It’s pretty

This morning my sisters, little Georgia, Imran and my mom came over, in the summer we’ll be taking a Mediterranean cruise together and we were finalizing details on where we’re staying when we fly into Rome at the end of June.  Didn’t mean to go to Italy again but the ship’s port is around the city so that’s fine I loved the place. 🙂  They didn’t stay too long but I did have a lot of fun playing with the baby, I miss holding kids that size.

Everyone left around lunch time and then Maggie took Brandon to play badminton so I hung around the house and decided to take some pictures of my 5.56×45 ammo, why I dunno for fun.

The partially filled case has 62gr Federal “Green Tip” or M855 ammo while while the rest is 55gr XM193.  I don’t carry the heavy metal cases with me, the small plastic case with 55gr ammo is typically what I bring to the range.  It looks like a lot but when you go through ~400 rounds per trip, it goes pretty quickly so I buy as much as I can when it’s on sale. 🙂  Maggie complains but I tell her it doesn’t go bad and lasts forever, I’ll shoot it so I’m saving money in the long run but she doesn’t get it for some reason lol…

Tomorrow is going to be cold too and we’re going out for lunch with my father.

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