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Over the weekend I read this article on the CBC and I couldn’t help but find it so darn preachy.  Now I get it, my views are bias since I’m a gun enthusiast but frankly there are many things in the world that I don’t agree with yet I do not push my views onto others.

A child can touch a hot stove and they’ll learn that it burns, and they probably won’t do it again. But with a toy gun, there isn’t a similar outcome. Associating guns with fun is a problem, because it doesn’t challenge the tool itself as a problem. And it is a problem, because people are dying every day. If we don’t have these uncomfortable, difficult conversations about guns and what’s happening right now, and literally stop buying them, we’re complicit.

Source: CBC

I hate taking right wing talking points because I’m pretty liberal about things but if the above is the case, I hope he doesn’t let his kid play with cars or drink in front of the kid because cars and alcohol kill people at greater numbers than guns do.  I mean if the kid had some weird fetish with guns I might get it but by being so strict, guns will always have a mystique surrounding them and we all know how kids like to rebel and do stuff they’re not suppose to.  At a more primal level, we’re animals and look at how young carnivores play, mock combat so frankly it’s built into us.

If he doesn’t want his kids to play with guns fine that’s fair enough but don’t tell me what I should or should not do with my family.

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