AR15 Toys

I ordered some AR15 parts from True North Arms a couple of weeks ago, they were closed last week for Shot Show down in Las Vegas anyway I forgot all about it and today I was greeted with a fun little package. 😀

The big thing I wanted was an ambidextrous safety for my Daniel Defense MK18 rifle.  Not sure why for a mid to high range rifle, DD doesn’t already include one but in any case I really missed it last year when I did a class completely shooting support hand.  Anyway that’s been solved now and in addition to the new safety, I also got a upper & lower vice block set so I can work more easily on my ARs in the future.  🙂


Maggie and Brandon are going to China next Wednesday for 10 days to visit her parents, unfortunately I’m a bit busy so can’t go with them.  Anyway I know it’s important for Brandon to see his grand parents but a selfish part of me wishes he were not going because I know I’ll miss him so much.  I’ll miss Maggie too but I always miss Brandon more and will worry constantly about their safety.

Great I have a week and a half to drive myself crazy before it gets real lol.

Automation and a scary future

When I look at the future, I really do worry about the upcoming automation wave and what it may do to our society.  Right now many low skilled jobs are being replaced by machines, the popular right wing talking point is that those are entry level jobs, stepping stones and that people should be striving for more, easy to say but the realities of the world are another thing.  What’s the excuse when robots start taking jobs from family doctors, lawyers or accountants, these are not people we think of being “losers” in society.

AJ+ has put together a great series of videos talking about the subject.

I really hope that by Maggie and I are retired before our jobs get automated away, mine is a bit harder I think (though not sure) as it’s based on human relationships but Maggie’s an accountant which is basically a series of inputs and outputs, her job could be done by a robot pretty easily. 🙁 I also worry about Brandon’s future, what type of job can he do that won’t be automated?

It’s something as a society we really need to think about, I think the solution we’ll eventually get to is some sort of universal basic income where everyone gets money no strings attached.  Our society at the moment is built on consumption by the masses, if the masses have no money then it no longer works.  In the short term I think it’s going to be very scary, the optimist in me thinks that the future can be really bright where robots do everything for us and we can live our lives out in luxury but the pessimist thinks we may head down some dystopian path where everyone except the richest people live in slums.

Who knows what the future will bring but this reality is closer than many think.


So today I took my mom to get cataracts surgery for her right eye.  The procedure is pretty routine and was quick but we still had to wait about 3 hours before it could get done.  The whole time I’m there I’m thinking it’s hospitals where a zombie outbreak will occur first…

I told her it’d be cooler if she got a black eye patch like a pirate. 😉  Anyway she can’t do any heavy lifting and can’t drive so she’ll be staying over at my place tonight, just as a precaution in case she has to go back to the hospital or something but she should be just fine.

Productive weekend!

This weekend I gave myself a project of cleaning out the laundry room at home and well I think it went pretty well.  My laundry room is fair sized and became a storage area so it was time to go through everything and chuck whatever was not needed.

Sigh I had already removed some things from the shelf on the left which is why it looks so bare in the first picture but as you can see yeah it’s a mess.  LOL we’re lazy and store some clean clothes on top of the machines.  It’s still pretty busy but at least it’s cleaner now and easier to organize.  Will probably have to undertake this whole process again in a few years.

While I was at it, I bought a new heavier duty shelving unit to put crap on in my man cave and used my old shelf to house our Nerf guns, I think it looks pretty darn cool. 🙂

Hmm looking at it all organized, it doesn’t feel like that much maybe I should buy some more.  The guns at the top are the ones I typically use while the ones in the middle are Brandon’s guns as are the two at the very bottom.  We’ll play some Nerf probably later tonight, the boy likes that and I got nothing to do anyway.

Oh our old el cheapo Panasonic canister vacuum that I purchased well before Maggie and I were married (for $100) finally died today.  Not a bad run I think we had it for 15 years so I got my money’s worth out of it.  I wanted to buy a Dyson but we’re saving money so instead I picked up a Hoover Air Power Canister, it works on the same principle as a Dyson but is about half the cost since it was on sale at $229.  I like that it has a powered scrubbing head, we have carpet upstairs so it’ll grab Slinky & Maggie’s hair, to clean it I have to disassemble it but it’s not too bad and let’s hope this one lasts as long too.

I feel pretty good with how my boring yet relaxing weekend went.  We generated too much garbage though it’s going to take us a few weeks to get rid of it.

My little artist

Brandon loves to draw and man he’s gotten so good as he’s grown older!

I preferred the pencil sketch and the brontosaurus had some finer details before he coloured it in but ya, my little Picasso and I love all of his work.

We see you

Hmm it’s been a week since my last post, I haven’t been particularly busy but I guess I didn’t have time to blog.  Anyway on Wednesday John my neighbor shared some disturbing images with me, a friend of his down the street told him to share that someone was snooping around their house.

This was done last Monday at 1pm, not surprised as during the weekday from 10am-3pm is typically when most break ins happen, anyway the police were called and while they couldn’t really do anything, they let the homeowner know that this person is known to them and has broken into houses in the past in the area.  There was a get out the word campaign so I told some friends around the area too.

It’s one of my biggest fears considering what type of hobbies I have, I’ve bolted my cabinets to the wall and secured my stuff the best I can but I guess one can never be too vigilant.  Going to be upgrading security around the house, lol I’ll blog about that when it’s done. 🙂

A long time…

Today my father came over, I was a bit nervous as it’s been a while since we’ve talked and it was good to see him.  Maggie, Brandon and Slinky were good, we went for dim sum then came home to chat for a bit.  We have a lot to catch up on and I hope that this is a good sign of things to come.

He left around 2 or 3pm I think then we hung around the house the rest of the day.  Over the weekend Brandon and I have been playing this new Pokemon game (god I don’t even like Pokemon), I think it’s unlicensed, anyway it’s called Monster Manual and it’s pretty fun.

He’s playing on my work phone, anyway it’s mainly battling we can’t really do co-op yet but I created a guild and hope to be able to play with him somehow.  Back to work tomorrow, it was relaxing but tiring too.

It’s pretty

This morning my sisters, little Georgia, Imran and my mom came over, in the summer we’ll be taking a Mediterranean cruise together and we were finalizing details on where we’re staying when we fly into Rome at the end of June.  Didn’t mean to go to Italy again but the ship’s port is around the city so that’s fine I loved the place. 🙂  They didn’t stay too long but I did have a lot of fun playing with the baby, I miss holding kids that size.

Everyone left around lunch time and then Maggie took Brandon to play badminton so I hung around the house and decided to take some pictures of my 5.56×45 ammo, why I dunno for fun.

The partially filled case has 62gr Federal “Green Tip” or M855 ammo while while the rest is 55gr XM193.  I don’t carry the heavy metal cases with me, the small plastic case with 55gr ammo is typically what I bring to the range.  It looks like a lot but when you go through ~400 rounds per trip, it goes pretty quickly so I buy as much as I can when it’s on sale. 🙂  Maggie complains but I tell her it doesn’t go bad and lasts forever, I’ll shoot it so I’m saving money in the long run but she doesn’t get it for some reason lol…

Tomorrow is going to be cold too and we’re going out for lunch with my father.

Got to love Canadian weather…

This week’s pretty cold and then I read this…

The weather may have warmed up slightly in recent days, but get ready for another deep freeze.

On top of the continued City of Toronto cold weather alert in place since Christmas Day, Environment Canada issued a weather statement Wednesday warning of a “cold snap” expected Thursday through Saturday.

“Extreme cold warning criteria of -30 C is expected to be met in many places Thursday night into Friday and again Friday night into Saturday,” the statement said.

Source: Toronto Star

LOL it got warmer?  It’s been pretty solidly cold since uh last Wednesday, I dress for the weather and am not afraid of the cold so it doesn’t bother me much but yeah this has been a pretty cold winter, at least compared to last year.