38th birthday weekend!

So on Friday I turned 38 years old and man time really flies when you’re older.  I feel fortunate to be where I am in life and am very content with everything, Maggie says I’m too easy to be content but I don’t see that as a problem. 😉  We didn’t really do anything other than go out to eat on Friday, Saturday I went to the last rifle class of the year hosted by WGT Consulting and it was great.

As I parked the car and gathered my gear, I decided to shoot the class with my support hand (left handed).  I’m a decent shot right handed and wanted the added challenge and boy was it hard!  Not everything with my Daniel Defense MK18 is ambidextrous and I quickly learnt that I really need to install ambi controls as that’d really help out next time.

It was a skills builder course we we practiced a lot of the less sexy yet important drills like mag changes, how to deal with stoppages and basic marksmanship proficiency which is exactly what I needed shooting as a lefty.  I’m no where near as good shooting support as with my strong side but it opened my eyes at how difficult things can be and I now know what I need to change to get better.  It’s fun to do what’s hard rather than always doing what I already know.

I was pretty fortunate too since there was no rain (a bit of misting at times but nothing heavy) during the class, the forecast said there’d be 30-40mm of rain Saturday and it came as I was driving home.  That frankly was pretty scary, the rain came down hard and it was also foggy out so to be safe I drove behind a tractor trailer for much of way back.  I just couldn’t see and would prefer to take longer getting home than die lol.

After ~500 rounds the MK18 was pretty darn dirty but thanks to the nickle boron coating on my STAG BCG everything came off pretty easily.  In the last picture it shows the two speed loaders that the family got for me, I really love it and while the revolver is a super impractical weapon this makes reloading it a bit faster.

Today we didn’t do too much other than go to my mom’s place to celebrate my birthday and it was fun.  Hehe little Georgia was a bit sick but she’s so damn cute and I love baby talk.  Other than chilling we didn’t do much and that’s exactly what I love doing, while I’m sore from the class it was a pretty great weekend overall. 🙂

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