Absolutely correct!

Anyone who reads my blog knows that my political views are rather liberal and one thing that’s always irked me is how Republicans in the US blame President Obama and the Democratic party for the country’s misfortunes.  Considering what occurred during the Republican rule in the last decade, they have no right to lecture anyone on fiscal responsibility! It’s President Bush and the Republican party’s fault that the US (and the world) is in the mess that it’s in. Behold the result of the great neo con “small government, free market” experiment, a global economy in tatters.

This conservative knows who’s to blame but unfortunately the rest of them continue to lie through their teeth…

But the truth was always that the economy performed very, very badly under Bush, and the best efforts of his cheerleaders cannot change that fact because the data don’t lie.
Source: The Daily Beast

It’s a good albeit long read.

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