Go away snow

Ugh so much snow the last few days, there must be over 30cm on my lawn.  Sigh I had some stuff planned for this weekend but it looks like I won’t do any of it due to bad weather, that’s ok though better to be safe than sorry and the driving conditions are atrocious. With that said today was my St. Johns Ambulance first aid renewal class and yay I passed.

It wasn’t hard frankly and I’m happy to report that I retained much of what I was taught last time around which is good since the instructor had a pretty heavy Newfoundland accent and I couldn’t understand him when he spoke fast.  To celebrate I shoveled my driveway when I returned home, initially I wanted to shovel once before I left but I was lazy which only added to the “fun” when I returned.

I have a young family, Brandon is super energetic and this is a good skill to have just in case. 🙂

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