The answer is banning

So I read this 2017 article and thought it was absolutely ridiculous.

Dr Crichton said he would like to see such knives introduced in all schools and colleges and added: “Why do we need these potentially deadly weapons in the home? I think if one of our celebrity chefs were to popularise it, it might be a solution in itself.

Source: Express UK

Right because forget about finding correlation of attacks to societal issues, let’s just ban the object.  Oh while we’re at it, let’s ban screw drivers, pencils, or just pointy sticks because that’ll solve the problem.  The funny thing is when I showed some of my liberal friends this, they (rightfully) ridiculed the thought of banning kitchen knives as idiotic and that we should focus on punishing the attackers instead.  I told them that was my argument with guns and got a lot of blank stares in return. 😉

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