bernie is voting against their own interest.  Trying to inform my American friends anyway I can. 🙂

Get lost NDP!

I’m pretty active politically and for one of the causes that I believe in, I joined all three political parties. Yes you pledge not to join another when signing up but unless you do something stupid like overtly campaigning for one while waving your membership card for another, the parties don’t care and just want your money.

Anyway thanks to the NDP, I now screen my calls because they call me at least daily and on a few occasions more than once a day asking for donations! The Conservatives call me maybe once every two to three days and the Liberals once a week but man it’s driving me crazy though I guess it’s not as bad as the 6 emails a day I use to get from the NDP during the last federal election.