Xmas & Science

Yesterday we didn’t do too much, Maggie went to play badminton while Brandon and I hung around the house.  He put together the Mega Blocks TMNT Turtle Mech and in the evening went to Amanda & Ray’s house for the traditional Sun family xmas dinner.

I haven’t really talked to my father in the last 2 1/2 years but we chatted for quite a bit, he apologized and asked if we could move on and obviously I said yes.  It’s been tough during that time but we all deserve a second chance and I’m glad we can move forward.  I don’t hold grudges, so it’s a new day and I look forward to what 2018 brings for us!  We had dinner and the kids all played quite nicely together, Ethan & Emily are growing up and the latter looks more and more like her mom everyday!

Got to play with Douglas’ PS4 VR setup and that was definitely cool though I did get some motion sickness.  I wonder if you can get use to it…  Anyway we left just past 10:30pm, lol Brandon’s bedtimes during the holiday season are completely out of whack but lol it’s the holidays right.

Today we went to the Ontario Science Center, it’s our holiday tradition and Brandon has such a curious mind.

I’m so lucky, no matter what he’s always has the most fun of all the kids and Brandon had a blast.  We also saw two of the science shows which were fun as the discussions were about energy (there was some fire) and the second was all about fire.  Everyone was tired around 3pm, so we headed home and spent the rest of the afternoon evening inside as it started to get really cold outside.  Tomorrow we head to the ROM so I’ll have more pictures then but fun filled day and I’m almost ready to call it a night.

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