Stupid DST

I think I complain about it every year and I’ll do it again now, I freaking hate day lights savings time!  Perhaps it still serves a purpose to someone but I hate it…

Anyway this weekend was rather relaxing, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary, Brandon did his activities yesterday and we hung around the house today.  Aleksandra came over, I’ve known her for years but it was the first time she been by because she needed Maggie to help her with her taxes and it was nice to catch up. 🙂

Brandon drew and painted Charizard, he loves Pokemon and I think he did a rather good job.

The black lines on the left are the flames, unfortunately we didn’t have any red so he made due and I think it looked pretty good.  On the right I really like his sketch before colouring, ahh my little Picasso!

I also worked on my belt kit, I did quite a few gun classes last year and I’ve adjusted my belt to better suit my body mechanics and movement.

Right now it’s set up for a rifle class where I’ll also be wearing a plate carrier, but if I’m just working with my handgun I’d replace the double short Esstac Kywis rifle mag pouches and the Gerber AR multi tool, with additional pistol mag pouches.  The big black pouch near the middle holds my first aid trauma gear though I really want to replace it with something else.  It’s not removable so I need to take my whole belt off to access it, it’ll work for now but ideally I’d have something that I can tear off or remove so I can get to it faster.

Have my eye on the Blue Force Gear micro trauma kit, it’s expensive but it should hold two chest seals, some combat gauze, gloves and my tourniquet.  I’d like to carry a second tourniquet somehow, I guess I’ll figure that out later lol.

Sigh back to the grind tomorrow too bad I didn’t win the lottery. 😉

7 thoughts on “Stupid DST

  1. Canadian Anti-Gun Coalition

    Please support #BanGunsForSport


  2. LOL you’re kidding right? Why would I support your cause?

  3. I’m willing to debate the topic if you ever return… Have a feeling this is a bot but that’s ok.

  4. I see from your blog entries that you enjoy the shooting sports (e.g. airsoft and real steel shooting). Have you served in the military or been involved in a vocation that involves using guns as a tool? I was curious as you seem to have a fascination with guns.

  5. Hi there.

    Thank you for your questions. No I have never been in the military nor do I use firearms for my livelihood, it’s just something I stumbled upon that I enjoy doing. It’s fair for an outsider to think I have a fascination as I do have quite a few but it’s purely a hobby; as one of my friend’s say, when I do something I go all in.

    Unfortunately Canadian gun owners get lumped in with what happens in the US and the culture is very different. It’s a privilege here, one that I jump through many hoops to do and it’s not in some vain attempt to make up for some shortcomings or delinquencies (something I get asked about as well). I’m willing to concede there is an issue with gun crime but I fail to see how more restrictions on someone like me who already follows the law to the letter (who’s only interaction with the law was a speeding ticket I got 5 years ago) will solve anything.

    Typically gun violence in Canada is due to gang violence and it’s a multifaceted issue that requires every trait to be dealt with at the same time but I digress, you didn’t ask my thoughts on that so it’s premature for me to get into that.

    If you’re willing, I’d love to have a conversation about anything gun related you’d like to ask.

    Thank you.

  6. Call me educated, I didn’t even know that Canadians were allowed to own guns for personal use. Here in the USA the 2nd Amendment guarantees our ability to own guns. Enjoy your guns while you can, when safely and properly operated they are a great source of fun.

  7. Thank you, I agree when properly operated they are a lot of fun. I do my best to convert friends who don’t understand, unfortunately a lot of Canadians are ignorant of what safeguards are in place in this country.

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