Expensive weekend

I really should have put on our winter tires sooner but I’ve been lazy…  Anyway after the first snow touched down on Thursday, well it was time to put them on and the Toyota was due for a new set.  We purchased a new set of Michelin X-Ice III tires, not sure how long we’ll keep the Matrix for but I figure if I sell the car, I’ll probably get a Prius and can bring them over to the new car. 🙂

My old steel rims look worse then they really are, there’s surface rust but it’s nothing bad still the tires cost close to $700 plus I got rust proofing done on the Toyota & Mini which also swapped tires this weekend and finally renewed my stickers so when the weekend’s done we probably spent close to $1,200.  Sigh all in the name of safety right.

No story to the middle picture, Slinky just likes to roll on his back to greet us and I thought it was really cute since he’s so fluffy!

As for the S&W 686 revolver, I had a chance to tear it down because it was acting a bit weird and on a hunch it was the main spring tension.  There’s a small screw in the grip that adjusts it and it was very loose so the hammer wasn’t hitting the firing pin hard enough to set off the primers once ever 5 shots. Anyway it’s nice and tight again so we should be good, too bad I can’t use it at the next rifle class next Saturday.

All in all a good weekend, just wrapping up some work that I brought home with me, it’s my busy season so if I expect my guys to work on their personal time I better as well too.

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