Canada day weekend

On July 1st, Canadians from across the country celebrated the 150 anniversary of our country’s birth and I have to say while it’s not perfect, Canada is a pretty darn good place to live.  As usual I had an extra day off so I met up with one of my Pokemon Go friends and we hit up a bunch of raids in the city.  LOL we made our way downtown and I was within 100′ of my office at the last raid.  Saturday was a family day, after Brandon’s badminton class we went to see Despicable Me 3 and the little guy enjoyed it.  It was definitely more kid friendly than Cars 3 from a few weeks back and Brandon wasn’t bored in the middle of it.

Sunday one of my Pokemon teammates was going home to Victoria after being in TO for the last 2 months to be with her daughter and new grandson, so the guys and I in our group set up a big raid to send her off in style and that was fun.  Brandon tagged along (Maggie stayed home lol) and got to meet many of the members that I play with, his account is not too shabby at level 33 either and enjoyed all of it.  We raided till just after 9pm then I dropped him off and continued to gym with my friends till 11pm.

Today was another family day and we went downtown to see the big rubber duck that the federal government spent $200k to borrow for some reason, what it has to do with Canada or our Canada Day celebrations I don’t know but Brandon wanted to see it.

The duck was uh big sure and I really don’t get modern art.  I thought the fire department boat was really cool, man it can pump out a lot of water!  Anyway we walked around harbourfront for a while then had lunch in China town and went home.  Did a few errands in the afternoon but that’s about it.

Sigh my long weekend is almost over but it was a good one and I call a great country like Canada home.

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