Anyone who reads my blog knows that I’m generally a lefty on most issues (not all though) but with all the sexual harassment/assaults coming to light, it’s time for the hypocrites to come out.

A HuffPost–YouGov survey finds 76 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners think Democrats have a very or somewhat serious problem with sexual harassment.

But just 40 percent of Republicans think sexual harassment is a very or somewhat serious problem in their own party, while a slightly higher percentage, 43 percent of Republicans, think it’s not an issue within their own party.

A majority of Democrats, 60 percent, think their own party has a sexual harassment problem, while 75 percent of Democrats think sexual harassment is a very or somewhat serious problem within the GOP.

Source: The Hill

WHAT?  Look all I’m asking for are people to be intellectually consistent, this isn’t a right or left thing it’s a power thing.  Those who have power often abuse that power for their own gains, what a surprise but this poll really makes me laugh, look who Republicans elected, Trump has so many accusers and is known to be a womanizer.  Is it too much to ask people not to be hypocrites and condemn bad shit that happens everywhere…

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