AR family

So today in Toronto it’s very cold (-20c brr) and while Maggie is working on some stuff and Brandon is playing upstairs I took a picture of my AR family. 😉

My ever trusty Norinco CQ-A, the Daniel Defense MK18 and an Aero Precision CQBR, all chambered in 5.56×45.  I don’t shoot the Norinco much anymore, the DD MK18 is my primary long arm but I’ll be running the Aero Precision CQBR quite a bit, it’s custom built and I want to ensure all the bugs have been worked out.  I’ve already put ~400 rounds through it and will be using it in a few classes this year for sure.

I’m itching to go to the range but the forecast kind of sucks and the weather looks to be very cold for the next few weeks…

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