Busy Easter weekend!

On Good Friday, I had initially planned on going to Silverdale but seeing as how I still haven’t received my TriggerTech AR15 trigger yet I bailed, just wasn’t feeling it so I lounged around the house and relaxed while Maggie and Brandon went to play badminton.  In the afternoon we went to the Eaton Center so Maggie could do some shopping and it was rather weird, I hadn’t been in a mall in years (I don’t like shopping) so I wasn’t use to it being so busy and cramped, still Maggie had a good time so that was good.  At around 630pm, we left the mall and headed to the Skydome to watch the Blue Jays play the Yankees.  None of us are really baseball fans but I didn’t know what to get Maggie for her birthday so I figure we’d do something different.

Second game of the season so it was pretty busy, we sat in the 100s (row 15) and had a a great view though Brandon might have had difficulties as the viewing angle was relatively flat and there were some big people in front of us.  The little guy also didn’t understand the game he was bored later on lol.  The home team lost but we still had a lot of fun.

Saturday as an annual tradition we went to Downeys farm just north of Brampton for Easter Egg hunting.  Yes there are places that do similar things that are closer but we’ve gone to this place for some time now and it’s one that the little guy loves.

We met up with Michelle & her daughter there and the kids got along pretty well.  The ground was pretty frozen though there were some muddy parts, didn’t bother Brandon one bit as he was dressed properly for the weather and conditions.  In the afternoon we went to Estelle’s home to have a belated birthday gathering for Maggie, I had to bring down my battery booster as someone broke into their car and the battery was dead (bach hatch was left open and the lights must have ran the battery down), a few odds and ends were stolen but nothing too serious and the car started up just fine after a boost.  I left it at Estelle & Imran’s house in case they have some difficulties again, the battery is pretty old so it could have problems at any moment.

Estelle made tacos and it was very tasty!  Little Georgia is very sweet and a few times asked me to hold her so I happily obliged, she’s much lighter than my boy who also still likes to be held.  We left around 8, I dropped my mom off then went home and just messed around the rest of the evening.

Today nothing much is planned, the family is rather tired from the previous day’s activities so I suspect we’ll just hang out at home which is just fine by me, I love being lazy and doing nothing. 😉

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