Another toy?!?

So about a month ago I traded my Gen 4 Glock 19 for a Sig Sauer P226 and woo it finally arrived today!

The base gun is a P226 chambered in 22LR but the previous owner also had a complete retail 9mm upper and with the Sig it’s as easy as swapping the slide, barrel and recoil spring.  The gun comes with two 22LR 10 round magazines and 3 9mm 10 round mags.  It’s also got tritium night sights and is in near mint condition, the previous owner definitely didn’t fire this thing much.  Oh I really appreciate the smaller profile E2 grips, I have small hands and this fits me much better than the standard grips.

Initially I was suppose to go to Silverdale with Laura & Mario on Saturday but I bailed because I’m going to take a pistol class next week so I’l try this gun then (maybe if I have time), if not maybe in early May.  I’ve never been a big P226 fan but now that I have one I have to admit it’s pretty well built.  I guess time will tell if I keep this thing or not but it’s always fun to fondle high quality firearms. 😀

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