Another 10.5″?

Thursday I agreed to purchase a Norinco 10.5″ AR15 upper for $300 which was a good price and I like the form factor because it’s nice and small.  Anyway this morning I went to pick it up and immediately knew it was not a Norc.  The barrel is stamped High Standard and the upper has a square on the right side which indicates it was forged by Brass Forging though I’m not sure who finished it.  The finish on everything is much better than on my actual Norinco 14.5″ AR15 so I’m pretty stoked that I got an American made 10.5″ AR15 complete upper for the price I did, probably saved easy $200 on this thing!

It didn’t come with a charging handle or BCG but I have extra handles and slapped my spare Daniel Defense BCG into it.  I also took all the “CQBR” stuff off the 10.5″ PSA 7.62×39 upper and slapped it on this thing, seems more appropriate lol.  Too bad I didn’t have it yesterday, I guess I’ll just have to go to the range again and give this thing a thorough work out. 😀

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