Busy Easter weekend!

On Good Friday, I had initially planned on going to Silverdale but seeing as how I still haven’t received my TriggerTech AR15 trigger yet I bailed, just wasn’t feeling it so I lounged around the house and relaxed while Maggie and Brandon went to play badminton.  In the afternoon we went to the Eaton Center so Maggie could do some shopping and it was rather weird, I hadn’t been in a mall in years (I don’t like shopping) so I wasn’t use to it being so busy and cramped, still Maggie had a good time so that was good.  At around 630pm, we left the mall and headed to the Skydome to watch the Blue Jays play the Yankees.  None of us are really baseball fans but I didn’t know what to get Maggie for her birthday so I figure we’d do something different.

Second game of the season so it was pretty busy, we sat in the 100s (row 15) and had a a great view though Brandon might have had difficulties as the viewing angle was relatively flat and there were some big people in front of us.  The little guy also didn’t understand the game he was bored later on lol.  The home team lost but we still had a lot of fun.

Saturday as an annual tradition we went to Downeys farm just north of Brampton for Easter Egg hunting.  Yes there are places that do similar things that are closer but we’ve gone to this place for some time now and it’s one that the little guy loves.

We met up with Michelle & her daughter there and the kids got along pretty well.  The ground was pretty frozen though there were some muddy parts, didn’t bother Brandon one bit as he was dressed properly for the weather and conditions.  In the afternoon we went to Estelle’s home to have a belated birthday gathering for Maggie, I had to bring down my battery booster as someone broke into their car and the battery was dead (bach hatch was left open and the lights must have ran the battery down), a few odds and ends were stolen but nothing too serious and the car started up just fine after a boost.  I left it at Estelle & Imran’s house in case they have some difficulties again, the battery is pretty old so it could have problems at any moment.

Estelle made tacos and it was very tasty!  Little Georgia is very sweet and a few times asked me to hold her so I happily obliged, she’s much lighter than my boy who also still likes to be held.  We left around 8, I dropped my mom off then went home and just messed around the rest of the evening.

Today nothing much is planned, the family is rather tired from the previous day’s activities so I suspect we’ll just hang out at home which is just fine by me, I love being lazy and doing nothing. 😉

Happy birthday babe!

Yay it’s Maggie’s birthday today and I’d like to wish her the best.  I won’t say how old she is, she won’t like that and this year I really couldn’t think about what to get her so I bought tickets to see the Blue Jays on Friday.  We’re not baseball fans but it’s something different and thought that she’d enjoy the experience, seeing sports in person is always more fun.

Also in a funny coincidence as if Tesla knew it was Maggie’s birthday, I got the email that our Model 3 is ready if we want the RWD version.

I’ve known the price for a while now as some of my friends who currently own Tesla’s have gotten their notice already and frankly I don’t know if we’ll go ahead with it any more as I don’t want to spend that much money on a car.  To some cars are a status symbol, toy or whatever but for me they’re purely utilitarian.  I was hoping with the long range battery and AWD that the car would top out at $60k but looks like that’s a pipe dream, I bet AWD adds another ~$10k to the price. 🙁

What to do, yeah it’s very cool and I love the technology but I just don’t want to spend that type of money on a car unfortunately.


So today Laura and I went to TACCOM hosted by Firearms Outlet Canada and it was a lot of fun!  Lots of small guns, big guns, prohibs, etc to look and drool over.  For once I’m not in the gun buying mood so but I did browse many of the retailers looking for accessories.

I actually bought a TriggerTech Adaptable AR curved trigger online yesterday and was hoping to pick it up from the store but they weren’t ready for pickups due to the show so that was a bit of a downer but I understand.  I did end up buying a Vortex Crossfire red dot, it’s a very good copy of the Aimpoint T1, at 1/3 the price and that’ll replace the Bushnell TRS25 on my CSA vz58.  I also grabbed two Lancer Tactical 5/30 AR mags and another 1k of 9mm CCI ammo as it was a great price.

It’s a shame I didn’t get my trigger so this will have to suffice for the time being and I’ll probably pick it up Thursday so I can play with it on Friday at the range. 😀

The rest of the day we stuck around the house, Maggie is busy since it’s tax season so I played with the boy and it was very relaxing.

Wendy’s Appreciation Night

On Wednesday the 5th/13th Agincourt Scouts, Cubs & Beavers held our annual Wendy’s appreciation night at Victoria Park & 401 location.  They’re a great sponsor and all the staff is always super friendly to the kids. 🙂

The kids had a great time and they’re an awesome sponsor, if you’re in the area and want to support an independent business go to Wendy’s. 😉

Rod Giltaca of the Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights had an excellent reply to the government introduction of bill C71.

Gun control in Canada is more about fluff than substance, adding more restrictions on someone like myself does nothing to stem gun violence.  The root causes of gun issues here or anywhere in the world are multifaceted, there are no easy answers and I’d say it’ll take even longer than 10 years, it’d probably require a generational shift in thinking in order to persuade people to not take up a life of crime.

Better opportunities, a living wage & less systemic racism would go a lot more way in terms of solving gun violence than banning guns would.

Wow from the CBC!

There was an interesting story in the CBC about why the Liberals picked 2013 as the baseline year to compare gun related crime & deaths.

That’s because 2013 saw Canada’s lowest rate of criminal homicides in 50 years, and the lowest rate of fatal shootings ever recorded by Statistics Canada.

In 2013, Canadians killed each other at the lowest rate since 1966 — 30 per cent below the average of the previous three decades. Statistics Canada’s homicide report for 2013 clearly identifies it as a record-breaking year.

“To be worth much, a report based on sampling must use a representative sample,” wrote Huff.

But 2013 does not represent any kind of Canadian norm. Choosing it as a baseline could be seen as an example of what statisticians call “selection bias.”

Source: CBC

Get out of here, politicians and governments cherry pick numbers that suit their purposes?  I don’t have any problem with reasonable control of anything but the key word is reasonable and the Liberal bill C71 will do nothing to address crime.

0.6% of all crime

So this is a power point slide from the government and it shows that gun crime in 2016 makes up 0.6% of crime in Canada or 3% of violent crime…

Of the 0.6% of crime committed with a gun I wonder how many were perpetrated by licensed gun owners, considering we get RCMP background checks daily, I think probably very little.  If this doesn’t show people that we’re focusing on the wrong things, then they’re ideologues who do not listen to reason.  If one truly wants to deal with crime (or even violent crime), there are many other avenues that will get results much quicker and as I mentioned yesterday, complicated issues require a whole bunch of issues to be addressed at the same time.

Good intentions, horrible bill

I get it that most people don’t give two shits about gun owners or our concerns but man the way Bill C71 which was just proposed by the federal Liberal government sucks. Most of it is window dressing and stuff that’s already being done like checking people’s PALs before purchasing firearms, more background checks (I guess once a day through the RCMP database is not good enough?) but what really irks me is the ability for the RCMP to classify firearms anyway they want.

In 2014, the RCMP classified the CZ 858 & Swiss Arms rifles as prohibited, even though both were available legally for sale for over 10 years.  At the time the only options given to gun owners were to turn in the firearms for destruction (with no compensation), now the Liberals are creating a new prohibited class just for those rifles, that sounds good except in Ontario the CFO doesn’t allow most ranges to fire prohibited weapons.

Sigh when will people acknowledge that there are no simple answers to life’s problems, gun crime in Canada is already extremely low, you’re 10x more likely to die from a drunk driver than be killed by a gun yet it’s not politically expedient to tackle that issue.  Let’s see how this plays out, something tells me that it will not be fun to be a gun owner for the next little while…

Why spam me?

So over the last week I’ve started receiving spam bots posting anti gun, funny since my reach is near nil but whatever.  I’m about as left as one can get on many issues (equal rights, environment, fiscal, domestic, & foreign policy) and I try to be as intellectually consistent as possible.  While I understand why people don’t like guns, I’ve always been a proponent that one should be able to do whatever the hell they want as long as it doesn’t affect anyone else.  I don’t use recreational drugs but I recently applauded that the Liberal party is at least talking about legalizing all drugs as the current war on it has been a colossal failure.

I find one of the biggest problems in politics these days is that the sides only yell at each other and are not willing to listen to reason.  I love debating, post some facts, I’d love to see them and counter with my own.  Why do I have to justify my one of my many hobbies, we don’t ask people why they need a Ferrari or Rolls Royce when a Honda Civic will get one from point A to B in the same “legal” time frame.  There are many things that are bad that people do everyday, some even kill and at a much higher rate than guns but we don’t seem to be talking about banning alcohol for instance.

Totally willing to have a conversation on gun crime and the root causes of it but to blame it on guns I feel is wrong.  There are no easy answers to many of the ills that affect society and the sooner we recognize that the better.  I don’t think banning anything is helpful it’s a position I’ve always taken, I’m ok with tight regulation though and as a gun owner I jump through many loops already.  How many people out there can say they get a background check everyday?  Well I do.

Let’s have a talk as adults, there’s no reason why one should be an ideologue on any issue as nothing is ever black and white.

We lost a great one

Today we lost Professor Stephen Hawking, he made science cool for the masses while being a great theoretical physicist. Despite being afflicted with ALS, he persevered and made an impact on humanity, his contribution to the sciences will be remembered for generations to come.

Hawking first earned prominence for his theoretical work on black holes. Disproving the belief that black holes are so dense that nothing could escape their gravitational pull, he showed that black holes leak a tiny bit of light and other types of radiation, now known as “Hawking radiation.”

“It came as a complete surprise,” said Gary Horowitz, a theoretical physicist at the University of California, Santa Barbara. “It really was quite revolutionary.”

Horowitz said the find helped move scientists one step closer to cracking the unified theory.

Hawking’s other major scientific contribution was to cosmology, the study of the universe’s origin and evolution. Working with Jim Hartle of the University of California, Santa Barbara, Hawking proposed in 1983 that space and time might have no beginning and no end. “Asking what happens before the Big Bang is like asking for a point one mile north of the North Pole,” he said.

Source: The Star

I enjoyed his books and he will be sorely missed by many.