Lighter but better?

I love my Elcan SpecterDR optical sight, it’s served me very well over the years for both airsoft and real steel shooting but at the end of the day my arms are always like jelly.  I have a ton of crap on my DD MK18 and I do use everything on it so lightening it up is difficult but I wanted to see if I could get by with a red dot and magnifier combo.

Last week I picked up a used Aimpoint T1 micro 2 moa red dot and yesterday I dropped by Brayden’s place to trade for his 3x Aimpoint magnifier.

Each set up is a compromise, the glass quality on the Elcan is better but the 1x setting is a bit slower than a dedicated red dot and the Docter sight I have on top sits super high.  The Aimpoint T1 micro is really fast with CQB work but the 3x magnifier’s glass while good, is not as good as the Elcan (smaller field of view too), doesn’t zoom as far (Elcan does both 1x & 4x) but saves almost 200 grams which is pretty significant.

I think this year I’ll try using the Aimpoint combo and see how that goes, it does seem to be a waste though to have $2k in optics just sitting on my shelf.

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