The ugliness of racism is here

Donald Trump ripped the thin veneer of decency away, made it ok for people to express their worst racists thoughts publicly and now that shit is spreading to Canada.

Toronto city staff and police are investigating after signs targeting white people “sick of being blamed for all the world’s problems” and urging them to “join the alt-right” were spotted in the city on Monday.

Kevin Kerr said his family caregiver was walking his children to school through Stan Wadlow Park in East York on Monday morning when they came across the poster.

“Hey, white person,” the sign read. “Tired of political correctness? Wondering why only white countries have to become ‘multicultural’? Figured out that diversity only means ‘less white people’?”

The poster lists websites associated with the alt-right, a movement associated with promotion of white identity and white supremacy.’

Source: Toronto Star

Absolutely terrible, thank you Mr. Trump for making the world a scarier place for some.  I haven’t talked about it before but yes I’ve experienced racism when I was a little boy and it’s frightening but I’m not small anymore and won’t stand for it now.  I’m a bit conflicted, we do have freedom of speech here in Canada and I don’t know if I’d pull down the posters, frankly I feel sorry for the people who associate with this movement.  It’s sad because the world is a beautiful place but some still want to keep others back due to differences that are only skin deep.

Oh god!

I’m not religious but I didn’t know what else to say when I saw Donald Trump’s list of potential cabinet picks.

Ms Palin, the former Alaska governor who unsuccessfully ran as vice-president in 2008, is one of seven possibilities for Secretary of the Interior, including governors Jan Brewer and Mary Fallin, venture capitalist Robert Grady, oil executive Forrest Lucas and entrepreneur Harold Hamm.

Mr Christie, the New Jersey governor damaged by the “Bridgegate” scandal, is in contention for the positions of Attorney General and Secretary of Commerce; while Newt Gingrich could be made Secretary of State.

Source: The Independent

I kept telling my Conservative friends to give Mr. Trudeau our current PM some slack because he formed government just over a year ago so I will reserve judgement on Mr. Trump’s performance as President but my god the people he’s considering have long political track records and they pretty much go against everything I believe in.  I just hope that Mr. Trump is more “liberal” on issues than he led on during the election because the US & the world face some real problems that can’t wait 4 (or 8) years to resolve.

LOL on a side note am I the only one that finds it ironic that Florida which is probably going to be the first place in the US to feel the effects of climate change voting for Trump who feels this is a scam invented by China?

Americans have spoken

Back when Trump secured enough delegates to win the Republican nomination, I bet a bunch of my liberal friends that he’d win the presidency and well he did last night (I take no pleasure in it).  Trump’s message was easy and he rode a populist rage wave against the political establishment, one where Hillary Clinton represents everything that’s wrong with the political class.  Of course they’ll blame Bernie Sanders, the media, sexism, etc but in reality the Democratic party brought this onto itself.

What I don’t see people talking about (perhaps because they’re still in shock) is that Republicans control the House, Senate and will control the Supreme Court!  They don’t have a super majority in the Senate but it’s only a matter of time before the Republican majority use the “nuclear option” and remove the 60 vote requirement for appointees.

I told Maggie last night, if you believe in the parallel universe theory, there’s one where I’m celebrating Bernie’s victory.

The world can’t take another 4 years of US inaction on climate change (let alone 8 because incumbent presidents are hard to defeat), I’ll probably be dead before the worst effects of climate are upon us but I really do worry about Brandon’s generation and his children.

Enough with Benghazi!

I dislike Hillary Clinton because I think her policies are wrong for America & the world but god Benghazi is a political loser, so many damn Republican congressional investigations have all concluded that she did nothing wrong yet we have conservatives spouting these stupid talking points.

Jeffrey Lord is so damn annoying but he can’t win on policy because all Republican responses to problem are lower taxes and less regulation (which haven’t worked for the last 36 years) which is why they need these side shows. The other commentator is correct about the number of attacks and deaths of Americans during W’s reign, no investigations the Democratic party (to their credit) won’t use these types of tragedies to try and score political points.

So tough

Something that really drives me nuts is how “tough” the media and members of the democratic party itself are against liberals or progressives. Where was the faux outrage when people were getting beat up/man handled or at the childish rhetoric when Republicans do stupid shit.

Pathetic, no fear in hitting the Bernie Sanders (he won’t strike back) but bow to the Clinton or GOP candidates. I guess I can take solace in the fact that the younger generation more and more get their “news” from alternative sources.

This is frightening!

I love politics and when I see how close the polling is between Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton, it does frighten me.

A new Quinnipiac University Swing State Poll released Tuesday shows Clinton up by a single point in the key swing states of both Florida (43 percent to 42 percent) and Pennsylvania (43 percent to 42 percent), while Trump actually beats Clinton in Ohio by 43 percent to 39 percent.

Source: Salon

I get it, we’re still 6 months out from the general election but this isn’t suppose to be happening, Trump isn’t suppose to be close to the Democratic candidate and my liberal/progressive friends in the US should be worried about these numbers.  Trump is no joke, I have a feeling while Hillary is courting Jeb’s donors, he’ll start to run to her left and who knows, he’s great at marketing… He’s already softening his stance on the minimum wage and taxes so the democratic party better get its shit in order and take him seriously.

Of course with that said Bernie does better against Trump than Clinton but the political establishment and media keeps saying he’s the weaker general candidate, interesting.

The Ontario Liberals are corrupt…

Canadian politics stinks of corruption and this is a prime example of the problems we’re facing here in Ontario.

The biggest corporate donor to the Ontario Liberal Party is also one of Ontario’s biggest recipients of taxpayer-funded corporate subsidies.

Research by CBC News reveals that GreenField Specialty Alcohols Inc. and its related companies have received more than $160 million in government support since the Liberal government created a dedicated fund for the ethanol industry.

Further research by CBC News also shows that GreenField,companies and its founder have donated more than $480,000 to the Ontario Liberal Party in the same time period. The political contributions make GreenField the biggest corporate donor to the Ontario Liberalssince Kathleen Wynne became premier in 2013.

Source: CBC

I mean I get it I’m a huge supporter of green/alternative energy and believe that those industries need to be subsidized at least till they’re able to compete with established technology but the system we have right now doesn’t work.

“Any inference that GreenField has made donations for an inappropriate purpose is without merit,” said company CEO Bob Gallant in an email to CBC News. “Our company proudly supports politicians of all political stripes, at all levels of government (federal, provincial and municipal) who support the ethanol industry.”

Elections Ontario data indicate GreenField has donated $90,350 to the Progressive Conservatives since 2007 (but just $33,500 of that since 2013) and nothing to the NDP.

So GreenField donates (bribes) all politicians, though the Conservative & NDP parties less than the Liberals…  It drives me nuts, politicians of all levels of government should not be able to solicit money for campaigns, it should all be publicly funded that way they truly serve the people’s best interests.

Support for new industries & technology is important yes but it can’t financially benefit politicians or political parties.

No more oil please!

People around the world are enamoured with our current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and socially he’s better than our old PM, economically he’s just as bad…  Sigh while the rest of the world is moving towards renewable energy, Canadian leaders want to promote oil pipelines UGH!

The renewable revolution is coming, Canada really should get in front of that and try to lead the way in this field because the days of running everything on dinosaur juice is quickly coming to an end!  Very frustrating and oh Mr. Trudeau is for the TPP too which will be another free trade disaster for Canada.

Why people like Bernie

For the first time I think it’s safe to say that there is a US presidential candidate that’s more liberal than our Canadian politicians and while our system is moving rightward, Bernie Sanders is pulling at least one party leftward.

He’s been very consistent throughout his career in government and his fight for fairness is not a new one, I just wish more of my American neighbours would wake up to the political reality that their system is corrupt.  Unfortunately the corporate media and political establishment have teamed up against his candidacy and his odds of claiming the Democratic nomination are slim but I’m hoping that the movement he’s started continues on well after the 2016 election.

He’s already proven that you can win by appealing to grass roots voters and that one doesn’t need the huge corporate/rich donor money to succeed and let progressives around that country learn from his success.

I’m going to Feel the Bern well after 2016 because whether he wins or not, Bernie is right.


I had to lol when I read this article on The Hill, Hillary Clinton’s latest avenue of attack is saying Bernie abandoned the pro choice movement…

Hillary Clinton in a fiery campaign speech on the eve of the New York primary said she is “appalled” at Bernie Sanders, accusing her Democratic presidential rival of abandoning abortion rights advocates.

In her most pointed strike against Sanders on the issue, the Democratic front-runner linked the Vermont senator to Donald Trump.

“When Trump said what he said about punishing women [for having abortions], I was appalled,” Clinton told the crowd of Democratic supporters on Monday afternoon in Manhattan.

“That is a core issue and when my opponent in this primary said it was a distraction, that he wanted to talk about the real issues, I was appalled again.”

Source: The Hill

For the record Bernie has a 100% voting record on aborition rights according to Planned Parenthood, someone is getting desperate!