Great day!

Today was a lot of fun, in the morning I went to Silverdale with Brian & Brayden, haven’t shot with those guys in a while so it was nice to see them.  We went to the competition range and ran some drills, the pistol Dot Torture was a lot of fun to do, first time we tried it and for the stuff we practice often it was easy but the single handed shots (both strong and support) were quite difficult.  Later we busted out the ARs and did some movement drills, basic stuff nothing too hard as the ground was uneven due to the ice and snow.

Yes there was about 10-15 cm of snow/ice at the range which made it more fun. 😉  I’ve been thinking about swapping the stock DD MK18 AR15 trigger and after playing with the Geissele SSA in Brayden’s NEA I think it’ll be one of my next upgrades.  It’s a two stage and when dry firing, it was so smooth I pulled the trigger a few times without expecting it.  The one in the MK18 isn’t bad, I’ve shot it enough that it’s crisp but it’s pretty heavy so if I can help myself shoot better, why not right.

We were sharing the comp range with a few other people, two IPSC guys who didn’t stay long and another guy as we were wrapping up, anyway it was great to shoot with those two and I can’t wait to do it again, though I have a feeling it’ll be messier next time out.

I got home just past 2pm, Maggie and Brandon were out so I took the opportunity to clean my stuff and when they returned it was painting time for Brandon.

Brandon loves art and I do my best to encourage him as it’s a great way for him to keep up with his creativity and while he draws a lot, I thought it’d be fun for him to expand and try painting.  He really enjoyed himself, he drew a picture of two sea serpents in the water (lighting in the background) and painted a bird house. 🙂  I love it all, his artwork is probably my most prized possessions and I’ll figure out a way to hang the painting in the basement shortly.

A fun weekend, too bad it was so short and I didn’t get quite enough shooting in but it’s ok I’ll just go and wrestle with Brandon after dinner to work off any extra energy I have. 😀

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