Why is there so much hate

I wanted to post about this earlier but was really busy the last few days with work and family matters and I’m sure you’ve heard that there was a mass shooting at a mosque in Quebec City.  When I read about the event all I could think of was how can someone have so much hate in their hearts to cause them to do something like this.  Regardless of your politics this is wrong and I was happy to see everyone condemn this type of action.

I’m looking forward to the trial and seeing what this man’s ideology was, it’s reported he’s a supporter of the “alt right” movement (right wing terrorism strikes again) and after justice is rendered, I hope he rots in jail.

3 thoughts on “Why is there so much hate

  1. While doing some research into this news story I was amazed to discover that Canada harbors so many extremest groups. I thought that Canada was a land of gentle and polite people, eh.


    pax in terra

  2. Hi Smiley.

    Haha we do have our own problems up here in Canada though typically they don’t turn as violent.

  3. It must be all that strong Canadian beer!

    pax in terra

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