Aren’t they pretty?

So like a good redneck on my day off (every long weekend I get an extra day), I spent some time cleaning my rifles specifically my AR15s.  It’s been a while since I’ve given them a thorough scrubbing and the DD MK18 was obviously the dirtiest but it’s minty fresh now.  While I had the various rifles broken down I spent some time on the bolt carrier groups of each and argh I have a chip on my NEA bolt.

From top to bottom, the Stag NiB BCG, the Daniel Defense BCG and the NEA.  I hate that brand, NEA is junk and I purchased this thing before I knew any better but with my experiences and Brayden’s who’s had to send his rifle back a few times, I’ll never buy their stuff again.  Anyway as the picture on the right shows, the chip is small but I’ve seen quite a few NEA bolts break at the cam pin so I’m not taking any chances and will get it replaced.  The DD on the other hand has the most mileage on it and is in great condition, when I get the replacement NEA back I’ll sell it and buy something else.

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