Family day 2018

Today we went over to my mom’s home  to celebrate Chinese New Year albeit a few days late and it was good to see everyone.  Hehe little Georgia is so damn cute, I really love babies and she’s very sweet.  Estelle would prefer to limit her photos online so I’ll adhere to those wishes and won’t post any of the cute photos that I took but take my word for it, it was great. 😉

Brandon enjoys combing his hair and he’s pretty handsome with his hair all professional like. I’m learning to use Estelle’s Canon T5i camera, Megan wants me to take photos at her wedding later this year so while I’ll have the 70D handy, a backup camera is always good.  I didn’t compose this shot very well and the background was way too bright, I recovered quite a bit of detail in Lightroom but it could have been better…

We had an early lunch so the little one could keep her sleep schedule and by 1pm we left to go home.  Maggie and Brandon took a nap while I did some exercise and cleaning it was a pretty lazy day and since there’s work tomorrow we’ll have a quiet night.

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