Repro FAST Goggle Swivel Clip set

Mario liked how I rigged up my mesh lower to attach to my helmet instead of my goggles, agreed that it would be very handy for mil sims and wanted to do the same thing. Despite me warning him not to, he ordered a set of replica FAST goggle swivel clips from Airsoft Depot and got junk. I empathize, he generally runs real stuff like me but ordered the repro clips because he could get it quickly (in time for this weekend’s game) and Ops-core is pretty darn slow still.


The repro FAST goggle swivel clips certainly look the part and I placed my real Ops-Core ARC rail adapter next to the fake one. That’s about as good as it gets though…


In the third picture, you’ll see the back side of the replica and real ARC rail adapter and clearly missing from the replica is a raised plastic key that inserts into the ARC rail’s lock. That’s right there’s absolutely no way to secure the replica adapter to a real Ops-Core ARC rail. With my FAST Base Jump, the replica POS slides around easily and falls out if I tip my helmet 90 degrees… My guess is that a fake helmet has an ever so slightly narrower ARC rail and that the adapter would be held in by friction, otherwise this goggle clip set would be completely useless.

I hate to be so negative but the repro FAST goggle swivel clip set is garbage and I have never had any luck with the stuff I purchased at Airsoft Depot. Perhaps my standards are higher than the average airsofter, I mean I have been playing for 8 years now but every time I buy a replica piece of gear (or in this case Mario) it never works. If you’re looking to buy some parts or gear, do yourself the favor of buying real… Yes it’s more expensive but it retains a much higher resale value and you know it won’t crap out on you when you need it most. Or in this case right out of the packaging for Mario and he agrees with me, no more crap from that place no matter how tempting.

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