Day off means range time!

So I took today off and went to Silverdale to have some fun.  As I get out of my car to look for a RO to see if I can use the competition range I realize that I didn’t wear or bring my boots, darn it!  Sigh it’s ok, I went to the action range and had a good time with my pistols.

It’s been a while since I’ve taken taken a target home but I was pretty happy with the above.  That was a 20 shot grouping from 10 meters with the HK SFP9 and while it might not be a big deal for others, it’s good for me and nice that I’m improving.

Laura and her father went to Silverdale too but they were shooting at the longer distance ranges with their rifles so other than talking briefly we didn’t shoot much together.  Another member at the action range with me let me shoot his Ruger 44 magnum revolver and that thing is a beast!  The grip was a bit too large for my hands, it had polished wood so I didn’t handle the recoil well but man, you want to talk about power try hitting a plate with that thing, crazy.

Left the range around 12, got home around 2, picked up Brandon then went out to eat dinner when Maggie came home.  A nice day, too bad it’s over already but at least I still have two days to look forward to.

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